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Harry Potter walked swiftly down the cracked and crumbling corridors of Hogwarts. His walk was sure and purposeful as he took a sharp left, and veered into a narrower hall that could easily be overlooked. His mind was a jumbled mess, thoughts springing from a simple detail McGonagall had informed Harry of when she had come to visit his grave.

"I think Severus had left something for you in his office..."

One thought that was, at this moment, sending a whirlwind of different scenarios racing around poor Harry's tired brain. After so many years of abuse by that man's hand it was hard for Harry to believe that what he found would be pleasant. The most likely of circumstances, it seemed, was that it would be a cursed object or potion that would cause bodily harm. But a bigger part of Harry, the rational part, told him that it could never be these things. After all, Snape was a good guy. Until the end. So, with a sigh, Harry continued on his way to the Headmaster's office, intent on appeasing this question. Nearing the door, Harry suddenly stopped. Merlin! He didn't even know the password!

"Name!" a deep gravelly voice shouted. Harry turned in surprise towards the stone gargoyle who usually took the password.

"Um. Harry Potter." The gargoyle continued to stare at him expectantly, one eyebrow cocked. "Harry James Potter."

The monster glared at him for a moment more then, begrudgingly, opened the passageway.

"But-" Harry began.

"Headmistress McGonagall has requested me to open the way to Harry James Potter and no one else besides herself."At these words he straightened to his original position, and closed the stone eyes, saying no more. The stairs leading to the Headmaster's tower revealed themselves and Harry tentatively started to climb. He did not know what to expect upon reaching Dumbledore's old office but it was not what he found when he, still panting slightly from the upwards trek, stepped inside. It was exactly the same as Harry had last seen it. All of Dumbledore's instruments, his arm chair, his desk, and even Fawkes' now empty perch was still there. Nothing had changed and it felt to Harry that he had stepped backward in time and that Dumbledore, any moment, would appear around the corner and offer him a lemon drop. It was not to be, however, for a bubbling pewter cauldron in the corner told him that this was not his old Headmaster's office anymore, but it had belonged to the man who had tortured Harry countless times in his dark classroom. A man whom Harry hated, loathed, dreaded, feared, and... understood. Forgave.

"I hope you don't intend on gaping at the walls the entire night, Mr. Potter," an all too familiar voice sneered. "Quite the waste of precious time."

Harry turned slowly in the direction of the voice and stared, wide eyed, at the portrait it had come from. Long black robes, piercing ebony eyes, and hair greasy as ever met his gaze painted elegantly over a green background. Beside him a pleasant, yet sleeping, portrait of Dumbledore hung dressed in blue robes against a background of soft red.

"Well? My word, I thought you at least intelligent enough to form the wherewithal to answer a simple question when asked." Snape scowled in slight annoyance when Harry didn't respond then sighed. "Why are you here, Potter?" At a loss for words, Harry stuttered,

"Um. P- Professor McGonagall s-said you left something for me, sir?" The painting smirked.

"Finally starting to learn your manners, Potter? It's about time." He pointed stiffly towards the great mahogany wooden desk, and Harry walked over to it. On the top a letter lay. Harry sat down in the overstuffed chair and carefully picked up the letter and began to read.


I have reason to believe that at some point tonight you will seek me out. While I can easily guess why, this is no time to be discussing such things. In the case that I am unable to speak to you and explain everything that has transpired, I can still show you. Here are your instructions. All I can say is that if you wish to succeed tonight, you MUST obey them.

In the corner sits a cauldron filled with a potion of my own invention. This potion, when consumed, allows the user to experience someone else's feelings during the use of a Pensieve. After your unacceptable use of the Pensieve during your Occlumency lessons I assume you are capable of using one without further explanation on my part. A flask of memory can be found in the cabinet where the Pensieve is kept. It is the small plain alabaster one on the bottom shelf. Only view this bottle. If I find any others tampered with, you will be punished. Most severely.

