A/N The song lyrics at middle of the story are by Feist originally by the Bee Gees

A young man, in his early 20s strode into the court room, wearing a black jacket and black jeans, he had dark exotic eyes and a demeanor about him that screamed ego maniac although he was anything but.

Charley Cooper had come from the wrong side of the tracks as a kid but somehow managed to make millions in the stock exchange and had recently come back from a year long stint in Europe, his parents' decision after the death of Winnie Crawford Cooper.

"Mr. Cooper, " the Crawford Lawyer began, " What is your relation to the child,"

"I'm her biological father," Charley said quietly

"As her biological father, where have you been for the past year?

"I've been working my way around Europe,"

"Why Europe?"

"It was too hard to be here in California, being so close to my daughter and not being able to see her every day"

"Mr. Cooper, why did you abandon your daughter?"

"I didn't abandon her, we left her in more than competent hands, the Harts were everything we aspired to be as parents, devoted and loving,"

"And you couldn't find that in your in-laws?"

"No Sir, Winnie insisted that Bailey go to a loving family and that she would never have contact with her parents,"

"And why was that?"

"Because they are abusive, self involved people who never gave a damn about their daughter when she was alive and now that she's dead, they care even less about our daughter,"

"What about your parents,"

"They've raised 11 children and still raising my sister's kids, I couldn't ask them to do that it wouldn't be fair and we wanted more for Bailey."

"So why didn't you keep your daughter, that was in her best interest?"

"Because Winnie felt that we were setting ourselves up for disaster and it would be better if we left her until we could take full responsibility for Bailey, we had every intention of coming back for her,"

"But weren't you afraid she would become too attached to the Harts and they would refuse to give her up"

"We hope they would be as understanding as they seemed, coming from a parent to a parent but then .."

"But then Winnie was killed,"

"Yes and I realized that that Bailey was better off where she was."

"Nothing Further your honor." The Crawford's Lawyer seemed to run out of questions and sat back down.

"Mr. Cooper, what happened on the night of July 10th?"

"Winnie got a message from her sister, Carrie Lynn saying that the police were coming for me and that her parents were contacting social services to take the baby away, we were staying at a cheap motel until we could scrap together some money for some place decent, anyway After Carrie Lynn called, Winnie panicked and said that we had to drop the baby off, that she'd rather leave the baby on the Harts doorstep than some total stranger rip her away from us. We drove up to the Harts house and pushed open the gate, we tried to ring the bell but there was no answer and then we dropped her off in front of the large fountain, Winnie sobbed the entire way there and back and I began to cry as well but we kept telling ourselves that this was best for the moment and we watched when Mr. Hart found our Bailey, Winnie changed her mind but then it was too late."

"Then you went to Mexico?"

"We figured if we could prove we were married, her parents would back off and allow us to live our lives and we'd get the baby back but on our way home, we were broadside and Winnie was killed on impact," Charley stopped for a moment and took a deep breath.

"Mr. Cooper, if Winnie had lived who would she have chosen as guardians for the baby?"

"The Harts."

"Thank you, Nothing further"

"Mr. Cooper, a few more questions," the Crawfords lawyer asked "What happened on the night of June 5th?"

"Winnie had gone into early labor and the baby was born,"

"What hospital?"

"Community General"

"Isn't it true that you were unable to pay for your daughter and wife's stay and forced them to sneak out against Medical Advice?"

"Yes but that was because we were broke and knew a home birth would be unsafe, I've since made restitution to the hospital?"

"Mr. Cooper, what did you think of the Harts taking your daughter to London?"

"I think that as long as she's safe and happy, that's perfectly fine,"

"That's all your honor,"

"Wait!" Charley said just before leaving the stand, "Your honor, I have documentation that the Crawfords don't deserve our baby and that you should give Bailey to the Harts" He reached into his pocket and pulled out his blackberry, quickly scanning through he held up his phone to the judge

"What's this?"

"Documentation that the Crawfords abused Winnie while she was pregnant."

The judge looked at the pictures for a few minutes before speaking, "Alright we're going to switch things up a bit, I want five people in the court room, Mr. Cooper, the Crawfords and the Harts.. Lawyers, out"

"Your Honor!" Both Objected

"Just do, by the time we parade all the character witnesses for both parties we'd be here until the child turns 18, this way we can wrap it up and get on with our lives"

Both of them reluctantly left the court room and the judge began, "What we're going to do is each representative of the respective families will give a statement to why they should have the child and then I'll make my decision, Mrs. Hart, you first"

"Your Honor, she's been my child since the moment we found her, I know her every dislike and like, I know that when she gets into the bathroom she crinkles her little nose and tries to eat the sponge, I know that she hates peaches and cries when she thinks you aren't paying attention. Emma misses her sister and I want my girls to grow up together, they deserve that much and the fact that these people didn't even have the consideration to even look for her shows me that they don't care and that she deserves to be with people who love her even if it's not us. Your Honor please don't punish our daughter for mistakes of others." Jennifer took a deep breath and sat back down

"Very well, Mrs. Crawford?"

