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1. The color of love

"You green-blooded hobgoblin!"

Han sighed and turned around, "Leia, for the last time. I'm Corellian, that does not mean my skin or my blood is green. Besides when you cook that is."


2. Who I am

"Do you know what a pain your are? You think the rules don't apply to you."

"'Cuz they don't. I'm Han freaking Solo."

3. The needs of the many

"Han, you're going to get yourself killed! Luke is gone, if you go in there to rescue him you'll endanger the lives of every idiot on this ship! And me!"

"The needs of the many don't outweigh the means of this awesome guy standing in my shoes. Oh to the yeah."

4. Battle zone

"We're outnumbered, outgunned..." there was a twinge of fear to the Princess's voice, something the Captain had never heard before.

He put his hands on her shoulders and looked down at her seriously, "Bam Bam. You're dead."

5. Decisions made

The bounty hunter was goating him, trying to get on his nerves until his blood boiled. Until he snapped and attacked.

"Is there anything you would not do for your family?"

Ouch. The question struck close to home for the smuggler-turned-General. Chewie, Leia, Luke, heck, even Landowas close to him. He'd never realized until now how close he had become to others, after years of being along. Of being Solo.

He took a deep breath, steadying his gaze and locking eyes with the man before him, "I would do anything, except for eating a pickle. Man, those things are NASTY."

6. It has come

When he was a boy, everyone was always talking of the 'coming of the end.' The day when life would end as we knew it. Most people, his parents included, called them crazy. Lunatics. Oh how he wished they had listened.

"War is coming! And who's gonna lead us, YOU?"

That was what his neighbor had always said, going to every news outlet in the land to challenge the leader of the Republic. What he meant, no one knew. After all, they were already knee deep in a war that was quickly spiraling out of control. Most people did the same thing they always did to those who dared to speak out: insane, deserving to be locked up for their own sakes.

And then they came. Their shining white armor, not so shiny anymore as they kicked through the door and took his parents from him. The Emperor had deemed them traitors, for trying to keep their kindly neighbor safe from his wrath. The end of his world, the world that he once knew.

The war had come, with no one to lead them on. The war had come.

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