Drink a cup of the potion, then view the memories. Hopefully, you will understand then.

At the request to trust him and drink the potion Snape had brewed, Harry hesitated. The wary thoughts were overpowered, however, by Harry's reasoning that Snape never did want him harmed or dead. This potion would not hurt him so, a bit dumbfounded, but not at all surprised at the clever back up plan Snape had set in place, Harry moved towards the Pensieve he had already visited once tonight. He found the bottle, ladled himself a cup of the potion and drank quickly trying not to taste. He grimaced anyways as the bitter liquid met his tongue and scooped out the memories he had already viewed, replacing them with the contents of the alabaster flask Snape had described. Hesitating slightly, Harry took one deep breath and threw himself towards the swirling liquid. Immediately he felt different.

Harry was still Harry in his mind, but he was very much muddled by the thoughts of Snape as the gangly child walked hurriedly towards a small park. It was like Harry was only himself subconsciously, Snape having become who he was as Harry understood his thought processes and feelings as if they were his own. Subconscious Harry sat back and watched what Snape had set in store for him.

She should have gotten her's today.

A nagging worry was ever present in Snape-Harry's mind as he sat on a bench and waited for her. Lily should be arriving shortly. She said she would come...

"Sev! It came! It really came!" A little red-headed girl came running towards Snape-Harry and threw herself at him hugging him tightly about the neck. Happiness and excitement washed over Snape as she hugged him, along with slight embarrassment lest he smell. She didn't seem to mind, however if he did, not in the least for her grip on him tightened and she giggled against his shoulder then sat back and waved a piece of thick yellow parchment in front of his eyes.

"Course it did, Lily. I told you it would." Snape sat back and looked at her confidently his head swimming in his relief and happiness. Lily smiled at him.

"I know you did, but I was so worried. I hardly slept at all last night because I thought maybe I wasn't magic and I would get left behind while you went to Hogwarts and it had been some mistake and Muggles can't really have magic and..."

"Lily, calm down. Breathe."

"I know, I'm getting a little carried away." Lily looked at him in barely suppressed excitement. "Oh, Sev! You should have seen the looks on Mum and Dad's face when a real witch came and told them their daughter was a witch too! They didn't believe her at first, but then she transfigured her tea cup into a kitten and I swear Mum almost fainted! I think her name was Mrs. Sprout."

"Professor Sprout," Severus corrected gently as his lips twitched upwards into a sort of smile. "I believe she teaches Herbology."

"She was ever so nice, Sev. I wish you could've met her."

"Well we won't have long to wait and we'll have met all of the Professors. I mean... We're going to Hogwarts, Lily!"

"I know, and we'll be able to go together. We'll be the best of friends, won't we Sev?"

"Of course, Lily. I wouldn't have it any other way." Lily smiled and leaned against Snape's arm causing his heart to pound violently against his chest. Harry was amazed at what that potion could do. "Hey Lils, by the way... Happy Birthday." A huge grin broke out over Lily's freckled face and her eyes widened as Snape handed her a beautiful white rose.

"Sev! It's perfect!" A dull rush of color mounted the sallow cheeks.

"I put a Lively Charm over it so that would never wilt." He smiled shyly. "It will stay fresh."

"Forever?" Lily asked as she stroked one of the delicate petals.

"Always." he answered with a nod of his head.

Before she could say anymore to him, the scene dissolved.

Snape and Lily were studying in the Hogwarts library. Lily flipped through a Charms textbook tiredly, her head propped lazily on one hand, then took out her wand, waved it, and muttered 'Avis'. A beautiful turtle dove flitted out from the tip of her wand and sat in front of her as Lily smiled in happiness of her success.

"Very good, Lils." Snape smiled at her and Harry could feel Snape's pride in his friend. "She even has both legs this time." he smirked teasingly.

"Oh, come off it!" but she laughed and vanished the bird as it had started to scratch the papers that cluttered the table, causing the ink to smear. "You try!"

