This is my first fanfic,the chapters will be long or short depending on what crazy things that I think up. BTW,I don't own Star Wars or,sadly,any of the characters. All rights go to George Lucas because I couldn't talk him into trading me Star Wars for a penny and a lollipop. So...without further ado,I bring you Star Wars:Stupid Edition chapter 1,Don't Leave.

"Please Master! Don't do it!"

"Anakin calm down."

"I'm begging you! Don't leave me Master!

"Seriously,I'm not leaving. Now calm down."

"Do not leave! I'm not ready!"

"Anakin I'm just..."



Sorry for the very very short chapter but I promise that the next chapter will be much longer and hopefully funnier. Please review! I'm open to suggestions for ways to improve my writing or suggestions for future chapters. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for chapter 2! 8D