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A Different Outcome

Cold, wet, suffocating. As his system rebooted, he realized he was in trouble. Where was he? Hadn't he fallen to his death? Wait… why did he feel different? And why was he so cold and wet, and why the hell couldn't he breathe?

Eyes sprung open, blazing to life and realization. The Sea of Simulation… he was slowly sinking. Panic flowed through his circuits as he tried to figure out which way he should swim… which way was up? Everything was so dark!

No… he couldn't panic. Calm down, relax… feel the way your body is sinking… There! He picked a direction and began to swim that way, up towards what he hoped was the surface. He'd never swam before, but it seemed to be working, Flynn had once told him how it was done but the Sea of Simulation was not to be entered… it was unknown territory. Who knew what could happen.

In what seemed like minutes, the program surfaced, relief flooding throughout his system. He would not drown. Though the thought occurred to him… could programs drown? He sure felt like he could! But he was not going to put that to the test. No… The last he remembered, CLU was chasing after Flynn and his son, and the last remaining ISO. He had to help! He had to protect the Users!


Glancing down at himself, the program seemed to have a sudden epiphany. He was no longer taking a backseat in his system. He was… himself again. He now sported blue, glowing circuits once again, not that horrid, blazing red-orange.

With determination he hadn't felt in many cycles, he urged his body forward, swimming with all his energy towards the glowing, white portal that lay ahead. It was not gone yet, they had not reached it. He had a chance to redeem himself if he could get there in time. All he was focused on was helping the Users, not what he had done. That would hit him later.


After a relatively bumpy landing made by Quorra, though Sam had to give her credit as the jet was damaged, the trio quickly exited the damaged light jet. The portal was so near… you could practically feel the pulsing energy which was pretty new to Sam… though he bet after this ordeal, nothing would surprise him anymore.

"Come on, man, let's get to the portal, quickly!" His father spoke, motioning with his hand. He moved quite quickly for an older man who had dedicated his time to meditating, Sam noted.

Without hesitation, Sam followed his father towards the stairs and up they went, Quorra bringing up the rear. As they neared the top, the sound of a light jet derezzing back into a baton caught their attention. It couldn't be… could it?

But it was. CLU had just landed on the bridge in front of them, blocking their way to the beckoning portal. It was just one of those major letdown moments, when you realized there would be a fight to escape.

Same glared at the program blocking their path, "CLU…" He sneered, pissed for all the issues that man caused him, the world, the company, the people in the Grid, and the ISOs.

"I had a feeling you'd be here!" Flynn shouted to the program made in his image. He stepped forward quite a bit, and Sam made to follow, but Quorra held him back, causing him to scowl. No, he would not be separated from his dad, not after all that had happened! He pulled free and stepped towards his dad, stopping behind him.

"The cycles haven't been kind to you, have they?" CLU taunted, shouting over the noise of the portal behind him.

"Nahh, you don't look so bad!" Flynn replied, forcing a grin. It was hard to do so when you were facing down yourself, or something supposed to be you but a failure in the end.

"I did everything! Everything you ever asked!"

"I know you did," Flynn replied, sadness in his voice now.

"I executed the plan!"

"As you saw it," was the curt reply.

"You… You promised that we would change the world, together," CLU spoke, moving forward, his voice slightly desperate, "you broke your promise."

"I know, I understand that now," Flynn replied, beginning to move forward towards the program. But Sam held him back, not trusting CLU. He didn't want his father anywhere near the corrupt program.

"I took the system to its maximum potential, I created the perfect system!" He said angrily, stopping once more.

"The thing about perfection is that it's unknowable, it's impossible but it's also right in front of us all the time… You wouldn't know that because I didn't when I created you!" Flynn's voice was now full of emotion- regret, sadness, desperation to get through… "I'm sorry, CLU… I'm sorry," he said, raising his arms as if to embrace.

Sam stared at his father's open arms, shaking his head. He really trusted the program? No way… As CLU stepped hesitantly forward, Sam suddenly pulled his father back, "No, I won't let you get close to him. You'll take his disc, I don't trust you," he said.

CLU seemed taken aback, but only for a moment. The look morphed into a smirk, "Smart, for a User… You'll hand me that disc now, or the ISO dies!" He said with a triumphant smirk, motioning behind them.

Sam and Flynn whirled around, astonished to see Quorra being held with a disc to her neck by a Black Guard. How… Ah, it made sense now… the large ship with CLU's army was approaching… He must have been called in somehow. Sam frowned, suddenly feeling like a failure again. He should have stayed back there with her! Damn it!