"I will." he said smugly. "Avis!" A little round snow finch revealed itself immediately and Lily laughed in spite of Snape's scowl. The poor little bird's head was upside down. He vanished it quickly before anyone else could see. "Shut up. You know you're better at Charms than me anyways." She faked an appalled expression then smiled at him, reveling in the fact she had at least one one-up on her genius of a best friend. The smile slid off her face, however, when she caught sight of a messy-haired bespectacled boy walking towards them. 'Dad,' subconscious Harry thought at almost the exact same moment as Snape thought 'bastard.'

"Hey, Evans! Want to come watch me practice?" She scowled at his sappy crooked smile. "I'll show you this new move I've been working on! Definitely effective on the Quidditch pitch, even against the Snakes!"

"If you haven't noticed, Potter, I'm busy at the moment." He glanced at Snape.

"What? I don't see anyone." he paused and smirked. "Well, no one of worth anyways." Before he could plop himself down in between Lily and Snape, she raised her wand and a jet of bluish light burst from it and hit his cheek. James clutched his face as his eyes began to water and with one last disdainful look at Snape, fled the library, head already bloating from Lily's spell. Lily called after him,

"Doesn't look like any girls will be looking your way soon! Especially, with that massive head!" She put her fingers to her lips in mock thought for a moment then added to just Snape, "Of course, they probably won't even notice a difference." Snape and Lily lost themselves in a fit of laughter. And the scene dissolved.

They were back at home, lying on the riverbank. Lily was obviously ranting while Snape sat back and listened.

"How does she expect us to write 12 inches of parchment on one subject! And during Summer Vacation even!" Lily was upset by the massive workload given to them during the Summer, especially Professor McGonagall's assignment.

"I can do it for you. If you want." he offered. Anything to make her happy and, besides, he had a lot of time on his hands at home.

"No, Sev." She smiled, though. "It's my job, but thanks."

"Anytime." She smiled and lay down beside him in the soft grass.

"I'm so glad it's vacation. I missed spending alone time with you, Sev." He blushed a little and smirked.

"Me too, Lils. More than you can ever know." And the scene dissolved.

Harry-Snape was being tormented by the Marauders for being caught studying with Lily. James had him in the Petrificus Totalus and was mocking him as Black and Pettigrew stood over him, sneering. Lupin was absent.

"How dare the slithering Death Eater scum attempt to draw Lily into his evil clutches?" James taunted. Snape's anger was boiling but he couldn't move so he was forced to lie impassively on the floor and seethe.

"Why would she be interested in Snivellus anyways?" Sirius asked James. "I mean, even if she had snogged him, the grease he'd leave behind would be enough to make her wish she'd never laid eyes on the git."

"Oi! C'mon mate, you know she would never... she just couldn't..." James stuttered incoherently as Sirius and Pettigrew sneered down at Snape.

"So you think he's learned his lesson, Prongs?" Sirius asked James again. James shook his head.

"No, but I can think of a way to let it sink in a little." and with that he planted a boot into Snape's side and Harry could feel his pain at the blow... could feel Snape's hatred and anger for the man Harry knew was his father, but Snape's emotions told him was nothing more than a most loathed enemy. After each had landed a kick to 'let the lesson sink in' they left Snape lying in the hall as waves of pain coursed through his body. It was dark out and Snape lay in a rarely visited corridor. It could be days before anyone found him, and Snape began to panic slightly. After a few unbearably long hours, however, the pad of feet came swiftly down the hall and an older-than-the-last Lily Evans squeaked slightly as she saw Snape lying helplessly on the floor.

"Sev!" she exclaimed as she ran over and knelt beside him. "Oh, Merlin!" Quickly, she undid the curse and helped him into a sitting position.

"Thanks, Lily." he mumbled. She attempted to help her friend to his feet but stopped when he gasped as a fresh wave of pain came hurtling from his ribs. "Just give me a minute, Lily." She shuddered.