"Your Honor, this woman is mentally unstable and has kept our granddaughter from us, she doesn't deserve either girls and contrary to what this man child says, our daughter would have wanted us to raise her child in the manner that we have raised our seven children in, with good moral beliefs. This man did not know our daughter, he took advantage of her vulnerability and now he's determined to take advantage of the Harts. We've already lost our daughter, we don't want to lose the only thing that meant so much to her."

"Mr. Cooper?"

"We chose the Harts for a good reason, their good parents and we knew that they could raise Bailey well and Winnie always said she'd rather be dead than go back to her parents, I'm honoring her wishes and I think you need to as well. Please Judge If you send our girl back to the Crawfords, She'll be abused for sure, It's one of the biggest reasons I came back to make sure that Crawfords don't get their hands on her and the insurance money?"

"Insurance money?" the Judge asked

"When Winnie found out she was pregnant, she knew that her parents would try to harm her and she figured if something happened to her, the baby would be covered.."

"What money? Where did she get this money?"

"It was from an Inheritance her grandfather left her, in an account that wasn't supposed to be touched until she turn 25 or had her first baby but once we got pregnant, she was able to tap into it only in limited amounts"

"Then why skip out on the hospital bill?"

"Because we'd already gone over the allowed amount stocking up on Baby supplies and wouldn't be able to tap into it until two months after Bailey was born, things got screwed up when she was born early, not that we blamed her or anything of course."

"Anything else, Mr. Cooper"

"No Your Honor but I feel that the court should honor what Winnie and I wanted"

"Noted, Now I've been given a letter in support of the Harts by a Carrie Lynn Crawford, who writes in length that her sister was adamant about not giving the child to her parents, that even when she ran off with Mr. Cooper, she intended all along to give her baby to the Harts because she knew that it would be a constant battle with her parents over the rights and that she feared after she was nearly forced into an abortion that the baby would be killed and made to look like an accident, Carrie Lynn also said that her parents were unwilling to even acknowledge the child and referred to her as a "little bastard" it was not the environment Winnie envisioned her child to grow up in." the Judge put down the letter and peered down at the group, " I'm going to take a half hour break and return with my decision,"

With that he left

"Mr. Mrs. Hart, I know that this has been so difficult for you and I aplologize we never meant for this to get out of hand" Charley apologized extending his hand

"Nonsense, she's such a joyful child and we can't imagine our lives without her, "Jonathan said surprising Jennifer

"Charley, can I ask why you left her with us," Jennifer's curiosity had peeked

"Because Winnie was such a fan and when she heard you speak a seminar about writing and your experiences at being a first time parent, she said it gave her hope to raise Bailey properly especially when she saw your eyes light up with your own daughter, she read your 21 stories over and over again until the book was in tethers and when she died, I placed a new copy into her casket along with a picture of Bailey"

The Crawfords had stood silently in at their table watching the exchange and knew that they had lost, that the mistreatment of their daughter would cost them their granddaughter but they would still fight for her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hart, I hope that when this is over, you'll allow me to come to see Bailey once and awhile, I promise when it's convenient for both of you,"

"Charley, you are welcome in our home any time, you will always have access to your daughter," Jennifer hugged Charley tightly "I wish I could have known Winnie…"

" She would have loved you, Mrs. Hart, She was the love of my life and I'll spend the rest of my life missing her," Charley blushed

Jonathan understood what he meant and gave Jennifer's shoulder a squeeze, she smiled back at him.

The next twenty minutes were spent in agonizing silence, Jennifer gripped Jonathan's hand wondering how much further her heart would break if they decided she wasn't the right mother for Bailey. The lawyers also came back in to hear the verdict

The judge came back expressionless, "Ordinarily I would favor the maternal grandparents in cases like these but based on the testimony of Mr. Cooper, the pictures and letter from Carrie Lynn Crawford as well as the reports from the social workers and the condition of the child , I'm inclined to agree that the Harts are the best parts for the child, and that the Crawfords are to be stripped of rights immediately, leaving Bailey Leigh Cooper to be adopted by the Harts, I want the child produced immediately and I'm also dismissing the charges against Jennifer Eileen Hart and amending that the Crawfords be charged with child cruelty immediately and as well neglect"

Jennifer gasped in delighted and immediately hugged Jonathan and Dash together, " Thank you so much!" she cried

"Your welcome, just raise a good kid," the Judge nodded as the Crawfords were lead out of court, Finn Crawford yelled

"I swear as soon I get out, I'm coming for you!"

"Mr. Crawford, I advise you to keep your mouth shut.."

"In Light of the outburst, we ask that the court grant the Harts a thousand foot restraining order against the Crawfords"

"Agreed" the Judge banged his gavel and left the stand

Jennifer couldn't stop crying and when a young girl brought in Bailey, she thought she would drench the baby in tears.

