I Simply Wonder

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL. This is a fan fiction.

"It's my very first time posting here. It's also my first fan fic. Hope you like it. No bad comments please. c:"- megumi1120

Another day has gone by in the Kingdom of Fiore. The wind was blowing softly that day. The weather was at its finest. The sky was blue and no hint of rain was found. It was a perfect day.

"A perfect day for a mission, right Natsu?" asked Lucy to her friend who seems not himself that day.

Natsu was just sitting down. Sinking into his thoughts. He was looking at nothingness. He was so into what he was thinking that he didn't hear what Lucy was saying. Not being paid attention to, Lucy grabbed the dragon slayer's scarf.

"What did you do that for?" he asked to his rather annoyed blonde teammate.

"I was asking you what you were thinking. You've been like that for quite awhile. What's bothering you?" she asked with curiosity.

He looked at her while he was down on the floor. He stared at her for some time then finally spoke,

"I wonder how—"before he could finish his statement, Gray came slamming the doors of fairy tail open.

He came to tell them about a request sent by Master Bob of Blue Pegasus. It was not a formal request but it told them to come to the beach that very moment. In the very end was a rather very small note that said it was not a request but an invitation to Master Bob's birthday party. By hearing this, everyone at Fairy Tail hurried to get their swim wear and everything else.

Even Lucy was so excited that she forgot that she was asking Natsu something. She left to fetch her swimsuit. She asked Happy to accompany her. Natsu on the other hand, forgot that he had to tell Lucy something. He was also so excited that he and Gray raced to the beach.

The sun shone up in the sky. The waves were calm. The beach was rented privately for that occasion. Everyone was in their swim wears. Everyone was having fun playing on the sands and others played beach volleyball. A few moments later, Hibiki Laytis gathered everybody for a treasure hunt. He held a few strings and anyone who held the same string on the end are partners. The prize was 50,000 jewels and exclusive tickets to the newly constructed resort of Master Bob.

Lucy was all smiles to be paired with Mira Jane. Natsu was with Hibiki Laytis who was disappointed that he was not paired with a woman. Gray was with Elfman, both were confident that they will win until they found out that Erza and Jellal were partners.

"There goes the prize money…" sobbed Lucy who hasn't paid her rent yet.

"Everyone is allowed to use their magic. You may take down any team that comes your way!" laughed Master Makarov who also made the rules up.

The countdown was starting. Natsu and Hibiki eyed each other. Hibiki communicated with him telepathically.

"Our only competition so far is just Erza and Jellal. We can win this Natsu"

"I got it Hibiki. I'll take them down and you find the treasure with Archive Magic"

Go! The signal was set. Everyone ran towards the jungle on the island. Erza and Jellal were already on the first base of the hunt. There they saw Eve, he gave them the second hint after they answered the riddle. They headed towards the left part of the island. Gray and Elfman were second to arrive. They found the riddle quite hard and threatened Eve to just let them pass. Just then, they fell down a hole. They were disqualified; threatening the person in charge of a post is against the rules.

Mirajane and Lucy answered it correctly and so did the others. Natsu also got through with the help of Hibiki's Archive Magic. Just then, the wind started to blow strongly. It seemed it was going to rain. It was unusual because it was just sunny by then. Mists and fog started to form. Mirajane and Lucy got separated. Natsu couldn't find Hibiki also.

Natsu was going down the road. His smelling senses were good enough to find him a friend amidst the fog. He reached out his hand to finally grab someone else's arm. Lucy screamed. She doesn't know who grabbed her. Because she struggled to get away, both of them fell to a 12 feet cliff. She didn't hear Natsu because of all her screaming. They were down the cliff, looking up to find the very thick fog.

The two of them decided to just wait till morning. Natsu was already tired from all of that has happened. He sat down minding his stomach. He was very hungry then. Lucy looked at him. She wanted to ask what was bothering him at that time. Natsu stood up, with no eye contact. There was silence. Natsu looked far beyond. He seriously said,

"I wanted to know how a kiss would feel. I mean, Juvia once kissed Gray and Erza with Jellal"

Another few seconds of awkward silence. He looked back to Lucy.

"Ye- yes?" she asked with her beat red face.

"Well. You see, a kiss Natsu is-"she was interrupted by Natsu who held onto her shoulders.

He went slowly closer to her. Before you know it, he kissed her.

Moments later, the fog disappeared. The rain also stopped. Lucy touched her lips. She couldn't believe Natsu kissed her. Natsu got back to his old cheery self and said,

"So that's what it felt like"

Lucy pulled out one of her celestial keys and summoned Scorpio. He ordered him to attack Natsu.

"Take this Natsu! That's what you get for doing that!"

Natsu ran and Lucy followed. Typical anime end to a romantic situation. They never knew that Erza saw them and also Jellal who hid in the bushes to spy on them.