Sparring Partners

So I have no right in saying I own History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi or Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple, but I have seen a lot of fan fics that always pair up Kenichi and Miu but never finish, I decided to try my hand as well.

Kenichi: So you decided to do what everyone else does?

Wolf: I'm trying to help you! Just like everyone else!

Kenichi: But I thought you said they didn't finish.

Wolf: Yeah and?

Kenichi: Well how could they be trying to help me if their stories never finish?

Wolf: Cuz….Shut up that's how! Now let me type!

I am Kenichi Shirahama of the Ryozanpaku dojo. I train with the masters of this dojo in order to become strong enough to protect the weak. I use to be really weak until I join this dojo, now I think I'm getting pretty strong, Heh my muscle tone has sure changed by going to this dojo. I can bench press at least 5 times my body weight! If anything I can say I am truly strong and on the road of becoming a martial arts master! "Kenichi-kun, over confidence can be the downfall of a disciple," Master Koetsuji tells me; I'm really starting to think he's a mind reader! "Now are you ready, we don't know when one of the nine shadow fist will attack again so you need, all the training you can get, for now we will go back to the basics," Master Koetsuji says as he throws me a rope, Oh no not this exercise, I have to drag Master on the tire throughout the city and every time I do that I always past a bunch of cute girls who laugh at me it's so embarrassing.

I wrap the rope around me and tie it, I feel master step on the tire to sit down and then just before I can get a step, I feel the icy sting of a whip across my bear back (first off when did the top part of my Gi off?) Then I heard him yell, "Too slow Kenichi-kun!" "I didn't even get a chance to start!" I roared back, 'Then I suggest you begin, you still to have to get here before late in order to spar with Miu," Master Koetsuji. Miu? I looked over at Miu-San, in her purple battle outfit with the Gi top. I could stare at her for hours, she was so beautiful and strong, if there was anyone in this world I really wanted to protect it was her. That was another reason I kept training, although she was so ahead of me in terms of martial arts abilities and strength I wanted to protect Miu-san, and not just to make up for when I just stood back and watched her get attack by some thugs (Even though she beat those guys with no problem).


"OW!" I yell as master Koetsuji's whip hits my back hard enough to knock me from my trance. "Your aren't moving fast enough Kenichi, if you don't make it in time to spar with Miu, she won't be able to make dinner and I think, Sakaki or Apachai will be all to happy about that,"

Oh my god, if those two don't get food they go on a rampage and I would not want to be the one to be the cause of that! I dashed madly (at least in a normal humans perspective, Master Koetsuji just told me that I was still moving to slow).

Author note: Because I didn't know how to continue after this part, TIME TO SKIP AHEAD IN TIME!

I made it back fast enough to spar with Miu and since it was Master Sakaki's turn to train me he was going to spot me. "You know the deal Kenichi just try and lay a hand on Miu," He said drinking his beer and not paying attention to me. "So you're not going to tell me some secret martial arts technique to touch her?" I asked nicely, really hoping he could tell me.


Aww man, I figured as much. "Come on, Kenichi-san if you try hard enough I think you might be able to come close, but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you," Miu-san said in a sweet voice, she was so nice to me even when the masters weren't.

Believe it or not this was my favorite part of my training, getting to spar with Miu-san it feels like this one of the few ways we were able to get closer to each other. I saw Miu-san go into her stance, it was so serious and professional, and I couldn't see any flaws or holes in her defense. But today I was going to try to point some out!

