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Chapter 7: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

"My parents are ghost hunters, just not in the way you are." Danny began.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"Well let me start from the beginning, when my parents were in college." Danny said, he stared down at his hands and took a deep breath.

"Both my parents and their friend were fascinated, obsessed really, about ghosts and life beyond, scientifically of course.

"They were convinced that there was a world that was only inhabited by ghosts, so they worked almost every day and night creating this machine.

"There was a malfunction and it blasted an ectoray at their friends face, which gave him ghost acne, he was hospitalized for a long time."

"Wait," Dean said, stopping Danny, "ghost acne?"

"Yes," Danny said, "it's like normal acne but twenty times worse."

"Anyway," Danny said, starting his story again, "after college, my parents got married, they tried many times to create the machine again, but failed, until i was fourteen. I already knew my parents were crazy growing up with their obsession, so it was normal to hear an explosion in the house."

"One day after another failed attempt, my friends and I decided to check it out ourselves. My friends dared me to go inside the machine, so I put on a hazmat suit on and went in. I was halfway in when I leaned against the wall and felt a button push in."

"The next thing that happened was the worst pain I ever felt in my life, I was basically being electrocuted alive." Danny looked up at this point and seen shock on both the brothers faces.

"By some miracle," Danny continued, "I survived, I woke up to my worried friends, I felt different and when I looked in the mirror, my black hair had turned white, and my blue eyes turned neon green."

"I learned how to use my powers and named myself protector of my town, Amity Park, and named myself Danny Phantom, and just recently I saved the Earth from a giant meteor. I and all the ghosts from the Ghost Zone turned the Earth intangible and had the meteor go through the Earth."

"Wait, wait," Dean said stopping Danny again, "you made the Earth intangible?"

"Yes," Danny said, "the day before you found me, you may have been sleeping and didn't see it."

Dean nodded his head and Sam looked thoughtful so Danny started again.

"After I saved the world, my parents-" Danny stopped short and took a deep breath, "my parents disowned me, saying i wasn't their son, and they were going to rip me molecule by molecule. So I ran away or rather flew away."

At that Danny finished. He looked back and forth at the brothers, begging with his eyes that they didn't shoot him, and he hoped they believed him.

"Well why didn't you just tell us in the beginning?" Sam asked.

"Would you have believed me?" Danny asked in return.

"No." Dean said, folding his arms, "but I made a promise to you that I would protect you like a brother no matter what, I mean I already have a brother who has premonitions so why not a half ghost brother."

Danny smiled and so did the brothers.

"Come on," Dean said, "lets get back on the road."

"What do you mean premonitions?" Danny asked, while walking back to the car with his brothers.

"Long story," Sam said, "I'll tell you in the car."

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