Blaine waited until he heard the door to his dad's den click shut and then, anxious for something to do- anything- quietly went to the cabinet and pulled out some plates. Kurt took the cue and got up to open the chinese food cartons. They were standing across from each other at the island when Kurt reached over and placed his hand over Blaine's.

Blaine mouthed, "I'm sorry."

Kurt shook his head and whispered, "No... it's okay. I- I feel bad, I never thought it would get you... in trouble."

Blaine looked down at their hands and ran his thumb up and down Kurt's fingers. Kurt swallowed, then tilted his head, trying to capture Blaine's eyes again but failing. "Are.. are you okay?"

Blaine shrugged, still looking away. "Yeah. It's just... embarrassing... is all," he murmured.

Kurt nodded. "Yeah."

He pressed his fingers against Blaine's thumb and then reached over for one of the plates, filling it with vegetable fried rice. Blaine opened the carton of chicken and scooped out some onto both plates. Kurt carried the utensils, napkins, and the sweet and sour sauce over to the table and then Blaine followed with both plates. As he set them down, his arm brushed against Kurt's and they stood there for a second, both just feeling warm skin touch warm skin. Kurt looked over to Blaine until his gaze slowly came over to his. Kurt reached his hand up and touched his face, eliciting a little sigh of relief from Blaine, who smiled a small smile. Kurt leaned in and gently touched his lips to Blaine's with a slow kiss. Blaine breathed it in, giving his side a small squeeze as he did. As they parted, they looked at each other's eyes, and all the tension had melted.

"So." Kurt said. "You think you've got the French Revolution down, huh?"

Blaine let out a little chuckle as he- somewhat gingerly- sat down and speared a piece of chicken with his fork. "It's true!"

"Oh I have a feeling I'll be able to stump you..." Kurt said teasingly, cracking open the textbook.