I tried for a hard right punch, in which she dodged seamlessly, then she jumped backwards and I tried to grab her leg, but I failed miserably. "KAHH!" I yelled I yelled doing a straight forward Karate punch, Miu dodged it again and went for a powerful kick towards my gut, in a quick instance I pulled back the punch and took a quick step back. I took this as an opening to grab her leg, but being the piece of excellence she is she pulled her leg back. The she tried another kick I tried to block this one but it was so strong I fell, and Miu-san kept her leg up, and I saw her curves. To be honest I never truly noticed that about her, but everything about her was just perfect. Her long blonde hair, her curvaceous hips, her ample bust and very impressive backside and she was very flexible (I'm judging that based off of the fact she's part of our schools gymnastics team and her martial arts makes her twist and turn). She was beautiful and I knew she wouldn't want to be with someone like me. I probably could never be the man who's good enough for Miu-san, but I was still going to keep trai-

"Oi! Kenichi are you just gonna just stay on the floor or get up and at least try!" I heard Master Sakaki yell. I broke from my trance and stood up. "Alright Miu-San here I come!" I exclaimed, Miu smiled "Alright Kenichi, no more playing around!" Wait a minute what?


I barley had time to let out a girly pitched scream- I mean manly martial arts cry before Miu was right in front of my face. She threw a strong punch towards me, but I was able to block it, but in doing so I left my whole leg section open. Damn! Miu-San noticed this before I did and she swept my legs from under me. I fell pretty hard on my back, and I looked up, hoping to see Miu-sans figure but I saw a big burly human. Master Sakaki looked quite happy although I had just lost while sparring with Miu while it was his turn to train me. "Hey Kensei you lost, ha-ha! You owe me 50 bottles of sake!" Master Sakaki shouted.

I got up and begin franticly (and meekly) beating on Master Sakaki's chest. "Why did you bet against me? I thought you were supposed to have faith in your disciple!" I cried out. Master Sakaki just laughed at me and patted my head "I've been training you for a long time Kenichi and I still don't think you can beat Miu, but at least you help me win a bet"

As he said this Master Kensei Ma came inside the training area. I slid over to Master Kensei Ma and whispered into his ear "What did you two bet on exactly?"

He put up a nervous smile "Well Ken-Chan we bet on when exactly you would lose your battle with Miu, Sakaki bet that it would take u less then five minutes but I bet against him"

I knew I could count on Master Kensei Ma, if no one had faith in me he would! I could almost cry from the amount of faith he has in his disciple! "So you thought I would win!' I exclaimed excitedly and loudly that Master Sakaki and Miu-san heard me. Master Sakaki came back over to us laughing " He bet it would take exactly five minutes!" Sakaki howled. I looked over to Master Kensei, he had his hat down in "shame" I began yell at him tears abundant in my eyes "So you have no faith in me either! Where's the love for your disciple?" I could almost cry from the lack of faith he had in his disciple (in fact I was).

He pulled me closer to him and whispered to me "Ken-Chan I promise to make it up to you,"

I heard more of Master Sakaki's laughter "Still got a ways to go before he can beat you eh Miu?" He said through his drunken laughter.

Dear god I hate my masters.

"Well I think Kenichi-san is doing pretty good, he's getting stronger and I always find it cute how he-" Miu said then stopped abruptly, I turned to see her, she was blushing with her hand over her mouth. "Eh? You alright Miu?" Master Sakaki asked.

"O-oh no I'm fine," she responded quickly. "Hehehehehe "chuckled Master Kensei. I looked at him confused. "Ken-Chan, now is the time I will make it up to you, Oh Sakaki, Shigure, Akisame, Apachai and Grandpa Hayate,"

"Eh? Whaddya want Kensei?" Master Sakaki answered as he walked over to Master Kensei. The others Master's soon followed suit (out of fricken no where to!) "Why did you call us in here Kensei?" Grandpa Hayate asked rubbing his broad long blond beard. "What if we had Ken-chan cook with Miu tonight?"

"Eh?" The rest of the masters said at once. I blinked rapidly and Miu looked confused as well. "Now hear me out, Sakaki is the last on who was able to train Ken-Chan tonight, helping to cook with Miu would be a good way for the rest of us to train Kenichi"

"And how is that Kensei?" Master Koetsuji asked him. Master Kensei grinned slyly and said, "Well if Kenichi goes to cook, he can learn how to use a blade better," now pointing at Master Shigure then he pointed at Master Apachai "Then with certain foods he can try to cut them with his elbow since Muy Thai requires elbow strength and then in Chinese martial arts fluid hand motion is required, often I would make my students learn how to cook in order to do hand motions, How does that sound Hayate?"

