Spencer Reid was 8 years old in his first year of high school and graduated high school when he was 12. He was bullied, actually, tormented. He spent his high school years in and out of the nurse's office and at least twice a year the hospital.

Dr. Spencer Reid of the FBI, BAU wakes up with a start when he gets a text from his boss SAA Aaron Hotchner. "Emergency, get to work now" the message said. Spencer got ready as quickly as possible.

SSA Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner got to work early, too early. He thought about it for a second the realized he'd never gone to work that early before. Then he remembered the feeling he had, a terrible feeling telling him to go to work. He wondered if the feeling was right when he saw a mysterious letter on his desk. He opens it and reads it to himself.

"Dear Agent Hotchner,

I would like to inform you that what I put behind this letter is gruesome, not as gruesome as some of the cases you've seen but it will seem ten times worse once you know who it is.

Your Doctor Spencer Reid was 12 years old when he graduated high school. How extraordinary.

Well as you probably know he was tormented. The picture behind this letter is what he looked like when he was 8 and it was the first day of high school.

You will get more letters, and possibly some videos. I think Dr. Reid's co-workers should see these. See how weak he is. See he should never have been accepted into the FBI. He should be killed. It will make the pack stronger if you get rid of the weak.

I've kidnapped a girl, and she will be killed. Oh wait, maybe we can make a deal. Dr. Reid will be murdered and the girl appears on the BAU doorstep. You have 2 days. Then she will be killed and I will take another girl.



Hotch read through the letter more than 5 times until he finally got it. Someone had a grudge against Reid. He was about to send a text to the team then he remembered to look at the picture on the back and turned the letter around.

"Oh, God," Hotch whispered angrily.

There was an 8 year old version of Spencer Reid lying on the grass in what probably was the football field outside of his school. Reid had a black eye, blood and bruises covering his body, and an arm that looked to be bent backwards.

Hotch always felt bad for Reid, being severely bullied at school and having a mom that sometimes didn't even know who he was, but he never thought the bullying was that bad. Those people were at least 7 years older than he was, what would possess a teenager to hurt a child. Hotch texted the team, "Emergency, get to work now."

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