"Don't worry about me, Flynn! I can mmph-!" She was cut off by the Black Guard covering her mouth, tightening his grip as well.

Sam frowned, torn. He wanted so badly to go home with his father… but Quorra, they couldn't just abandon the last ISO… she was special. She was the miracle his father had been so ecstatic about. He looked at his father, who had turned back to CLU, and Sam could see the gears in his mind moving. How was he going to handle this?

"Let her go, CLU! This is between you and me, don't involve them! Fight me for my disc fairly!" He said, determination in his voice. He would not let them harm Quorra… but his disc… Sam needed to get home.

"This was never fair! Why make it so now, Flynn?" CLU sneered, "Now give me the disc or she dies! You have ten, nine, eight…" He began to count down by seconds.

Sam grabbed his identity disc, tensing. What were they going to do! He looked at his father, and then at CLU. And at that moment, he saw CLU's face change. He wasn't sneering, but shocked.

"You're alive? But you fell!" The words from CLU's mouth left Sam confused until he turned around and saw orange pieced of program falling around Quorra's frame as the Black Guard was derezzed. By Rinzler. Only… a blue, soaking wet Rinzler. "No matter…" CLU's voice was back to being hard as stone. "Return to me, Rinzler… get rid of these pesky Users," he said, not seeming to realize the change in color.

"No." The voice was a robotic purr, masked by the helmet it seemed. But the defiance was easily recognizable. As the helmet began retracting, the program pulled two discs from his back, sliding into a fighting stance, "I fight FOR the Users!" He yelled, before charging, leaping right over Sam and Flynn and at CLU.

Sam could not believe his eyes as he watched a younger version of Alan Bradley only with darker hair, his surrogate father for many years, charge towards them and leap acrobatically towards CLU, right over them. His mouth agape, he could only stare as CLU was tackled, though he had blocked the light disc from hitting his chest.

"Tron!" Flynn's voice was full of relief as he watched his dear friend make his return. He had won… he had defeated CLU's reprogramming. But pushing aside his happiness, Flynn could see their time was running out. The ship was fast approaching.

"Flynn! We have to go!" Quorra said, suddenly at Flynn's side. "The ship is coming! CLU's occupied, let's go!" She said, desperate.

Flynn nodded, "Right…" He said, kneeling and quickly creating another path to the portal so they could get past the fighting duo in front of them. Tron had the upper hand, he was winning. "Kiddo, let's go!" Flynn said, grabbing Sam's arm to shake him out of his daze. "Now," he nodded.

Sam shook his head, suddenly nodding. "Right…" He said, though his mind was going a million different ways at once. Tron was Rinzler… Tron was fighting CLU for them… Tron was Alan? Or was Tron just a look-a-like? His mind was spinning, and he decided he didn't like where his thoughts were going, so he simply tried to stop thinking. He followed Quorra and Flynn as they ran towards the portal, only half there.

"What… What about Tron?" He suddenly voiced, looking back just before the portal. He watched as Tron ducked and swiped his leg out, tripping CLU easily. And then his eyes moved to the approaching ship with so many of CLU's followers… perhaps all of them…

"Tron can handle himself," Flynn said, suddenly confident. He hated to leave him behind again, but he knew what Tron would say if he didn't leave… he'd likely kick his ass, actually… "Sam, we have to go, come on man!" He pulled his son into the portal, taking his disc off his back. He raised it, the portal suddenly shooting light up into the sky and down into the sea.

And as Sam looked back to the ongoing fight, he could see and hear Tron shout, and shove his disc into CLU's chest. Shock and anger flitted across CLU's face before he crumbled into bits. Tron snapped his discs back together and turned to face the trio in the portal. His eyes rose to Flynn's and he nodded. But then his eyes moved to Sam, lingering there.

Sam stared back, suddenly noticing that his right eye was blue-gray while the other was amber-gray. Why…? He had no time to ponder it, as suddenly Tron was turning, a baton- stolen from CLU in his hand. He jumped into the air, a mini light jet forming around him as he shot up towards the ship.

And then everything was gone. The bright world of the Grid was no more and the trio found themselves in the dusty, old, basement office of the arcade. Sam closed his eyes, and he could still see those fierce, mismatched eyes perfectly. Sam let out a shaky breath, unsure about why he felt so down right now. He, Quorra, and dad had made it out alright. They were… home. Dad was home. He shouldn't be thinking about Tron and the Grid and how impossible it seemed that Tron could take out that entire ship.

They had much to do.

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