"Who did this, Sev?"

"Who else! The Marauders of course!" He attempted to sedate his boiling rage as it would not do to yell at Lily when she had just saved him from spending a night (and possibly a day or two) on the cold hard floor. He was surprised when her eyes began to well with tears and she sat beside him.

"Oh, Sev! They could've killed you!" she buried her face into a dazed Snape's shoulder and he tentatively raised his hand to stroke her hair, shuddering inwardly at his own daring.

" 'S alright Lily. I'm fine," Snape reassured her, momentarily forgetting his anger at the Marauders while her warm body was pressed against him. "I don't think the cowards would have actually killed me. I'm ok."

"Those arrogant toerags! They should be punished!" Lily lifted her tear stained face to him and hugged him tightly. He flinched away as his ribs protested to the touch and Lily scowled. "Did they hurt you?"

"Kicked me on the way out. Bit of a parting gift I guess." He shrugged.

"Why?" When he didn't answer she sighed. "For the usual, I assume then." She drew her wand and pointed it at him.

"What are you doing?" he asked warily.

"I'm healing you." she replied. "Don't you trust me?" Snape blinked.

"Of course I trust you, Lily." She smiled.

"Well then. Episky Maxima!" Harry could feel the warm sensation flow through Snape's aching body and draw away the pain that had been throbbing there.

"Thanks, Lily! Much better." He smiled at her as he stood and helped her to her feet. She smiled back.

"I love it when you do that." She said, blushing.


"Smile. It's such a rare occurrence... Like a gift and... well, smile again." She moved closer to him, causing his heart to pound. He gave her a nervous grin and she giggled. "You have one tooth that pokes through, just... there." and she touched his lips every so softly. Snape's head swam wildly in thought as she gazed up into his eyes. He was losing himself in the green almond shaped orbs and suddenly Harry knew what was going to happen. His mind panicked as she (Merlin, MUM!) leaned towards him.

Ginny. It's Ginny. Not Lily. Not Mum... Ginny.

But Snape's thoughts overpowered him telling him that it was, in fact, Lily. Lily Evans, and it was ok. More than ok! Merlin, he had been dreaming about this for years! She stopped and his mouth hovered centimeters from her soft pink lips, waiting for her to object. She closed her eyes.

"Do it," she whispered and that was all it took. Snape took Lily, his best friend, into his arms and pressed his lips to hers gently, barely moving them. She laughed against his mouth and teased, "C'mon, Sev. Surely you can do better." He smiled nervously and she took the opportunity of his slightly open mouth to deepen the kiss, exploring the inside of his cheeks with her tongue. His eyes widened and he backed her up against a wall as he kissed her fervently, desperately, back. He had waited so long. So long for this moment, and it was finally happening! Lily ran her hand underneath the hem of his shirt and as her cool fingers glided across his ribs he moaned against her mouth in exquisite agony. She smiled and did it again. Merlin! Harry could hardly process all the emotions flying through Snape's mind at this point. Excitement, happiness, fear, and something else so profound that words could not even begin to describe it. He supposed it was love, but if that was so, then it was such a magnified version of the feeling that Harry didn't even think it was possible for one person to hold it all in. Especially not Snape. Cold, unfeeling, masked Professor Snape. But he was feeling it, and barely controlling it too for Harry could sense a large amount of the heat settling below his belt. Snape knew that if he let that feeling to go too far he would have some awkward explaining to do. With regret, he pulled away a bit, eyes still closed shut in an attempt to permanently imprint this moment upon his memory.

"Sev..." she whispered.

"Lily, I-. You have to know that I- " he struggled to find the words.

"I know." she smiled and gave him one last lingering kiss. "I've always known." He blushed.

"We've got to go Lily. It's past curfew." she pouted her lip a bit as he walked her to her common room. "See you tomorrow, Lily."

