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With Bella

"...save her life! There was no other way!"

"Will he see it that way, though?"

"...happy about it!"

She felt like she was floating in a pool of numbness. Nothing could harm her there, nothing. Discomfort filled her as she sensed panic somewhere in her pool. Why was she panicing? She had not reason to panic!

"Bella! No!"

A yell bounced around in the pool, but the voice filled her with warmth, who was that?

"Don't leave me, darlin'. You can't!"

She struggled to reach the the top of the water, she wanted to comfort this man, he needed her! Why couldn't she help him?

"Come back to me."

'I'm trying!' she wanted to yell, but her lips didn't move.


A sob. No! He was in pain, she struggled then gasped when her head cleared the water and her eyes opened.

Black eyes were staring at her filled with pain and worry, the face was inhumanly handsome.

"Isabella?" He whispered and then his name floated through her mind, Jasper. Jasper!

Darkness swam at the edges of her vision, she was tired, sleep is what she wanted...

"We're losing her, you have to do it," another male voice said and Jasper growled, his face went blurry.

"I will not lose her!" A loud growl vibrated her and then pain, searing pain at her neck. She felt frozen between the numb pool and an inferno. Why was she stuck here? Why wasn't Jasper helping her?


She wasn't sure how long it had been, only that the pain hadn't receded any. Why couldn't the pain just stop? Was this Hell? She probably deserved to be in Hell. She whimpered as the pain left her toes, it was an odd feeling.

"Bella? Can you hear me?" A voice she knew all too well floated through her ears. Jasper was there. Why was he in Hell? Had he died? Panic rose in her. What had happened to her Jasper? "Calm down, mate, sh. I'm fine, you're changing right now, you have nothing to worry about, darlin'."

While knowing he was fine calmed her nerves, knowing what was happening to her cause the pain to flare up more, as if direct attention to the pain cause it flare up.

"I love you." Then it was dark again.


"It's been four days! How is she still changing?" A roar brought her back to the light.

"I'm thinking her body is putting itself in a coma, we don't know what happened to her, son. The mental damage... it could be severe."

"She will be fine, I told you." Why did that voice annoy her? It was bell like, and high.

"Bella? Her emotions are changing! Can you hear me? You're fine, sweetheart, just fine."



Finally, finally! The pain was gone from her arms and her legs, mostly her torso. She never thought ones nose could hurt so much. She whimpered as the heat rose. Her heart pounded faster. The whimpers turned into screams, why couldn't she stop screaming? She thrashed. She wasn't changing, she was dying. She knew it! Why couldn't she just die already, why so much torture! She was dimly aware that someone was talking, hands were stroking her arms but that wasn't important. Then it all just stopped. She froze, and the hands were gone, the voice was quiet.

"Isabella?" A quiet voice whispered and her eyes whipped open. She froze at all she saw. The ceiling wasn't just white, no it was blue and pink and yellow, too! She breathed in and then froze, a snarl escaping her as she jumped to her feet. Three people were standing in front of her. Two males and one female, all were blonde. "Isabella?" the man closest to her said and she froze when she focused on him. He was... beautiful, and dangerous. Scars covered his face and neck. But instead of her instincts telling her to run, they were telling her to run to him.

"Jasper?" She breathed out in a voice that wasn't hers, yet it was.

"Darlin'," he answered, a grin on his face and she leaped forward. She saw the other two go to block her but Jasper met her and held her to him. A purr escaping his chest as she rubbed her face against his neck, breathing in his scent. She purred back and held him tightly, he hissed in pain and she jumped back, her eyes wide.

"I'm sorry!" She choked out and he only shook his head, pulling her back to him.

"I thought I'd lost you," he told her and she whimpered at the pain in his voice. She sought out their connection and sent him her love.

'I love you.' She told him mentally and he purred again.

"Bella?" A female voice called and Bella looked over with wide eyes. The woman was beautiful, too. She knew her, it was Rosalie! Her sister.

"Rose," Bella grinned, happy to see her but then she froze. "How are you alive? I saw you..." Tears filled Bella's eyes but they didn't fall. They never would. Rose walked forward slowly, eyeing Jaspers grip on Bella. Bella looked up at him to see him eyeing Rosalie with narrowed eyes. She tugged herself, wanting to hug her sister and his eyes snapped to her. He let her go slowly and she gripped Rose in a tight hug, the woman didn't complain, only hugged her tight. Bella looked over to the man she considered her father. "Carlisle!" She flew from Rose's grip into his arms. Discomfort and jealousy tugged at the back of her mind and she turned to see a blank faced Jasper. She looked up at Carlisle with a half smile who only grinned at her. She zoomed back to Jasper and held his hand only to have him hug her to him.

"It's normal for newly mated couples to be needed by each other, though, your bond is the strongest I've ever seen." Carlisle said and Bella blinked in surprise while Jasper grinned.

"Sorry to interupt, but James is slowly putting himself back together..." A voice she didn't recognize said, or wait, did she? She frowned, trying to remember. A growl escaped her as her thoughts drifted back to James. He'd pay, her eyes went black in her rage. She'd kill him. She flew from Jaspers arms, faster than she ran before, Jaspers hands just missing her.

"Bella!" He yelled as he chased her. But she didn't listen, her thoughts focused on killing the man who had killed her.

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