You know, after so much that has happened, it's kind of funny how one would enjoy the simple things in life. Like time. Time to just be by yourself, just hang there, not really do anything. Not having to worry about ghosts, school, job. Everything today is just going to be time.

Although I love my dad, I can't help but say I'm sort of happy he's working the tonight along with tomorrow (he was just recently promoted, which meant some longer hours were included). Things have been intense between us ever since he found out my extra curricular activities. Things grew even tenser than before when I stood my ground and told him there was nothing he could do to stop me. The new suit that ghost somehow gave me (I try not to think about the mechanics of the situation) made that clear since I could just make it appear on whim. He couldn't take any of my weapons now so there really wasn't much he could do; nothing but seethe with angered acceptance.

I didn't feel any guilt. I knew I was doing the right thing. I was the only one who could do this; I mean sure maybe the Fentons could do an okay job...okay maybe I'm just saying that because they are Danny's parents, wouldn't want to completely tear down my crush's two reasons for his life and all. But still, even if the Fentons were amazing ghost hunters, I would still be on this same path. Besides, the ghosts aren't the only problem; no, it would be easier if they were. One ghost entirely was a problem of it's own. Phantom.

Ya, big surprise there, huh? Why would he be any different from the ghosts, you might ask? It's because he's smarter than the rest and more powerful. There is nothing worst than something that is smart and powerful at the same time. It is nearly impossible to take that down. Lately, he's been acting like this superhero, always saving the day and everything even in situations where other ghosts weren't involved; but I know his real intentions. He's only trying to sucker everybody into trusting him until he finally strikes, and next thing you know we will either be dead or his slaves. It was the same with that Pariah king, and it's the same with Phantom. The only difference is Phantom is attacking more strategically, not using brute force that would surely get the people to rebel instantly.

It's just so aggravating, being the only one who knew his intentions, and being ridiculed because of it. Everybody was on his side now, leaving me just looking like a fool along side the Fentons. I had to admit-I can't believe I'm actually thinking this- the Fentons did have my respect for that. They were smart to know that all ghosts are evil regardless of how nice or human-like they seem to be. Yes, I said human-like. I mean it was baffling at first to see Phantom act much like a real live teenager, but I knew it could just be a sham. Him acting like one of us. I did have to admit he was a good actor; if I didn't know what I knew today, then, I surely would have fallen for it. Like I said, smart, and I am the only one who can take him down.

I rolled on my back on the bed, just staring at the ceiling, which was currently adorned with a huge poster of Phantom (I was very annoyed/surprised to find at one of Amity's local stores, you can find them everywhere now), so the minute I wake up I am completely aware of my purpose for the day: to catch Phantom.

He had that stupid, smart-ass smirk on his face, the one that I knew very well, with his arms crossed; he was staring defiantly at some unseen force, as if daring it to do something. This photo of him was probably from some street camera or a random person taking a picture since Phantom never stayed around long enough to be mobbed by the idiot paparazzi. This was most likely taken during a brief pause of a fight or something; it definitely would explain his tussled, messy hair. His vivd green eyes were alive, still managing to have that faint glow even in the picture. I glared at them; they were so weird. I had never seen that color before, even on other ghosts. Most of them either had red eyes or blue, some of them didn't even have pupils; but this ghost was completely different from the rest. He even had the same skin color as humans. Again, I had never seen a ghost with human skin color, and if so it was either really ashen or deathly pale (excuse the pun). This ghost, there was just no end to the confusion that surrounded him. And, it was annoying as hell.

I looked over at the pile of books on my nightstand, smirking to myself with pride; it was the first time in a while that I actually finished all my homework with one day to spare. Generally, this was a good sign for the day, not having to worry about Lancer's paper.

I closed my eyes, just basking in the sheer relief, feeling the soft sheets under my body, thinking of getting a few more hours of sleep. Although it was a Saturday night, I didn't have anything better to do. Danny had to cancel plans with me, saying that he had tons to do on Lancer's paper. It wasn't a surprise, considering he always seemed to be waiting til the last minute to do anything; I could never understand why he was always so behind. He seemed to always have to do something, always late, always tired as if he was trying to catch up with something. I couldn't understand why; I knew he didn't have a job or anything like that, and I knew he's not lazy (he just didn't seem like that type of guy). I just chalked it up as a Danny thing; something that I've come to accept.

A slight beeping came from the top of my nightstand; I automatically opened my eyes, knowing that sound immediately. I sprang out of my bed with an aggravated groan. You have got to be kidding me!

Taking the tracking device, I typed in the necessary commands quickly, not wanting to lose any precious time just in case it was a more destructive ghost. A few seconds later, it hummed to life, "Two ghosts. Phantom and one unknown entity."

Phantom. I was finally able to get a good enough reading on him to identify him. His power levels kept increasing constantly enough that I wasn't able to keep up; I kept having to pull out this thing and save the results. Finally, I just settled on scanning for his ecto signature, but I still read his power levels every now and then just to make sure how dangerous he was getting.