"See you Sev." she smiled and stepped inside the portrait, leaving Snape flushed and hoping against all hope that what had happened tonight would change everything.

And the scene dissolved.

"Lily. I'm so sorry." he whispered. Snape's voice was cracked, hoarse. He was on his knees, pleading. Harry thought he had never felt such a deep despair, and the weight of it made him want to retreat to the recesses of Snape's mind, in which he was trapped, and curl up in the fetal position.

"You're a broken record, Severus." He flinched. She never called him by his full first name, it was always 'Sev'...

"I never meant to call you that! Honest!"

"But the rest of your 'friends' call me that. Why shouldn't you? Sounds like you're doing just fine with them. You don't need me. Just a stinking Mudblood, right?" She looked down on him coldly, and for a moment Harry thought she was going to spit on him or something.

"I don't think that. I- I- do... need you. Please." He looked up into her hardened expression and for a split second her eyes softened and Snape thought, perhaps, she would forgive him. After what happened last night, he had been so certain things would change for the better. Now it was only getting worse, and he had only himself to blame. Then her expression steeled itself against him again and she closed her eyes as her bottom lip trembled slightly.

"No." and with that she turned on her heel and ran in the direction of the Gryffindor common room, leaving Snape feeling like there was a weight crushing his heart. And the scene dissolved.

"Severus." A high cold voice addressed Harry-Snape.

"Yes, My Lord?" Snape groveled at the Dark Lord's feet, as his newly acquired Mark pulsated angrily on the raised flesh of his left forearm. His soul was like a dead bird in a cage, and Harry shuddered inwardly. Snape was a shell of his former self. Nothing more.

"You have something for me?"

"Yes, My Lord. The prophecy. As you requested."

"Good. Good." Voldemort smiled as he steepled his long white fingers. "Recite it."

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal," Snape recited obediently hoping that the Dark Lord would not suspect his failure to obtain the other half of the prophecy. Fear gripped him as his Master said nothing and Snape-Harry felt something poke around in his mind. He attempted to close himself off, but wasn't much of an Occlumens as of yet and was too late.

"Severus," Voldemort whispered quietly, "You've forgotten something haven't you?"

"My Lord. They threw me out before I was able to hear the extent of the prophecy." Snape bent lower, hair almost sweeping the floor. "Forgive me, please."

"How have you earned my forgiveness? It was a simple task and you have failed." Voldemort reached into the depths of his robes and withdrew his wand, pointing it directly at Snape.

"My Lord-" Snape began, sensing trouble.

"CRUCIO!" Snape fell to the ground, incapacitated in his agony. It was as if Harry was being Crucio-ed all over again and his subconsious flinched inwardly even as he himself felt all the pain Snape was in. Snape twitched and writhed on the marble floor but did not cry out. He held it in for the several long minutes that Voldemort kept him under the spell, the snake-like face smirking as he did so. His enjoyment only further showed his inhumanity. Finally, the Dark Lord seemed to grow tired of the torture and released him, leaving Snape panting on the floor and shaking so uncontrollably that he could not stand.

"You will do better next time." He looked coldly down upon the trembling Snape.

"Yes... My... Lord." And the scene dissolved.

Severus paced his study. Harry recognized the dungeons where Snape resided and took in all the anxiety radiating off of the man who seemed intent on wearing a tunnel into the stone floor. His brow was beaded with sweat and he started slightly when the door opened to reveal Dumbledore. He practically flew to where the older man stood and fear took his heart in it's claws as he recognized all the pain and guilt on the man's wizened features. Snape gulped thickly.

"Well?" Dumbledore said nothing and Harry was surprised to see the beginnings of tears forming in the old man's eyes as he looked up at Snape. All of the sudden Harry knew what Snape knew and he wanted to throw himself on the floor and wail. Snape seemed to have the same idea, because he did just that. Fears claws ripped holes in Snapes heart, in his very soul. The noises coming from the broken man were almost too much to bear, and he pulled at his hair in his grief.