"Hello my baby Imissed you," She kissed Bailey head, which she noticed hadn't been washed in a few days and she was wearing clothes much too small, " Did you miss me?"

Bailey squealed in glee at the sight of them, which made Jonathan laughed and kissed her head "I think it's time we go home, Emma will be so happy!"

When they got home to relieve Jonathan's assistant, Emma was standing up in her playpen and started bouncing up and down at the sight of Bailey

"Bay, Bay!" She chanted and clapped

"I'm so excited to have all my girls home," Jonathan said putting Bailey in the playpen after Jennifer had scrubbed her clean and put her in new clothes

"Not for very much longer," Jennifer said watching the girls play with identical baby dolls, "We're going to be leaving for London in a few days "

"What? Why?"

"Because I have nothing keeping me here, We'll send the girls back and forth and we can finally move on with our lives as a normal divorced couple"

"What If I don't want that? What if I said we should give it another shot"

"Based on what?" She stopped just before going up the stairs

"Based on the other night, come on you had to admit, that was pretty hot?"

"One night of sex should be a cause to put a failing marriage back together, Come on Jonathan, that's not a reason, we're just two different people and you know it, we'd never make it again and I'm afraid both girls would suffer in the end, No I think what's best for everyone is if we go to London and you stay here," She went upstairs to start packing again.

She had just pulled out her big suitcase when she heard a familiar song, that made her smile

Baby, I can't figure it out
Your kisses taste like honey
Sweet lies don't gimme no rise
Oh, what you're trying to do

Livin' on your cheatin'
and the pain grows inside me
It's enough to leave me crying in the rain
Love you forever but you're driving me insane
And I'm hanging on
Oh, oh, oh, oh

I'll win, I'll never give in
Our love has got the power
Too many lovers in one lifetime
Ain't good for you
You treat me like a vision in the night
Someone there to stand behind you
When your world ain't working right
I ain't no vision, I am the girl
who loves you inside and out
Backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out
I love no other way
What are we gonna do if we lose that fire

Wrap myself up and take me home again
Too many heartaches in my lifetime ain't good for me
I figure it's the love that keeps you warm
Let this moment be forever
We won't ever feel the storm
I ain't no vision, I am the girl
Who loves you inside and out
Backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out
I love no other way
What are we gonna do if we lose that fire

Don't try to tell me that it's over
I can't hear a word I can't hear a line
No girl could love you more
And that's what I'm cryin' for
You can't change the way I feel inside

You're the reason for my laughter and my sorrow
Blow out the candle I will burn again tomorrow
No man on earth can stand between my lovin' arms
And no matter how you hurt me, I will love you till I die

I ain't no vision, I am the girl
Who loves you inside and out
Backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out
I love no other way
What are we gonna do if we lose that fire

Loves you inside and out
Backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out
I love no other way
What are we gonna do if we lose that fire

Inside and out

It was their song, he had specifically requested that played at their wedding because he knew that their fire would never go out, everyone thought they were nuts but it was the song that was playing the first time they made love and it held so much more meaning than anyone could understand.

She'd almost forgotten about that song

She walked out to the top of the stairs to find Jonathan standing there with a boom box over his head playing it on a loop, She smiled at him and suddenly she didn't want to pack anymore, she wanted to rush into his arms and stay there forever.

She started down the stairs when he put the boom box down and met her half way,

"What if we crash and burn again?" She whispered

"Never going to happen, I've learned my mistake and I'm never letting you go, the first time was unbearable, If you left me again, I'd curl up and die"

"Over dramatic much?" She crinkled her nose

"Alright I'd hunt you down like a dog and drag you home by your hair..better?" He laughed

"Absolutely," She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with all the fire in the world

"DADA!" Bailey called to them, they broke apart and laughed knowing that their daughter approved

A few weeks after retrieving all of her belongings from London and finally getting used to being a family of four, Jonathan was going to take the girls golfing for the first time, well, He'd golf and they'd watch from the playpen. He was giving Jennifer a break because she'd been running herself ragged trying to get a nursery setup for Bailey and getting back into her writing and he knew she needed a day to herself, actually She'd begged him to take the girls off her hands for the afternoon just so she could re-group her thoughts

"Darling," He wondered into their bedroom after strapping the girls into their car seats, "Where is the Diaper Bag?"

"On the Kitchen Table," She called from the bathroom

"No I checked and I can't find it, are you sure," He said walking into the bathroom to find her sitting on the toilet with what looked like a lollipop in her hand

"I'm positive, you better hurry and go before the girls get antsy," She said shoving the lollipop in her sweater

"What's that?" He said pointing to her sweater

"Nothing, " She started to breeze past him when he reached out and grabbed the object

"Come on, Tell me ..What is this?" He peered down at the thin object in his hand

"It's a pregnancy test.. I think I'm pregnant.." She said quietly


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