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AN: Just a cute little story about kisses and their meanings, and Sasuke showing Naruto that he loves him through kisses. Each chapter will be it's own little one-shot, separated from the rest of the story. If one of the chapters happens to continue from another, I'll mention it. Most of these will be short! Hope you enjoy the fluffiness of these chapters. If you have any idea's for kisses, let me know. There are seven more after this, but if someone thinks of another, I'll write it.

I was thinking of using Sai, instead of Sasuke, but I love SasuNaru better. I think I want to do one for Sai, though. Maybe about different gestures? (holding hands, cuddling, etc) Sai would be cute too because he would read up on what those gestures mean and try to use them on Naruto. Yup, I think I'll do that. What do you all think?

About this chapter: Set in Konoha. Sasuke and Naruto are eight years old and in the Academy. The Uchiha clan is still alive and Itachi is still around.

Chapter rating: K (each chapter will have a different rating.)

Chapter warnings: An eight year old kissing the other on the cheek. Not really a warning.

Title: First Crush

~ A Kiss on the Cheek ~

Uchiha Sasuke was eight years old when he saw him. When he really saw him.

Uzumaki Naruto: A cute, blue-eyed blond boy that seemed to light up any room he was in.

Sasuke couldn't help but blush when he saw him, and when the blond first smiled at him, he smiled back, the biggest smile he ever smiled!

"Sasuke!" Naruto called out, waving and smiling from a bench in the courtyard. Their class was on lunch right now.

"Hi Naruto." Sasuke greeted, taking a seat next to his favorite blond.

"What are you eating?" Naruto asked, peering into Sasuke's bento.

"Rice with pickled ume, broiled salmon, a rolled egg and two shrimp tempura's!" Sasuke said happily. His mother always packed the best lunches.

"That doesn't sound too good..." Naruto said, playing with his cup ramen.

"You're just used to ramen! Here, try some tempura." Sasuke said as he pushed his bento box towards Naruto. The blond grabbed one of the shrimp and took a small bite. After swallowing, he smiled and ate the rest.

"You're right, Sasuke. It is good. Thank you." Naruto smiled deeper, causing Sasuke to blush.

"Why are your cheeks red, Sasuke?" Naruto asked.


"Sasuke-chan, why do you need two bento?" Mikoto, Sasuke's mother asked. Her son had come home from the academy yesterday and asked if she could make two bento's for school the next day.

"I think Sasuke has a little love interest." Itachi, Sasuke's older brother, joked.

"I do not!" Sasuke replied, defending himself.

"Oh, how sweet! Of course I'll make you an extra bento, Sasuke." Mikoto smiled, getting to work on two identical bento's.

"Aniki," Sasuke whined, turning to Itachi. "I don't like him!"

"Him?" Itachi raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, Sasuke-chan, you have a crush on a boy? Oh well, I suppose it can't be helped right now. Maybe you'll grow out of it." Mikoto said, smiling at her youngest son. He was too young to know any better. Perhaps it was just a phase. He'd grow out of it. If he didn't...well...Mikoto would worry about it when Sasuke got older. For now, she'd bask in the cuteness of her son's first crush.

"I don't have a crush! I just...like when he smiles at me. It makes my heart race and makes my cheeks turn red." Sasuke explained.

"Aww, that's so cute Sasuke-chan." Mikoto said, melting at her sons little confession. It was so cute when children had crushes. It was so innocent. She smiled and handed Sasuke two bento's. "Here you go Sasuke." She smiled, patting Sasuke on the head.

"Come on ototou. I'll take you to school today. I'd like to see this little boy."


"Okay aniki, that's him! You can go now." Sasuke said as he attempted to push his older brother away before Naruto saw him.

"Sasuke!" Too late...

"Hi Naruto." Sasuke smiled, and his brother laughed slightly. Sasuke was so happy to see this boy.

'This boy...he's the nine tails jinchuuriki. Interesting.' Itachi thought. He knew by simply looking at the boy.

"Who are you? You look like Sasuke!" Naruto exclaimed, looking up at Sasuke.

'What a cute little boy he is. His eyes are so pretty. Hmm, perhaps my brother won't lose the crush on this boy and they will end up getting married. I think I'd like that.' Itachi thought, half joking and laughing at his own joke.

"This is my older brother, Itachi," Sasuke told Naruto. "He's leaving now!" Sasuke said, pushing at his older brother.

"Alright, alright, I'm leaving ototou." He said as he flicked Sasuke's forehead, causing the raven to frown.

"Naruto, please come over for dinner sometime. I'm sure our mother and father would love to meet you." He said as he walked off.


"Here, I brought you a bento, since you liked it yesterday." Sasuke said, handing Naruto an orange bento box.

"Wow Sasuke, thank you!" Naruto exclaimed as he hugged the older boy. When he pulled away Sasuke stared at him.

"What is it?" Naruto asked, his bright blue eyes shining with curiosity. Sasuke leaned towards the blond and placed his lips against Naruto's cheek, kissing it, before pulling back and smiling. Naruto was blushing madly.

"Why did you do that?" Naruto asked.

"My mother says that when you kiss someone on the cheek, it means you care about them." Sasuke explained, also blushing.

"Oh!" Naruto replied. He smiled and leaned towards Sasuke, kissing his cheek.

A kiss on the cheek: I care about you.

Itachi wants to play matchmaker. Haha, already trying to marry off his little brother. How cruel (or maybe not?)

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