I sighed to myself, calling forth my suit; only Phantom would be the one to sabotage a great day like this. He already did the same with everything else in my life. I jumped out my window, not bothering to use the door, clapping my heels together to activate my board, before zooming off to where the two ghosts were. The sun was still up in the sky, but it was near the time for the night to creep up. I couldn't help but feel even more relieved that my dad was working overtime, giving me the freedom to tend to these sort of problems because I definitely would of had a harder time trying to get out of the house.

I was about a couple of miles away before I saw the two clashing figures; one was noticeably smaller than the other. I could see his blazing white hair even from this distance. The other ghost was taller, more built than Phantom. He had this freaky looking blue skin, looking like he suffocated or froze over, and his black hair was drawn up into to points that resembled horns. Even the ghost's attire was overdone, a suit with black gloves and boots completed with a long white cape. I think his name was the Wisconsin Ghost or something like that; I heard it said by the Fentons so I wasn't too sure how accurate that name was, probably not.

I drew in closer; so far the two fighting ghosts hadn't even noticed my presence, too engaged in battling each other. I had to admit, I'd seen some pretty tough battles between Phantom and other ghosts, but he always seemed to be higher than the rest, more powerful. But, against this ghost, he seemed to be the one at a disadvantage.

They each fought each other as if they knew one another's moves. It was weird just watching them: an impossibly unpredictable strike would be blocked along with other complicated moves that would only be dodged if they were both so familiar with each other that they fought on a regular basis. Even though they seemed to be somewhat evenly matched, the other ghost had the upper hand almost every time. He seemed to be more calculated than Phantom and definitely more experienced in fighting, which was kinda intimidating considering how much Phantom fought and this guy was still better than him; but Phantom would get a good strike in every now and then, having the advantage of being stronger (and comparing both of them now more uncontrolled).

The ghost found an opening in Phantom's defenses, delivering a huge blow directly on the boy's head, sending him into a speeding spiral down to the ground. I couldn't help but wince when I saw and heard the huge crash, cement and dirt flying in every direction.

At this point, you would think that this would definitely be the end of the fight. No ghost could get up from that, but I wasn't surprised when Phantom popped back up, the only thing indicating that he was even hit was the small tears in his suit, the dirt and rubble covering him, and a small cut on the side of his head. I crossed my arms, of course he'd get up; he just had this stupid way of always getting right back up as if whatever blow you gave him didn't affect him at all.

He shot up in the air, glaring at the smirking ghost; I took this as my cue to attack. Charging one of my guns, I fired at the clueless ghost. My eyes widened as I began to smile as the shot got closer and closer, shooting like a rocket towards the ghost. There is no way-and he spiraled out the way just in time as the shot passed him.

I growled. He looked wild eyed in all directions until his eyes rested on me. He looked at me; the only emotion I could really make out was confusion as if he was asking why I was even here. I just edged closer to the stricken ghost, charging my gun again; but the sound of the other ghost's laughter stopped me from firing.

"Can't get a break these days, huh, Daniel?" the ghost mocked with fake sympathy, his voice sounded strangely dignified and intelligent.

Phantom glowered at him, his mouth twisting into a snarl. I was surprised to see disdain in his eyes; actually come to think of it, this was the first time I truly saw him angry, truly angry like I'm-gonna-rip-your-head-off angry. "Don't call me that, Plasmius," he spat, his gaze never straying from the ghost even though my gun was still humming with life aimed at him.

Huh, Plasmius. Wonder where that name came from; then again, Phantom was just as weird when you thought about it.

"My apologies, Daniel," Plasmius said, not really sounding sorry, Phantom growled. "Maybe I can make amends by taking care of this."

I didn't get what he meant until his hand started glowing and positioned it in my direction. I stood my ground, pulling out another weapon to aim at him. I readied myself to duck out the way of the expected blow, but the blast never came as a huge ball of ectoplasm was blasted at the ghost, throwing him back until he regained some form of recovery, in the process, dropping a few feet in the air.

"Leave her alone!" Phantom screamed, both his eyes and hands blazing green.

Plasmius growled, glaring at the boy in his crouched position, before straightening. I was mildly shocked that Phantom did that, which I wasn't expecting at all. I really couldn't explain what was going through my head about this because honestly this ghost just had a way of never making sense, but I did let my gun down, not really thinking. Maybe it was something to do with my stupid conscience or some crud like that; I mean, I'm not heartless. He did just save me from probably a huge injury no doubt.

"Valerie, get out of here, now!" Phantom shouted at me. I scowled at him, not liking the fact that he thought he could just command me to do something. That fake caring tone he was using wasn't helping extinguish my anger at all.

I charged up my gun in response, but before I could fire, the other ghost, Plasmius, slammed his fist into Phantom, making the ghost boy drop a few feet in the air until he regained his composure.

"It's funny, Daniel" the ghost said, "how you still try to defend her regardless of all she has done to you. How pitiful."

Phantom edged closer to me, positioning his body at an angle in front of me so if the ghost were to attack he could block easily.

The ghost smirked, his hands igniting with fiery magenta, then blasting straight at me. I didn't have any time to even get my gun ready, only enough to cover my face with both of my arms, preparing for the onslaught; but the pain never came. I looked up, uncovering my face, shocked to see Phantom in front of me, holding off the continuous blast with an ecto-shield of his own. He was grinding his teeth, both hands up, powering the wall as a bead of sweat trickled down the side his face.