Grandmaster Hayate rubbed his beard then laughed aloud ferociously. I blinked in confusion, wait a minute why would Master Kensei Ma make me start cooking? "That's a great idea! Kenichi-Kun, have a fun time cooking!" Grandmaster Hayate said while slightly patting head.

"Well Kenichi-San we should get to cooking, let me just freshen up ok?" Miu-San told me as she walked the other way with the Masters. After a few minutes I found myself helping out Miu-San with the cooking, I wonder if this was a way for Master Kensei to make it up to me, ah well I got to hang out with Miu-san for a bit so I'm happy. I felt the huge grin on my self, even had to cut some of the vegetables with my elbow (and my god was that painful) "Hey Kenichi-San can you past me the seasoning?" Miu-San asked me and I looked around for it "Where is it?" I really could not see it, I should have looked harder for it oh wait I see it. I went to grab it in a hurry and it ending up fumbling it around. "Ah! Oh no!" I yelled, I ended up jumping up as it flew from my hand, I saw Miu-San also jump towards it and we both grabbed it and my hand cupped hers. "Kenichi-san," She said a light blush coming showing on her face. "Eh sorry Miu-San guess I'm really sore from training, my body isn't like yours yet, but I'm almost there," I said.

"I know, I can see it your getting stronger everyday and your almost close to being strong enough to protect me, that's why you.."

She began ,her voice getting lighter and I could feel my hand getting sweaty. "That's why I what..?" I asked, I was feigning being oblivious but I really wanted to know what she meant. "You don't' need to try…to…to try and force yourself while we spar with each other. I know your getting strong so, so don't try hard okay?"

I blinked in confusion again. Why did I get my hopes up? I crouched in agony (the pain coming from my heart) I knew she didn't see me like that, how could I forget, me and Miu-San are just sparring partners and that's all we'll ever be. "Uh Kenichi-San?" She asked in a worried tone. I stood up "Ah thanks Miu, but I'm not forcing Myself, I'm really putting my all out there, when we spar I feel so excited because it's the only time when I feel at least a bit closer to you in martial arts that I can control myself" I said through a smile, it was true though. When I was sparring with Miu I always felt like that, I wanted to show her my strength and growth so much.

I wonder how she felt. I saw her smile lightly "I'm glad, Because I-" "Miu! Kenichi! Why is the food taking so long? Apa!" Master Apachai cut off Miu, I smiled and so did Miu and we finished making dinner together.

Dinner went as usual, Master Apachai and Master Sakaki fought for more portions, and Master Koetsuji and Master Kensei kept trying to take my portions. I was getting considerably better at stopping them from doing such, but I still ended up with less portions then normal. But I know Miu would sneak some food for me later. That was always a treat. I walked into my room and looked around. Then grab a book from my bag; it was my "How To Tell A Beautiful Martial Arts Girl You Love Her" book. I took some time reading it, my masters would kill me if they saw me reading this, but there had to be a way for me to hint Miu-san that I loved her. I remember when the masters had left I was so close to telling her but they came back so suddenly.

I want to be strong enough for her, even though I throw my all into my training I feel as though I'm still so far behind her. I can't tell her until I'm strong enough to protect her. I promised her, and myself but I don't want it to be to late when I get strong enough (if I even become strong enough). What if I never get that strong? What if Miu got a new sparring power I almost lost Miu twice to different guys, better who could very well already be masters (although one died.) I didn't want her to leave, because of my weakness. I-

Knock Knock

Must be Miu-San! I was hoping she'd bring me some Tea or something, Oh no the "How To" book! In a hurried panic I chucked the book away from my view and then threw the pillow from my futon in that same direction and then before opening the door I took a calming deep breath. I opened the door hoping she didn't hear my rustling. "M-miu-San!" I shouted, but it wasn't Miu I saw but Renka-san, Kensei Ma's daughter.

