Last chapter! -evil laugh-
I have plans for the future of this story. Evil,heart-wrenching plans.
But I can't write them until Molly's Creator writes more of her story.
Because we're doing a POV type thing...I write V's POV, she writes Molly's, and she's the one writing Oliver and Chris, so I can't progress the rebellion yet.

"V, what's wrong?" Snapping her head up, Victoria saw Molly standing in the doorway, seeming worried. Quickly, she stood and ran over, throwing her arms around her sister. Seeing Molly's confused look, Adam pointed at the computer.
"Adam, Molly, you two have to promise me that no matter what you'll stay safe during this. God I knew this was going to be dangerous, but I never expected to-" "Victoria! What is going on?" Blinking, Victoria realized Molly had her hands on her shoulders, pausing a moment before she snapped back to reality.
Sighing. she apologized and explained about the dream and the reason she had freaked out the way she had.
"Let's try not to think about that. We don't know if it will really happen. We should stay calm and keep our heads; otherwise we'll all end up dead." "Right...sorry again,Molly..."
Victoria knew Molly was right. But she was still worried-her sister was vulnerable due to being blind in one eye, something that had caused injury during everything that had happened in District 9. Thinking about it more, though, she started worrying about Oliver and Carter-they were already in the camp, and could easily be injured or killed while they waited to hear what to do next. For now,though, she decided it would be best to listen to Molly-she'd go crazy with worry if she didn't.

Later that night, Molly said she was going out, having gotten a call from Chris. Adam had promised he'd tell Victoria if she asked, before he went out to the backyard to see how she was doing.

She had been outside for a few hours now, sometimes reading, sometimes napping, though she mostly just tried to relax. Finding she was awake now, he helped her inside, a little stiff from laying on one position for so long, before she went to shower and then get dinner started.
Making sure to put some music on, he saw her smile again, and knew she was doing ok now.

"Hope Molly gets soon home-it's starting to get dark out." Victoria mused softly, playing with her glass as she and Adam sat on the back porch looking at the stars-a habit they had picked up since moving.
"*I'm sure she will-she's smart,you know that." He replied, giving her side a light squeeze.
"'re right..."