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Hearing a phone ring the following morning, Kerry reaches out to answer it, hearing things fall to the floor, trying to open her eyes, her head throbbing, ignoring the ringing. Feeling Lawson's hands start to move over her body she rolls over finding his lips upon hers.

Hearing the phone ring again, Kerry moans, moving away from Lawson's arms and lips, she puts her hand out, picking up the ringing phone "Yeah Kerry Vincent" Hearing the voice on the other end "Kerry Vincent, I thought I rung Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake, its Inspector Cullen" hanging up the phone quickly "Oh shit shit shit" feeling Lawson's hands run over her body. Feeling his lips upon hers, she moves back down lying on the bed, before feeling his lips upon hers.


Feeling Stella's body nestled against his chest, Charlie smiles down at his sleeping girlfriend, not surprised she is now sleeping. Hearing his phone ring, he hopes it hasn't woken up Stella "Charlie Lewis" hanging up the phone, he sits up in bed. Feeling Stella start to stir he kisses the top of her head.

Hearing a phone ring Stella opens her eyes, looking to the side, she sees Charlie sitting on the side of the bed "What's happening?" Feeling his lips on top of his head "Been called to work, they have been trying to ring Kerry?" then looking down "you up to it" smiling at him "you know the drill, give me a susuage roll and coke and I'll be fine". Laughing at his girlfriend "You've done this too many times?"

Hearing the phone ring again 15 minutes later, Kerry ignores it, hearing it ring again a few times, leaning over the bed, she picks up her phone "Kerry Vincent"

Hearing Charlie's voice on the other end "Don't you or Lawson answer your phone now, Kerry do you know answer Lawson's phone" In no mood for his jokes "What do you want Charlie, the morning is too early"

Laughing at Kerry "Drug squad has been trying to get onto you or Lawson, they need a TR component"

"So why are you ringing me Charlie, you don't need me for that, if that's all, I'm going" Looking at Stella trying not to give in to her who is running her fingers over his leg "so you or Lawson don't want to be in this"

Ready to hang up on him "Charlie, stop trying to piss me off, you know you don't need me for this. Just call in the others, if you can't cope them let me know, but then you shouldn't be in charge of TR if that's the case" before hanging up the phone.

Rolling back to face Lawson, she leans down to kiss him, his eyes questioning her "Justice that Charlie should work today" before making love to him

Driving to TR, Charlie glances at his girlfriend "It shouldn't take all day" Her face not happy "We shouldn't even have to work at all today Charlie, just let the others work, why should I have to work, Lawson isn't, think I should get special privileges too" Laughing at his girlfriend "You need to have sex with Kerry for that" seeing her raise her eyes "She is pretty hot looking, for someone her age" shaking his head at Stella as she looks at him "Would you, have sex with her?" Glancing at his girlfriend "There is only one person I want" then with a grin "but she wants Lawson" feeling Stella's hand on him.

Glancing at Stella as they drive along "How would you feel about moving into my place or finding a place together, would save us both rent?". Staring straight ahead, Stella bites her lips, could she live with Charlie, seeing her look at him "bad idea?" shaking her head "no, we would be spending all our time together". Raising his eyes at Stella "that would be bad why…..we spend all our time at each others place anyway, would save money this way?" Looking at Charlie "is that why you asked me?" Shaking his head and pulling the car over as he turns to her "no, I love you Stella, and want to be with you, I just thought I would be a good idea, we can look for a place if you want?"

Turning to face him, leaning over to find his mouth "Sounds like a great plan, when do you want me to move in" kissing her back not able to take his eyes off her"How about today"

Arriving at base, Stella walks towards the locker room, seeing Shannon come in she smiles her eyes lighting up as Shannon speaks "Who's bright idea was last night?" Seeing Stella's eyes upon her "so tell me about him…"

After getting briefed, Charlie turns to Leon "Get Lawson in" seeing the grin on Stella's face as Leon looks at him "You want me to ring Lawson" nodding "Yes that's what I said" as he turns to brief the team.

Walking up to Leon, whilst they wait for Lawson "Want my new address?" nodding "you'll need to give it to Kerry too". Looking up at her after she had given the address, she smiles at the look on Leon's face "Isn't that the same address as Charlie's?" trying to feign innocence "Is it" before walking away


Hearing his phone ring again, Lawson picks it up seeing TR's number come up, moving away from Kerry he answers the phone. Feeling Kerry's mouth moving around his face, neck and body he pushes her away trying to concentrate, hanging up he turns to Kerry "sorry I've got to go in" feeling her hands running around his body along with her lips "hold those thoughts for tonight.". Seeing her sit up on the bed "what's happening, can't Charlie handle it by himself, shit why did they put him in charge of TR" leaning over closer to her "they found out who they were busting, typical drug squad not giving the full details", looking up at Lawson "who is it?" looking at Kerry wondering if she knows who they are he had heard of them briefly "Pavorkics" seeing Kerry get out of bed quickly "bloody Charlie, why didn't he call me" slightly amused at Kerry, not wanting to point out that Charlie did ring her "you know them?" nodding "they have been person's of interest for a while, drug squad isn't meant to bust them yet, fuck there are under covers in there". Getting dressed not looking at Kerry "they are raiding the docks, something about containers there containing drugs that have come in, and being collected" turning to look at Kerry nearly dressed "give me 5 minutes then we're ready"

Seeing Kerry storm into base a short time later "I thought you weren't coming in" walking over to him "shit Charlie, what are you doing, you know this is part of a bigger operation" rolling his eyes at Kerry "don't worry about it" seeing Kerry fuming at him "Charlie this is part of a major operation we have under covers in there" moving away from her "Trust me Kerry, it won't ruin the operation" seeing Kerry closer to him "talk to me now Charlie", nodding but calling out to Stel "Stel wait in TR1" before turning to face Kerry "I got the numbers changed, so they will be going to another area of the docks, just trust me Kerry I know what I'm doing" raising her eyes at him "that I'm yet to see" laughing at her reply, he races out to TR1, turning to Stella "ok drive" seeing her look at him "at least Kerry and Lawson had to come in too"


Arriving at St Kilda later that afternoon, Lawson takes Kerry's hand, walking to the end of the jetty, watching the sunset over the water, Kerry looks at Lawson fidgeting with his hands, leaning back in the seat she feels Lawson's hand on hers, turning to look at him, her eyes open in surprise as she sees a ring in his hand, "Kerry will you marry me".