"Why are you calling me that big boobed hussy?" She roared at me flailing her fist around. Oh damn, I really did mean to do that; I forgot Renka-San and Miu-san have this rivalry and I don't know why. I hope she isn't to mad at me, wait a minute I could just invite her in my room for a bit, then she can talk and calm down then when she leaves me and Miu-San can have our tea. I see nothing wrong with this plan.

"S-sorry Renka-San, please come in." I said cheerfully.

She walked in and then sat down in an enticing pose, which I stared at only for a moment. "So what were you doing just now?" "Uh-hehe nothing just doing a little reading," I said. "One of your "How To" books again huh?" She asked in monotone. "Waaaaaaaaiiit? No! I do enjoy other literature Renka-San," I said in a matter fact way.

"So what if I look over to that peculiarly placed pillow covering what seems to be a book in the corner?" She said in an evil tone. "Wait no Renka-San!" I yelled out as she got up to go check the area. She picked up the book and read it, "Heheh so you want to tell me that you love me Kenichi-Kun?"

"Uh what?" I asked. Don't tell me Renka thinks, that I love her. Don't get me wrong she's attractive and all but I love Miu. "N-No Renka-San that's for-"

"I know who's it for. It's for Miu, isn't it?" Renka asked as she sat down in front of me. The smile and happy tone I normally got from her face was gone. I wonder why, "Uh yeah," I said lowly.

"Hey Kenichi-Kun, what does that cow have that I don't have?" Renka asked as she looked up at me, looking back at me with that sad face. Looking at it made my heart hurt, not just mine but also the martial artist inside of me his heart hurt as well. Renka-San was a very odd girl ever since we met. As I continued to look at her saddened face I felt more of me wanting to comfort her but if this was her way of confessing I had to let her down easily. So I opened my mouth and spoke the truth "It's not like she has anything you don't, it's just when I'm around her I feel like I can do anything, even if it seems like she is. I also feel the martial artist inside of me bursting with passion to protect her and look cool in front of her. But it's mostly when we spar, I feel that's the time we get so in tune, I can't tell what she's thinking at the time when we spar but I know at that time she's concentrating on me and me only, even if its just to hurt me I feel like I'm the only one on her mind. Pretty selfish I guess, but that's why I love he-rmmurr"

I felt Renka-San's body on top of mine, her lips pressed to mine, at the time I couldn't think my mind was blank and the kiss felt real. I indulged in it but then pulled back "R-Renka-San!" I cried out. "Kenichi-kun, I want you to protect me too and be my sparring partner, not that cows," She said her smile slowly showing. "Renka-san I-"


It was loud, it sounded like broken class. Oh no I forgot about Miu-San meeting me! I got up (knocking Renka-san down) and then ran towards to the figure that was running down the hallway. I knew it was Miu-San, damn it I hope she didn't see Renka-San kiss me! She should know it was a misunderstanding! Right?

I somehow was able to catch up to her and I went to grab her shoulder, in one quick instance I found myself flat on my back (being her sparring partner you'd think I'd remember that she instinctively throws anyone who touches her on the shoulder on the floor) I looked up at the ceiling, for some reason this one was harder than before, in fact so hard I could feel myself fading. "Mi-Miu-san…."

As I saw her leap over my body I felt two wet drops fall on my cheeks, those two drops were heavier on my body than the pain of being dropped. I couldn't take the pain, I didn't want to it was so unbearable, feeling her tear drops. I could feel the darkness of my consciousness grasping at me to close my eyes, to escape the pain and I accepted it with open arms…..

The end of chapter 1.

Wolf: So far, so good!

Kenichi: SOFAR SO GOOD? You made Renka kiss me! T.T Now Miu will never forgive me.

Wolf: Well look on the bright side Kenichi, it didn't happen to me.

Kenichi:* Grabs him by the collar and slaps him rapidly *

Renka: And why did you make me the slutty bad guy?

Wolf: * cheeks puffed and red * For plot

Kenichi: you better make it right in the next chapter!

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