Chapter 12: Epilogue

A/N: If you can't already tell by the side bar this is gonna be a short little scene. Also, like half of it is A/N.

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"Well, Reid it's been a couple days since that happened," JJ said.

"Yes, I know," Reid replied suspicious of what JJ had planned.

"We think that you should get a little revenge," Morgan hissed sneaking up behind Reid.

Before Reid could ask of the whole team was in on this he was pushed into Garcia's room. He stood awkwardly behind, still wondering what was happening. Finally, after everyone was in the room, he got his explanation.

"Do you remember that time when you and Morgan had a prank war?" Garcia asked.

"Uh... yes," Reid answered.

"Well, I was able to make it so every single person who hurt you has their phone going off everyone minute," Garcia said, "and if that's not enough, have you guys ever seen Sherlock? Anyways I was able to program their ringtones as 'uh' which is what Irene did to Sherlock in episode one season two."

The team looked at each other for a few seconds before bursting out laughing. That would be awesome to watch.

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Reid was on his way back home when he heard someone's phone ring. Not just anyone's phone, but someone he recognized from high school.

"Son of a b****," the guy yelled as the phone went 'uh' for the millionth time.

Revenge is sweet, Reid though snickering to himself.


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A/N: If any of you have seen Sherlock you'll know what it sounds like. But if you haven't just search up I dunno Sherlock season two episode one Irene Adlers ringtone or something. She set it as Sherlocks ringtone and boy would having that as your ringtone be embarrassing. Anyways, Thank you all of you and special thanks to MissMagicalCat do her amazing ideas, because I saw her review and was like well I guess I should keep on writing these because people actually read my stories, calzonaobessed for her idea and Post U Later because way early in 2012 she was always encouraging stories and she's just awesome. Thanks to everyone who read though, because you're awesome! THANK YOU!