Prismatic Roses

Chapter 1

The fumbling and bustling of people through the area was not nearly exaggerated, they could even be heard over the roaring engines of large airliners, flying out of the country towards some unknown destination. Planes zipped across the fields with a loud whiz of noise that covered the grassy fields which they hovered over.

Elsewhere in the busy airport, a young American laughed loudly at the Frenchman's slight teasing of the British man, who glared harshly and spewed nothing but foul curses at both of the men. Alfred smiled brightly, looking over at the sulking Brit, "Calm down there, bro! He was just joking...Francis is just glad to be back in France! Isn't that right, Frenchy?" He joked.

"Ah, but of course, mon ami- who would not be happy to be in Paris, of all places! The city of LOVE!" Francis shouted happily, earning him the few slight stares everyone earns once in a while, "We should all be happy and enjoy our time here. France is a nice place most of the time, Arthur- stop being a prude for once and let me love you." He drawled out with a perverse smile.

Enraged, Arthur slapped the second blond man, "Shut up you stupid wanker!" He hissed quietly, before leading them over to the rotating bags, strewn about a machine and circling the wide area, "Go get your bags and stop bothering me. It's causing a disturbance and I might just kill you." Arthur huffed, walking over to the bags and grabbing his own large luggage, well...the four of them.

"Damn, Artie, when I said we were going on a trip- I didn't mean to take the whole bedroom! We're only going to be here for like...three months, dude! All you needed was two bags." Alfred insisted, pulling out his two superman bags and walking away with them, making sure not to run into anyone as he headed toward the exit, where he could see the bright light of a sunny day.

Scoffing, the Briton could only follow and make sure the idiot stayed out of trouble with the authorities- or innocent bystanders. Now that he thought about it, "Hey! What are you guys talking about? Do I have to babysit you through this whole thing?" He yelled, knowing the two were up to no good.

"Ah, but Angleterre...we were only talking about how beautiful your emerald eyes look in the sunlight." Francis flirted casually, trying to pass the fake compliment and make the other accept it.

"Shut up you bloody wanker- Alfred get back here!" Yelled Arthur, pointing at the American and shouting obscenities at the poor man, who was off bothering a trio of different ethnicities. Sighing in aggravation, the Englishman glared at the French, "...What did you tell him?" He demanded with a snarl.

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Kiku, Feliciano, and Ludwig stepped outside onto the pavement of the airport outside, where many cars roamed about without a care, "Ah, Feliciano- our car was supposed to be here...where is it?" He questioned kindly, unsure of what to do in this unfamiliar land.

"Well...the man told me it was going to be at the hotel for us and that we had to walk there...but we can take a taxi if you want to, Kiku! Sorry I didn't tell you before." He chuckled, "It must have slipped my mind!" Feliciano apologized, before feeling his German lover push him away from the Asian man, about to speak to Kiku himself about this, before being thoroughly interrupted by a rude American.

"Excuse me!" Alfred shouted, running over to the petite Asian and tapping his right shoulder as to grab his attention, "It seems you left something behind!" He stated.

Looking behind him, Kiku found nothing, nor could collect any sort of memory of leaving something behind, "...What did I leave?" He asked quietly.

"Me." Stated Alfred, pointing at himself with a smile on his face, "I'm Alfred, your brand new puppy."

Confused and slightly flustered, Kiku shook his head, "I believe not-" He cut himself off, starting another sentence, "Why are you here?"

"Well..." He started, tilting his head and slouching on one leg for a moment, before straightening himself out, "My boys over there-" He pointed behind him at the bickering men, "bet that I would not be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful person in the world." He chuckled lightly at the others reaction, "You want to buy some drinks with their money?"

"I- I-" The Japanese man could not even form a proper sentence from being approached with such a bold statement, "I am very busy!" He shouted, face quickly turning red in embarrassment at the others straightforward approach, he was not used to something like this, "I'm going to have to decline your invitation...Alfred- I- I don't even know you."