"YOU SAID YOU WOULD PROTECT HER! KEEP HER SAFE! YOU HAVE FAILED!" Dumbledore sighed heavily and great wet tears fell from his eyes as he beckoned Snape up. "I risked my life! I turned away from HIM! Put myself in mortal danger every day! And you have failed in the one thing I have asked in return! FAILED!"

"Severus. Please. We should discuss this in my office." With that he tried to take the sobbing, broken man in his arms, but as he did so Snape pushed him roughly away.

"NO! I don't need your help!" he hissed. "Don't want your pity!"


"I knew this would happen! I'm such a stupid fool! I should have just left when I heard Bella bragging tonight. But, no! I had to inform you! And now she's- de..." he seemed to choke on the word and his body was wracked again with violent sobs. "Gone. Dead... Lily! Lils! Please, Come back! I'll never utter another insult to James. Never. Just, please..." He knelt on the floor of the corridor. "I need you." he paused and sucked in a great shuttering breath. "I love you." he whispered.

"C'mon Severus. You'll wake the students." And Dumbledore led the way towards his office, Snape following at a distance like a beaten dog, as tears dripped from his hooked nose onto the polished floors of the corridors of Hogwarts. And the scene dissolved.

It was obviously many years later when the mist cleared. Snape was sitting at the table in the Great Hall, scowling at the Gryffindor table. With a start, Harry could see himself amongst the red and gold clad students. He couldn't have been any older than 13, and looked as if he was having the time of his life. The widest range of emotions were flitting through Snape's mind as he stared at the carbon copy of his arch nemesis, with the only girl he ever loved eye's. Hatred caused his face to pinch together in a sneer as the boy glanced his way, but there was also a certain amount of caring reserved for him in the cold abyss that used to be Snape's heart. A heart that once thudded for a certain red head now only pounded with that same painful and unfulfilled longing edged with guilt. After all, he was Lily's son and owned the only piece of her that remained. Her wonderful beautiful eyes. It often took him aback, when in class the boy would look upon him with such loathing. Snape knew, of course, that it was his own doing. He hardly made Potions easy for Harry, but still. It hurt. It was like being reminded that Lily hated him all over again. That she had never forgiven him for what he had done. What he had said. The werewolf sitting next to him smiled warmly when he realized who Snape was looking at.

"He's a very personable boy, isn't he?"

"Hmph." Snape picked at his food and averted his eyes from the laughing Gryffindors. Lupin picked up where Snape had left off, and stared wistfully at the happy youth.

"Do you miss it?" Damn this man's friendliness. Couldn't he see that Snape just wanted to be alone with his thoughts?

"What?" he replied dully.

"School. Friends. Being young. Seems like it was so much simpler back then." Snape thought a moment, school he neither missed nor loathed. It was simply something he had used as a tool to get him farther in life, and an escape from the hellhole that was his childhood. Friends,he had never had, except Lily of course. Being young? He scoffed. Was he ever young? Foolish, perhaps, but young? No, Snape didn't think so.

"Not particularly."

"I do." Snape glanced at Lupin and was surprised at the longing he saw in the werewolf's eyes.

"Hm?" Lupin snapped out of it quickly.

"Wha-? Nothing." He turned back to his plate, pushing some potatoes around with his fork which produced an annoying scraping noise that made Snape grit his teeth. "Harry- he's very knowledgable for his age. Don't you think?" Snape scoffed.

"He's nothing compared to his friend, Granger." Lupin smiled.

"Yes, Ms. Granger is extremely intelligent. I just mean Harry has been through a lot for someone of his age."

"I suppose..."

"I mean with what happened to his parents," Lupin sighed. "Merlin, I miss them. Lily and James," Snape's fists clenched at the mention of her name, but Lupin seemed to interpret his reaction differently. "Ah, yes. I know you and James were not close, but still. You have to admit it was tragic."

