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Chapter 1: Exiled Goodbye

After he and the other ghosts had saved the world from the asteroid, Phantom landed on the snow covered ground and was instantly attacked by Sam, Jazz and Tucker. They all fell over on the ground.

"Awesome." Sam said looking at Danny.

"Nice job, little brother," Jazz said, patting him on the back, "or should I say hero."

They all looked up when they heard the snow crunch a few feet away, it was Skulker and the other ghosts from the Ghost Zone. Danny stood up and faced them all.

"I don't know what to say, other than thanks Skulker," Danny said, "to all of you."

"Don't get too mushy on us, Ghost Child," Skulker said, grabbing the front of Danny's hazmat suit, "remember, I'll never stop hunting you, and now that you've saved your world, you're a much more valuable prize."

He let Danny go and flew off to the Ghost Portal, followed by the other ghosts, Danny smiled as the Portal disappeared.

"Nice job, Danny," Danny quickly turned his head to his father when he heard him speak, "or should I say, a disgrace to our family."

Danny's mouth dropped in horror, "What?" Danny said, after all this time he thought they would accept him, his parents proved him wrong, they didn't accept him.

"How could you hide this from us Danny," his mother said, "you're not my son, you're a ghost and we hunt ghosts, you've been under our noses this whole time."

"Mom what are you saying?" Jazz said, "just in the tower, you told me you were proud of Danny."

"What are you talking about Jazz?" Maddie said, "I said nothing of the sort."

Danny was slowly backing away with tears in his eyes, he had to leave and now. He looked at Jazz, then Tucker, and finally Sam.

"I'm so sorry," Danny whispered, "goodbye."

"Where do you think you're going ghost." Jack said, pulling out the Fenton Fisher, and Maddie pulled out the Fenton Blaster.

Danny quickly took off from the ground and flew away as fast as he could. Maybe if he had looked back, he would have seen the coal black eyes of his parents, but he didn't.


Sam and Dean were on the road after the salt and burn of Millie Merchant. It was a bright sunny morning. Dean had Def Leppard's song High 'N' Dry blasting the Impala's speakers, he was softly singing along and bobbing his head to the beat.

Sam was staring out the window at the scenery he had seen a thousand times over the years, it was always the same. Sam sighed and turned his attention back to his open laptop. He was suppose to be looking for a job, but had come up with nothing.

Dean heard him sigh and turn the stereo down and looked over at this little brother.

"Are you still thinking about that chick?" Dean asked with a smirk.

"Her name is Sara," Sam said, not taking his eyes off his laptop, "and no, I'm not thinking about her, I'm thinking we're not going to have a job for a couple weeks, I can't find any thing that's our kind of thing."

"Well I guess we get a few days or weeks until we find something," Dean said, "lets take a break, and caught up on some sleep."

"Well I hope I get some sleep," Sam said, looking up at Dean, "I have no idea when I'll have another vision."

"Oh, come on, Sammy," Dean said grimly, "lighten up, you haven't had a vision since that Max kid."

"I know, but I'm still worried, besides," Sam said smiling, "I can't get any sleep anyways with you snoring so loudly."

"Hey!" Dean said with mock hurt in his voice, "I do not snore, you're the one who shakes the whole damn room."

"Ha ha," Sam laughed, "look who's talking about themselves in a negative way."

"You're such a bitch." Dean said with a smile.

"Well you're a jerk." Sam said, turning back to his laptop. He searched through a few more articles, but still couldn't find anything. He sighed and shut his laptop.

"We better stop for gas," Dean said, "we're almost out."

"Good," Sam said, "I need to stretch my legs."

"Of course you do Saskatch." Dean said. Sam rolled his eyes as they entered a very compact town.

The buildings looked like they had been squashed together, with barely enough room to walk between them, the town looked almost abandoned except for a few people walking the streets.

The gas station was in the middle of the town, and it looked like it was squeezed in between two buildings.

"Jeez," Dean said, taking in the town while opening his door, "you think they would spread the town out a little."

"Yeah," Sam said, also opening his door and getting out, "there is lots of empty land all around here."

"Hmm, oh well," Dean said, opening the gas tank, "we'll never be here again." Sam nodded as he leaned against the Impala and looked around at the old buildings. He heard Dean shut the gas door and put the nozzle back.

"You want anything inside?" Dean asked.

"Nah," Sam said turning around, "I still got a few things from the last place we stopped."

Just as Dean was coming back, Sam noticed the sky had darkened and the clouds looked drunk with rain.

