Sparring Partners

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Kenichi's point of view.

Miu-san...Miu-san, that's all i could think of while i lay unconscious. Her tear, why did it hurt so much? Why did it feel so strong? What was Miu-san thinking, was she jealous or did she simply over react to a small situation? Too many questions popped up in my mind as i slowly woke up in my room. The little light I had been still on but it was an hour before i had to wake up for training. I couldn't wait, maybe training would get Miu-san's saddened tear off my mind and my heart

I got up and began throwing random strikes from the different styles I'm learning from the masters, it was something to do for the time being while I had a bit of free time. As i began to throw different strikes i try to imagine an enemy was in the way and I was trying to connect the shots to the enemy. It started off as nothing but a normal faceless black shadowed enemy that was merely dodging my strikes then i would dodge theirs. But my mind started to wander, each time I threw a strike I would remember Miu-san's face and how she would react to my attack, then i would see her attack coming and try to react but not be fast enough and she would hit me and HARD! Even so i would take the pain and smile up and my sparring partner as she would stare down at me and offer a helping hand. She was never cocky about when she won (which was all the time) she just complimented me and congratulated me on getting a bit stronger.

Sometimes I felt like that was all i needed, for her to tell me that than I could finally tell her how I felt; but I know that's the case. I could not yet, not until i was strong enough to protect her from the dangers of this world. But even so I threw a low kick to the blackshadowed figure but stopped short as it became Miu-san. But the look in her eye wasn't the look we got when we'd spar it was her killing intent look, the one she got ever since she was brainwashed. That Miu-san looked back at me, and smirked then threw a wild punch towards my side, i dodged it at the last moment but for some reason i felt a force come back at me. It was as if this wasn't an illusion in my mind but actually her. It stayed as a reminder that i couldn't protect her yet. I stared at that Miu-san, it stared back at me once again and that weighed heavy on my heart. It threw an axe kick my way which i managed to block to both forearms in a x shape above my head, then i let out a yell and pushing it forward with my body then punching the fake Miu-san in the stomach.

The image dissipated once i did but not in the form of a shadow but something wet, it felt odd and warm but not a friendly warmness a hurt kind of warm. It reminded me of her tear that landed on my cheek. But what did any of this mean and why did it have to happen now?! Maybe one of the masters could help me... but who? Master Apachai? No he'd probably just tell me to punch my problems away. Master Sakaki? No he'd laugh at me and then tell me to drink my problems away. Master Kensei Ma? He could probably help but then it might end up with him trying to get me to do something perverted. Then that only leaves...YES IT HAS TO BE HIM!

I rushed off to find the one master that could help me in this situation.

"Eh Kenichi don't forget you've gotta train with me first today!" Master Sakaki shouted as he saw me running from my room. Oh man i forgot that i had to train with the other masters today! And Master Koetsuji was last on the list for me to train with today! Dammit! Ah well i guess all i could do was go on with training and pray that Master Koetsuji would know what to do.

Miu's point of view (A.N.:Here's that twist i was talking about! Two POV'S in one chapter? How awe-inspiring!)

I watched as Kenichi and Sakaki were training. I normally had no problem watching them, i would do my solo training and have the time to watch Kenichi. He'd try so hard with the training without giving up and that would inspire me to continue as well. But this time..watching him made my heart jump and beat faster. I always thought Kenichi was cute but now when I looked at him he seemed so rugged and manly even if he was pathetically getting thrown around by Sakaki. This had to be because of what happened last night, realizing that i wanted to be Kenichi and then seeing him had my brain frazzled and my heart beating up and down with intensity.

I continued to do my training exercise then went to get breakfast started.

Even while cooking Kenichi began to inhabit my mind, all I could think about was his kind spirit, his good looks and his passion in the martial arts. That's what really got to me, he was so passionate even if he didn't have any natural talent for it and he didn't do it to be the strongest fighter in the universe he did it to protect all those he cared about it. "Oh Miu-chan!" A familar cried out to me breaking my concentration of Kenichi. "Yes Kensei?" I responded to the short balding chinese kenpo master. He smirked at me while holding up a green pepper "I'm not too happy about the results of a game between me and Akisame so i was hoping you'd help me get revenge with this," He said with a wide grin on his face. It was no secret the Akisame hated green pepper "But i think using that just because he beat you in a game is a bit childish don't you think Kensei?" I told him and went back to chopping the indegredients for breakfast today.

"I suppose you're right." He said adjusting his hat, making sure it covered his eyes, then he slide closer to me and whispered into my ear "The real reason I came here is actually because I heard from Renka that you too had a little spat over a certain disciple ours at Ryozanpaku," When he said that I blushed fully and began to feign ignorance " W-which disciple?" I asked. Oh darn! That was stupid, there was only one disciple here and it was Kenichi. "Oh-ho-ho Miu-chan is a really bad liar, but that's okay because the truth is you actually like Ken-chan a lot don't you?"

I said nothing but nodded slowly. Kensei must have taken this oppurtunity to continue "It's no secret our little disciple likes you a lot as well, which is why he trains so hard and keeps picking himself up after we put him through hell. But you have to remember that Ken-chan has no natural talent for the martial arts and even though he's doing a good job going against yomi and yami there is no guarantee he will be able to match you in skill...he's told me before about his dreams about protecting you, what if he can't what will you do then?"