"If you don't mind, I am trying to enjoy my meal." Lupin looked taken aback for a moment and then went back to staring at the Gryffindor table.

"Alright, yes. I suppose I should focus on eating as well." Snape went back to his meal, blinking a few times too often as he had begun to feel the sting of tears at the mention of his Lily. Merlin, would he ever get over her? And the scene dissolved.

"Tonight, Severus." Snape stood in front of Dumbledore, the old professors withered hand resting on his desk. "Draco plans to let them in tonight."


"And you are ready, I expect?" Snape hesitated a moment then answered,

"As I'll ever be." Dumbledore smiled slightly.

"You are. I trust you Severus." he stood and moved around the mahogany desk to stand directly in front of the Potion's master. "You remember what you must tell Harry?"

"Of course."

"Enlighten me." Snape growled slightly, annoyed at the request to repeat the instructions as a child may repeat a poem in class.

"Voldemort made Horcruxes. You are one of them, and you have to let him kill you to have a chance in destroying him for good." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, and he chuckled.

"Yes, but I should hope you will elaborate a bit more."

"I could hardly expect him to understand anything more complex than that."

"Now, Severus..." And the scene dissolved.

Snape walked purposefully through a dark woods. The black hung heavy, as there was no moon to be seen, and he strained his coal eyes trying to keep from tripping over anything. Suddenly he stopped, a campfire could be seen glowing in the distance with black silhouetted figures walking around it. Snape smiled slightly. He had found them. Taking out his wand, 13 1/4 inches of ebony with dragon heartstring core, he raised it slightly and whispered, remembering that night he had finally gotten to feel her soft warm lips on his,

"Expecto Patronum." At once a silver doe burst forth from his wand, landing lightly on her delicate feet in front of him. Snape reached out to her, stroking her for a moment, her grass green eyes so captivating. Her nose nuzzled his hand and he smiled at her, then mumbled softly, "You know what to do." The doe looked up at him, swished her tail once, then turned and walked quietly towards the camp. He smiled. She would lead, and Harry would follow. So simple, and as he watched his doe's retreating form he was content in the fact that things, for once, were going well.

This seemed to be the end of the memories, for Harry suddenly felt himself being yanked upwards. He gasped as he found himself sitting on the floor. Glancing over at the portraits, Harry was disappointed to see all the portraits sleeping. Or doing a good job of pretending. In any case, he moved back towards the desk and threw himself down into the overstuffed armchair, sighing. He pulled Snape's letter to him, his mind reeling to comprehend all of the emotions he had just experienced in the Pensieve.

Hopefully, you will understand then.

Yes, he understood. Perhaps, even better than he did before. Harry glanced at the bubbling caulron. Merlin! That stuff was powerful! All of those feelings suddenly came back to Harry in a rush and he sighed heavily. Without the needed strength to get up and do anything (his body seemed to have finally given up on him) he looked slowly about the room. A soft white object nestled in a corner glass cupboard caught his eye. Somehow mustering the strength to stand he walked slowly over to it and took it down from the high shelf it rested on. A soft white rose, wilting slightly at the edges fell into his palm and he stroked the petals gently, surprised when one fell easily from the flower. The flower! This was the rose! Snape's first gift to Lily! The one he had charmed! Harry held it protectively in his hands, cupping the bud between his palms as he walked swiftly from the Headmaster's quartes and back towards the tree. The lake. The grave. He had to put this there. It just seemed so important. As he reached the cold banks, he stooped low and placed the delicate flower at the headstone. His gaze grazed over what he had written and the mysterious poem, his eye's widening when he saw a small enscription scratched into the stone. One he had missed before. He knelt down, trying to get a better look at it. No. It couldn't be. Could it? He had certainly not written that! Right underneath the last verse only two small letters were left.


Harry stared at it. For how long, he didn't know. Finally, with a hint of a smile gracing his lips he turned and walked away. Those two initials were just fine with him.

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