When Dean got back to the car, Sam pointed out the weird and drastic change in the weather.

"Do you think its our kind of weird?" Dean asked.

"Maybe we should stick around and check it out." Sam suggested. Just then a siren cut through the air and a man spoke.

"Good morning citizens, this is your sheriff," the voice said, "we have had a major storm warning and are securing the town until the storm passes, all roads will be blocked. Thank you."

The air was then filled with silence, as the towns people who were out, hurried to their homes. Sam and Dean looked at each other.

"Well I guess we better stay and see what's going on in this town," Sam said, "just to be sure."

"I think I saw a motel, when we came in." Dean said opening his door. Sam followed suit and got in.

They checked into the motel, with the same routine as they always have; sign under a fake name, use credit card with said fake name on it, and Dean flirting with the girl at the counter.

When they were in their room, Dean was sitting on one of the beds, cleaning the weapons and Sam was at the table, on the laptop once again.

When Sam finally found something after 35 minutes of searching, Dean had cleaned all the weapons and was watching TV.

"Well I think we're dealing with demons," Sam said, "there are tons of omens all around this town, lightning storms, freak blizzards." Dean had turned off the TV and was now standing next to Sam, looking over his shoulder, at the screen.

"What are we waiting for," Dean said walking over and grabbing the holy water, "lets go send a few demons back to hell."

"Maybe it's the demon," Sam said standing up, "it'd be nice to have it finally over with."

Dean didn't say anything as he grabbed his leather jacket and put it on. He wanted that demon gone as bad as Sam and their father, but now was not a time to get their hopes up.

Dean picked up the duffle bag with the cleaned weapons and opened the door when there was a thundering rumble and the sky opened up.

Rain was pouring down so hard that Dean could hardly see the end of the cement step. Dean shut the door with an aggravated sigh.

"Looks like we'll have to pick up in the morning," Dean said putting the duffle bag down and shrugging off his jacket, "when the rain lets up."

Sam sat back down, he had been hoping to look around the town some. He was also hoping it is the yellow eyed demon that he, his father and his brother and been hunting half their lives.

With a sigh he bent down and pulled out a book from his duffle bag he had been reading and heard Dean mutter "geek." Sam smiled and began to read as Dean turned the TV back on.


Danny had been flying for a long time, longer then he had ever flown before and he was tired. He usually enjoyed the freedom of flying, but when you are running from the only life you have ever known it gets tiring after a while.

Four hours into flying at full speed, he hit a bad storm and went intangible to keep from getting wet from the rain falling from the sky.

"Could things get any worse." Danny said aloud to himself, and regretted it instantly when a gust of wind threw him off course. Before he could regain his balance another gust of wind pushed him down and he was hurtled straight to the ground, instantly getting soaked.

"Gah." he said, pain in his voice, as he sat up, tangible once again. He put his head in his hands and for the first time in long time he cried.

When he was flying all his problems and grief was just behind him but he never stopped long enough for them to crash into him.

He couldn't believe his parents didn't accept him. Maybe he should have stayed and tried to explain to them, but he knew if he had, he might have been strapped to table in his parents lab right now.

He thought about Jazz and how devastated she looked when she asked their mother what she was talking about, what had changed his parents mind about him.

He thought about Tucker, his best friend, he would miss his geeky references and loving his PDA a little too much.

He smiled weakly through sobs at this but it quickly disappeared as another wave of grief crashed into him.

Last he thought of Sam, his beautiful Sam. He had finally come out with his feelings for her, he even kissed her before he went to round up the ghost from the ghost zone. Now because of his parents he had to leave her, his soul mate.

It was then that an angry wave mixed with the grief. His eyes glowed green as he stood up and clenched his fists. The air and rain swirled around him the raindrops turning into ice as his ice power illuminated from him.

"How could you do this to me!" Danny shouted into the storm. "You said you'd love me no matter what, it all your fault."

Danny took off into the air but was slammed back down to the ground again. With angry tears he punched the ground, leaving a good sized dent in the wet earth. He couldn't loose control. He wasn't going to be like him, he would never turn into Dan, never.

He began crying again, but he let the tears fall. He stared straight at the ground, he had nowhere to go. He didn't have any food or money, only the clothes on the back of his human half and maybe a couple coins in his pocket.

When the last sob finally shook his body, he looked up and seen faint lights of a city in the distance.

'I could get a job there,' he thought to himself as he stood up, 'until I can figure out what to do.' And with renewed inner strength, he started walking to the town.


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