His words hit me hard but only for an instant because i remembered what i had promised myself, that even if he couldn't i would always stand by him as his best friend and his sparring partner. But i also had faith In Kenichi-san and i knew Kensei had faith in him too, he was testing me now and I already knew the right answer. "Kenichi will get stronger, with the masters at Ryozanpaku and me at his side he will become that strong one day," I said proudly smiling at Kensei. He nodded to me and put his hands in the opposite sides of his sleeves. "Well you two become a couple and go "all the way" be sure to let me take pictures heh he heh"

I smiled and threw a knife at him but it missed him completely as he dodged with his cat-like reflexes. "Miu where breakfast I'm hungry! Apa!" I heard Apachai scream as I continued to get breakfast started.

Kenichi's point of view This is also a time skip since..i didn't know where to go after the Miu part.

After training with the rest of the masters it was finally time for me to train with Master Koetsuji. "Hmm it seems like training with Apachai has taken a bit too much out of you Kenichi, alright then we shall merely do your running excercise and that should loosen you up so you can spar with Miu" He said as i tied the rope around my waist. I wanted to ask him before I got running due to the fact if I try to talk he instantly takes it as me complaining and whips the crap out of me.

But how? How do I start asking someone like him a romance question? "Anyway that feels natural of course Kenichi. I am your master and mentor am i not?" ARGH! I forgot he's like a freakin' mind reader. "How about you tell me while you run, that'll work on your stamina."

While running the usual route with Master Koetsuji on the tire attached the rope around my waist i told him about everything that happened. The few times I glanced back to see his face it seemed as though he was either in deep thought or half-heartedly listening, sometimes it's hard to tell with him. "Kenichi do you remember that while growing up Miu didn't have many friends if any at all. You were her only friend for a while and she grew really attached to you because of it. But it seems that was more than just a friendly admiration and it's possible that tear was the first step of her realizing that she didn't just see you in a friendly way but in another way. And maybe that is why the tear felt so heavy."

As I let those words sink in they began to make sense, maybe it was possible she did like me the way I liked her I mean she did kiss me on the cheek after all and it seemed like maybe she was going to kiss me. But then another question popped up in my mind "Then why did I spar with the killing intent version of her in my head this morning?" I asked. Master Koetsuji rubbed his chin and I could have sworn I heard a light chuckle "I believe you'll find that out later on your own. You and Miu have a way of expressing your feelings for each other in a way only you two can. Now let us hurry so you can begin your sparring session," He said with some kind of confidence in his voice. But of course he says something helpful and then something TOTALLY USELESS!

Well anyway, I should continue to run before he tells me I'm slacking and whips me.

Miu's point of view.

As i tied the black belt around my gi top, I got ready for my sparring session with Kenichi-san. One of my favorite parts of the day is when we spar. It's always so fun, i feel like I can get closer to Kenichi-san when I do this. I feel close to him when we spar because he's only focused on me. I was getting excited, my heart began to beat faster as i saw Kenichi-san tying his gi top walking towards me.

Kenichi's point of view.

As i walked towards Miu-san i couldn't help but feel nervouse and anxious at the same time. What Master Koetsuji had told me still lingered in my mind and i still ws trying to figure out what the second part ment. "You know the rules Kenichi and Miu" Master Koetsuji said to us. I dropped into my stance and Miu-san into hers and looked at her beatiful face and I ran towards her.

Miu's point of view.

As Kenichi-san charged at me I began to charge at him and then threw a hard kick at him, he blocked at the last second and threw a concentrated punch at me but I backflipped away. I looked at him again and saw the serious look on his face, the same look that brought me back from being brainwashed , the same look that keeps me from going into that berserk mode, the only look I feel safe in.

Kenichi's point of view.

She seemed happy and free-spirited like she always did, it was different from that illusion of her I saw this morning. Maybe that's what Master Koetsuji ment by me finding out why I fought the illusion of her earlier. That was the Miu-san I had to protect this Miu-san from. Maybe I could continue doing that while we spar, I tried an overhand chop (I knew it wasn't going to work but doesn't hurt to try) she moved to the side and did a light kick to my chin (well maybe it does hurt in some ways). But I wouldn't let that deter me!


Even after being stopped like that he continued, which showed off his determination; this was the Kenichi-san that Renka couldn't have. We began to move in unison with each other's attacks and reading each other's move to a "T"


Watching her and moving with her like this, I knew me and Renka could never be like this. I could only do this with Miu-san "I'm sorry that you saw me kissing Renka, it wasn't what it looked like" I said to her when we were kind of at a still.


"It's okay Kenichi-san, i know your feelings and i promised you I'd wait," I told him and as I threw my head to head butt him, i slowed down before our heads made contact and kissed him lightly.


Her lips, felt so soft and smooth and it was probably the best feeling I've ever had until she decided to actually head butt me and made me fall to the ground. "Miu wins" Master Koetsuji said, with a slight smirk upon his face."Now Kenichi get up and get ready for dinner," The master continued and walked off. I looked up at Miu-san and she was blushing holding out her hand to me. I deicded that I was going to get stronger no matter what and protect her. "MIu-san I will continue to get stronger for you..." I said.


"And i will wait for you I promise just as long as-"

Kenichi and Miu
"Stay my sparring partner."


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