Femme Fatale

Days after the potion incident, Lucy, together with Natsu and Happy once again went on another mission. The two walked down the road to Shriller Mansion. Lucy had the job description on her hand, she still could not get why Erza specifically gave them that request.

"You must take this mission Lucy, it will help in your rent" remembered Lucy who thought about what Erza said.

As they were nearing the mansion, Lucy felt chills running down her spine. Natsu also was crept out. The Mansion was dark; it was almost like a 17th century Gothic style residence. Lucy knocked on the door but no one seemed to answer. Natsu ran out of patience and almost burned down the door. Moments later, a man who had a very angelic face opened the door. He greeted the latter. He introduced himself,

"My name is Clyde Behrendt, I am the keeper of the Shriller Mansion"

Lucy blushed. The young man looked like a real live angel. Lucy stood speechless. Natsu on the other hand, wanted some answers regarding the request. It was stated that there was a very powerful wizard that was terrorizing the mansion. Clyde's brows crossed. He quickly came back with a very alluring smile. He invited the three to come in the mansion for a drink. As he headed to the kitchen, a young lady with the most beautiful blonde hair and green eyes came down the stairs. She greeted them and immediately ran to Lucy.

"You have to help me, you see-" before the young lady could finish her statement, Clyde came back and told her to go back upstairs.

Lucy was surprised and wanted to know what was really going on. With Lucy's growing curiosity, Clyde diverted her attention to the tea he offered them. Natsu, hungry from the journey ate and drank most of the food served on the table. Lucy drank the tea as well. Before she could go back to asking Clyde, she started to feel sleepy. She collapsed on the floor moments later. The last thing she saw was Clyde's grin. Natsu was also knocked out. Happy also fell asleep.

It was already six in the evening when Lucy woke up from whatever was in the tea. She realized that she was hand cuffed. Clyde came in with Happy. He threw the cat near Lucy's feet. Lucy yelled at him,

"Where's Natsu? Where did you take him?" demanded the blonde celestial mage.

Clyde came closer to her, he whispered as he held her chin,

"Y'know, I hate little girls spoiling my plan and what I loathe more are little boys who has the power to actually put a stop to my existence"

Lucy instantly knew that he planned to get rid of Natsu. Happy woke up a bit after Clyde took off. Happy helped Lucy escape and find Natsu. Lucy and Happy hurriedly went out to look for Natsu. The mansion looked like a maze. There was no way to get out of it. Lucy kept yelling Natsu's name. On one of the passages, Happy saw a light and told Lucy about it. They ran toward that very direction. They stumble upon the young lady they saw earlier. She told them that she was there to help them out. She led them to a very small room. Lucy then asked who she was,

"I am Chrysler Shriller"

"Eh? But you're a girl!" asked Lucy and Happy who were very much caught off surprise.

"That's why I asked you to come here! That jerk Clyde turned me into a woman!" cried and sobbed Chrysler.

"You see, Clyde Behrendt was one of my classmates from before. He had a very feminine look that we often mistook him for a girl. We called him names and called him *okama.He has the power to turn men into women and make them do his will. I managed to come back to my senses when I saw a photo of me as a young man but I don't have magic to turn myself back" added the sobbing young lady/man.

Just then, the door slammed open. A busty young lady with pink hair came in. Lucy and Happy's jaws dropped to the floor.


"That's Natsumi to you" said the young lady/man.

"Good job Natsumi, you're my new favorite girl" stated Clyde.

Lucy turned from serious to her wacked out self when she realized that Happy was carrying a camera with him. Happy started to take pictures of Natsu.

"Why do you have thing at this time of crisis?" asked the blonde.

Natsu then threw a flame at Lucy. Lucy managed to dodge it. Clyde ordered Natsu to finish Lucy off. Lucy dodged it again with the help of Happy. She managed to summon one of her spirits but Taurus was no match for Natsu. Natsu/Natsumi managed to seduce him with his/her body. Lucy summoned Gemini and copied Natsu. Their powers were almost equal but Natsu still beat Gemini. Lucy's arm was injured due to Natsu's flames. Clyde ordered him to finish the duel, he was getting bored.

"Wait Natsu!" yelled Lucy.

"Lucy?" asked the pink-haired dragon slayer who stopped for a few moments.

One of the pictures that Happy took flew and made its way to Natsu's hands. The camera showed the original Natsu in a very unflattering outfit. This enraged Natsu. He finally realized that he was really a guy. He broke the spell and turned back into a young man. He finished Clyde off with a single Fist of the Fire Dragon. With Clyde's defeat, Mr. Shriller also went back to his original body. He gave them a large amount of reward. Lucy was very delighted to know that she'll be able to pay about 10 months of rent and still have enough to spend on what she wants.

On the way back to Magnolia, Lucy went over her backpack. She saw the camera that Happy used and some embarrassing pictures of Natsu. Natsu wanted to take a look but Lucy hid it away. He wouldn't give up.

"Lemme see Lucy!"

"No way! You'll burn them!"

"I won't I pro—mise?…" stated Natsu who just realized that he slipped that caused the both them to fall onto the ground- him on top of Lucy.

Passers-by started gossiping and Natsu and Lucy hurriedly stood back up. Lucy blushed and gave Natsu the camera.

"Here…" said the celestial mage- beat read.

"You should've given it to me earlier and sorry for that burn on your arm…" stated the dragon-slayer, avoiding the heavy atmosphere.

In one of the niches, Erza was using her binoculars. She then told Jellal who accompanied her,

"Told ya, it'll work…You're spells and projections are really good Jellal. By the way, where did you get the money?"

"Don't ask…" he said while a scene of Erza's opened drawers shown on his head.




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