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Do you ever get that feeling that something strange is just about to happen? That's how I felt when Paul sat down with Edward and I for dinner.

"...we have a little proposition for you." He said, and all I could think about was maybe doing his and Edward's homework or pretending to be a girlfriend to meet the parents. Something stupid. I mean these guys weren't the smartest, I didn't expect them to have some grand idea that would have me agreeing.

"We want a threesome." Paul stated, as if it were a common thing to ask for.

I looked at him to make sure he was not joking. "No, absolutely not. You have to be crazy to think I'd be willing to join a threesome." I replied.

It was stated so bluntly, as if it were completely normal to ask for something that intimate. I've considered it before, a distant thought, and here are two perfectly handsome men wanting to share that fantasy with me. I would be crazy to deny it, but even crazier to go through with it. To me, sex was an emotional thing, you either put your heart in it or feel nothing at all. I couldn't feel anything for these guys because of their scumbag reputation, who knows how many girls they left after a night of passion.

I look at them quizzically and said, "Let's make a deal. If you guys can gain my trust by not sleeping around for the next couple weeks, I'll have a threesome with you. If either of you breaks it, say goodbye to even trying."

The boys look heart broken for a moment. They really think I'd be so easy as to sleep with them without knowing how safe they actually are. I know they'll agree because I'm probably the only pussy they haven't had in the North Pacific region. If they can obtain me before any male at Forks High, they conquered the fucking impossible.

"We're in." Edward says. Paul looks at Edward with wide eyes, thinking of what his best friend just signed him up for. "We won't sleep around until you're ready for us."

"I don't know what you're doing, Ed, but I need time to think this through." Paul states, running his fingers through his hair. I know this deal will stress him out, seeing as sex was his only outlet to relieving the stress in the first place.

Edward looks at Paul with a questioning face. "There is nothing to think through, Paul. Either you want Bella as much as I do, or I can have her all to myself," He looks to me at a moments pause, "if that's all right with you, of course."

"If I had to pick only of you to sleep with, I'd pick you, Edward." I give him one of my dazzling smiles, knowing I just made his day.

Paul looks back and forth between Edward and me. "Come on, Paul, don't you want to fuck my tight pussy while I suck the life out of Edward?" I say jokingly, trying to make the decision easier for him. I catch his Adam's apple bob, and I let out a giggle.

"I'll give you guys some time to think this through. Obviously your proposition didn't go as planned." I push my chair out and look towards Edward. "I had a really nice time tonight, Edward. Sorry we couldn't finish it off right." I kiss his cheek and head out the door.


Holy Fuck. Bella Swan just talked about me fucking her pussy. Did I really need to think this through? I'm so stupid. Here's a sexy, unbelievable woman who is willing to train with me and my best friend. But no, I couldn't give up other pussy! She probably thinks I'm an idiot.

What did she say? Why is she getting up? I look towards Edward for help. "What the fuck just happened? Where did Bella go?"

"She left, nimrod. You obviously don't want her the way I do, so fuck off." Ed says. "I'm gonna fuck that girl, and I'm gonna fuck her so hard she won't want to leave me. I don't you to accomplish that."

Edward shakes his head at me and gets the attention of the waitress for the bill.

"If you weren't such a whore, we would already be fucking Bella Swan right now." Edward said after paying the bill. "Why'd you have to go and open your mouth? The hottest chick at Forks High wanted a threesome with us and you had to go and ruin it. You're an idiot, I swear, man."

I know I'm an idiot. I wish he'd stop pointing it out.

If I ever got a chance with that pussy, I know I'd worship it. I could be worshiping it right this instant.

I look to Edward and say, "We better find a way to get that pussy back, because I swear to God, if you're the only one that gets to fuck her, all hell will raise." And with that we walk out of the restaurant, our only thought being how to get back the Little Swan.

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