Plasmius applied more pressure, coming in closer on the both of us.

I had a thousand different attacks going through my head, each one I could easily pull with how distracted they were, but I was frozen solid. I didn't know if it was from the complete shock that Phantom, my sworn enemy, was actually protecting me or the fear of that ghost. Yes, I was afraid as hell. I always thought Phantom was gonna be the hardest opponent I faced, but this ghost...he was worse. I didn't know how he was worse; I just had this unexplained feeling, one that told me these two were entirely different and that was bad.

"Give up, little badger," Plasmius said with a knowing smirk, but I could still see the strain lining his forehead.

Phantom didn't answer; his expression only becoming more determined.

Both of our attention was solely focused on the ghost in front of us. I had only a split second to notice a copy of Plasmius from my peripheral view before he attacked Phantom from behind.

The warning stopped in my throat as I saw the ectoblast hit him in the back, making his shield shatter. The two blasts hit him at once, making him scream. The attack ended as the teenager hit the ground, but this time he didn't get back up.

He stayed there, motionless.


I didn't say his name out loud, still not able to really look at him as an ally, but he definitely wasn't an enemy, well not at the moment. I led my board down, landing on the ground a couple of feet away from him.

The ghost appeared in front of me, smiling as he walked leisurely towards the ghost boy. He stopped in front of him, using the front of his boot to push the boy's head over, his head fell limply to the side, facing me, eyes closed. My stomach twisted into knots as I sneered at the ghost, but I didn't dare move, knowing that unlike Phantom, this ghost wouldn't hesitate to attack me.

As if knowing I was thinking about him, the ghost looked up at me, chuckling to himself, "This was easier than expected, but I have you to thank for that."

I growled, "I just came to do my job, besides he's a ghost. I don't care what happens to him."

The ghost only grinned as if I was missing something big. "You still don't understand, do you?"

"Understand what?" I said, my voice sharp.

The ghost let out a loud bark of laughter, I couldn't prevent the shiver running down my back. "He's not your enemy!" he all but yelled at me as if he was trying to explain this to a child. "You are quite the pawn, are you? Blindly believing what only you see. Do you really think you made it out of every ghost battle unscathed solely due to your own talents alone? You are human, Ms. Grey."

I didn't say anything, just stood there as Plasmius reached down, picking up the boy and putting him over his shoulder, lifting him with such ease you would think that Phantom was nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

"Why are you telling me all of this?" I asked, suspiciously; after all, he didn't seem like the type of ghost to let this kind of information slip.

He looked up mildly at me, almost bored, "Because, you did your job."

"What are you gonna do to him?" I exclaimed, not that I cared. I was just curious as to why some random ghost was kidnapping another ghost.

Plasmius only smiled, barely looking at me as he turned.

Seeing that he was about to leave, I hurriedly got out one of the small tracing devices on my belt; not really thinking of what I was going to do, I hummed it at the bottom of Plasmius's shoe just as he was lifting off in the sky.

Like I said, I didn't know why I really did it; it was more of an automatic reaction. I just watched the ghost fly away carrying Phantom, his arms swaying limply, head just hanging there. It wasn't something I was exactly used to seeing.

Once they were too far away to be seen anymore, I sat down in the grass, just staring at the spot on the ground where I saw Phantom lying, looking so...helpless. Flashes of him falling ran through my head followed by more of him protecting me with his shield. I shook my head, trying to not think or even acknowledge what he did for me, but I couldn't stop the next thought that passed through despite my efforts: It was all my fault. If he wouldn't have tried to protect me, he would have stopped the ghost from getting him. I'm the one that made him get caught so off guard. I knew that for sure, unfortunately.

Even though I still didn't see him as anything remotely close to a friend, I still felt crazy with guilt, just knowing it was my fault. Besides, I kind of owed him.

I let out a frustrated shriek, knowing nobody was around to hear. "This is not my fault!" I yelled at myself, trying to stop the onslaught of guilt.

Another image of Phantom's limp body being picked up by Plasmius passed through my head. I slumped my shoulders, knowing that I was going to sit here all night thinking about this until I did something to fix it. Saving myself a lot of time and headaches, I stood up, grabbing my tracker.

Half of me was hoping the stupid thing fell of the ghost or something, but that half was disappointed when I saw the blue dot moving. It was going at an alarmingly fast speed, but I didn't waste my time thinking about it as I activated my jet sled, heading in the course where Phantom was being taken.

I can't believe I'm doing this, but all I had to say was Phantom's gonna pay for this. Again, he always ruined everything.

A/N: I'm back...(smiling and looking from side to side). Anyways, I hope you like the first chapter of my new story. It was one that I was thinking about for a while, and I really wanted to do it even though it is similar to Something Special (in a way where the character sees another side to Phantom-but it is still different...hopefully because I don't want to be boring) But, I figured Valerie needed some loving :) Right? Well, again, I hope you like it, and I am just warning you, I only have a couple scenes written out so updates are not going to be as fast but they will come I promise. Thanks for reading!