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*~A Kiss on the Eyes~*

Sasuke panted as he ran towards the hospital, it was pouring rain. His shoes kicked up water as he ran faster, and the rain was seeping through his clothing, soaking him, but he didn't care. All he cared about was seeing Naruto.

He literally crashed into the doors of the hospital, causing the staff and nurses who were present to look at him in shock. They all knew why he was was at the hospital, and immediately frowned. The woman at the desk slowly pointed to the room that was closest to the elevator, and nod her head.

Sasuke ran over to the door and threw it open. He ran inside and shut the door behind him, leaving the nurses and workers to gossip amongst each other.

Once Sasuke was in the room, his eyes widened at the site before him. He ignored Tsunade and Shizune, who didn't look very happy, and were cleaning up some bloody bandages, and slowly walked over to Naruto, who was sitting up in bed, with bandages covering his eyes. Sasuke reached out slowly , his hand shaking, and gently touched the bandages that covered his beloveds eyes.

"Sa...Sasuke?" Naruto asked, hopeful.

"Naruto...what happened?" Sasuke whispered, his voice cracking slightly. He tried to keep his voice stern and calm. He didn't want to upset or alarm Naruto.

"I was ambushed, they used some sort of weird jutsu and sprayed it into my eyes. It burnt really badly, and I couldn't see..." Naruto replied. By this point, Tsunade and Shizune had left the room, leaving the couple to be alone to talk.

"Will you..." Sasuke swallowed the lump in his throat, and fought the urge to cry for the blond.

"Will you ever be able to see again?" Sasuke asked, taking Naruto's hand within his own.

"Tsunade-baachan and Shizune-neechan said they aren't sure...They won't know how the surgery went until the bandages come off in two weeks. If they come off, and I can see, even if I see blurry, then everything went well and I should be okay...and if they come off and I can't see...well...I don't think that will happen anyway!" Naruto explained, the tone of his voice told Sasuke that he was being positive, just as he always was.

"That's good, Naruto. I'll be with you every step of the way." Sasuke frowned, relieved that Naruto couldn't see the look of doubt upon his face.

Two weeks passed slowly, and Sasuke came to visit Naruto every day, usually bringing ramen, in attempt to cheer the blond up a little. He would stay for hours, just to be with his love. Sure, Naruto was positive, but Sasuke could tell he was becoming a bit weary about what would happen when the bandages came off.

"Hey kid, it's time to take the bandages off." Tsunade said as she walked over to the younger blond. Sasuke moved aside slightly, giving Tsunade room to remove the bandages.

"Wa...wait!" Naruto said.

"What's wrong brat?"

"What if...what if I can't see? What if the surgery didn't go well? I can't be a ninja anymore...I won't be able to do anything anymore. I won't be able to become...Hokage." Naruto chocked out.

"Then I will be your eyes, Naruto. I will help you through everything. I'll take care of you, and I'll still love you more than anything. Regardless of what happens, everything will be okay, and you need to know that I love you." Sasuke said as he took hold of Naruto's hand.

"Ready?" Tsunade asked. She was smiling at Sasuke's gesture, happy that the last of the Uchiha's loved Naruto as much as he did.

"Yeah!" Naruto yelled, his voice full of confidence, but his heart was pounding in fear.

"Shizune, can you dim the lights please? So it doesn't hurt his eyes when he opens them?" Tsunade asked as she began unraveling the bandages around his eyes. Naruto's hands were shaking, and Sasuke tried his best to keep them still within his own.

"Okay Naruto, the bandages are off, you can open your eyes now." Tsunade said. She too, was nervous. She hoped her medical skills were well enough to heal him. Despite the fact that she knew Sasuke would take care of him, she knew that Naruto would never be the same if he couldn't see.

Sasuke grasped Naruto's chin and turned the blond to him, so that when he opened his eyes, if he could see, Sasuke's smiling face would be the first thing he saw.

Slowly, Naruto opened his eyes, the beautiful hue of blue revealing itself.

"Naruto?" Sasuke called out, wanting to know if Naruto was able to see or not. So many emotions were running through his mind. He spoke the truth when he said he'd take care of Naruto if he was blind, but he wanted so badly for Naruto to see. To stay as a ninja, to fulfill his dream and become the Hokage.

"Sasuke...it's okay, don't cry." Naruto smiled as he reached forward and kissed away the tear that was falling down Sasuke's cheek.

"You...you can...see?" Sasuke asked, his eyes wide.

"Yeah," He smiled, looking over to Tsunade and Shizune who were also crying.

"Blurry...but I can see." Naruto smiled, leaning his forehead against Sasuke's, eyes shining full of hope.

"I'm glad everything is okay now, brat! You'll be dismissed from the hospital today, and I'll give you two prescriptions for your eyes that you'll need to take daily. I'll go write them out and be right back." She really was going to write out a prescription, but she also wanted to give the young couple some more time together. Shizune smiled at the couple and followed Tsunade out the door.

"Naruto, move in with me. Please." Sasuke asked, pulling away slightly in order to lean in and kiss Naruto on the lips, letting his lips linger for a few seconds before pulling away.

"What? Really? You're serious?" Naruto asked, suddenly excited.

"Yes, of course. I want to be able to help you recover, but I also want you near me as often as possible."

"Yes Sasuke, I'd love to!" Naruto shouted as he threw himself into Sasuke's arms.


Two months had passed and Naruto was done with his eye drops and medication. However, he still wasn't able to see like he used to, and Tsunade gave him glasses. Naruto hated them. He believed that got in the way of everything and also made him look ugly.

"Naruto, you do not look ugly. I told you." Sasuke sighed, listening once again to Naruto's ramblings about how much he hated glasses.

"I do! I look hideous! I hate these things." Naruto huffed as he sat down on the couch, watching Sasuke as he was filling out some sort of paperwork to do with the ANBU.

"Naruto," Sasuke said as he put his pen down and walked over to Naruto. He sat down next to Naruto and pulled off his glasses.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" Naruto asked. He tried to grab his glasses, but Sasuke kept them out of reach.

"Naruto, glasses or not, you're beautiful the way you are, and I love you for it." He said as he leaned forward and placed a gently kiss on Naruto's closed eyelid, and then repeated it to the other.

A kiss on the eyes: You're beautiful

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