Sighing sadly, Alfred made the most adorable pout he could muster at the man, before closing in on him and looking straight into his eyes, "But darling, I know you...the only thing your eyes have not told your name." He spoke fancily, giving the man a gorgeous smile while holding snow white hands within his own pale ones.

Shaking his head, the Japanese quickly moved himself away from the other, "Kiku Honda, now please leave me alone." He pleaded, looking over at his two friends for some help; whom both gave him the most surprised looks, astounded and shocked.

Gaping at the other, he grabbed his attention once more, signaling wildly at himself and the shorter man, "It's not my fault I fell in love, you're the one who tripped me!" Insisted Alfred, placing a strangely romantic blame on the blushing and flustering Asian.

"I-I'm so sorry but I cannot accept this, p-please leave me be!" He begged, stepping away from the man and trying his hardest to ignore him as he stepped behind Ludwig, who glared at the following American and took a threatening step in his direction; to which Alfred stepped back.

"Whoa...calm down there, macho macho man." Joked Alfred, nervously raising his hands in defeat with the muscular German, who had an Italian dangling by his arms and was protecting the Japanese beauty behind him. Then again, all three of these people looked very classy and resplendent in a word, "I just wanted to talk-"

"I suggest you go back to your friends over there-" Ludwig pointed back at the two other blondes, who were staring in an unreadable emotion, "or I will not be quite as nice as these two and I will hurt you if I have to." He hissed out gruffly, but without any personal hostility, before pushing Kiku towards the road side where there were buses and taxi's passing by so he could call one and they could head to their hotel where they were already supposed to have arrived.

Giving out a few anxious giggles, "I didn't mean to offend, bro! Sorry for that, Kiku! But you really are pretty!" He shouted back, watching as they stopped a taxi, "Can we still meet up sometime?" He tried.

The German glared back, opening the door and hurriedly telling the man his desired location, "Please take us to the Hotel de Crillon, and make it fast!" He yelled, giving the man 45 euros and pushing the luggage into the trunk while seating himself up front, looking away from the American left behind.

"Oh..." Started Alfred, barely taking notice his friends were once again by his side, "...Those guys are so rich...that's not fair!- they made a reservation at a rich personhotel." He registered with a shocked glance at the receding taxi and passengers inside of it, "...That would explain why they looked very pretty- they probably go to the spa every weekend or something."

"Which one, Alfredo? We made a reservation at a pricey one as well..." He muttered, placing a hand on the Americans shoulder, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get someone else! But for now you lost a bet, and I want my euros." Francis smiled smugly, reaching out his hands and making grabby gestures.

Giving a scoff, the blue eyed blonde gave the other his money, "Here ya go." He handed over the money, "But it's that fancy one- Hotel de Crillon. I wonder how long they're going to be here for?" He questioned, watching as the French gave a stunned look.

"That is quite an expensive place...we reserved the Hotel Regina...and got a good deal- but even with a good deal their hotel is very...classy." He muttered, "You're right."

"So what? They're rich, it has nothing to do with us! How could you guys bother those poor people?" Spoke the angered Briton, glaring at the two, "We're going to the hotel right this instant, you got me? I do not want you guys ruining this vacation!" He hissed, walking further down the street and pulling over a cab, "Now come over here and get in!" He shouted.

Both of the men's eyes widened and they obediently followed; not wanting to upset the man on his period, "We're going, we're going..." They both echoed, placing the luggage in the back and seating themselves firmly, paying the taxi driver what little they had to offer- or well, what they wanted to offer, which was no more than 25 dollars. Of course, it was in euro form.

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Arriving at their desired location, the small Japanese pulled out his credit card, about to spend more than two thousand dollars on a room in the fancy hotel he reserved, "I am Kiku Honda." He spoke in French to the lady behind the counter, "I reserved a presidential with two bedrooms." He muttered quietly, smiling at the lady and giving his card, along with other information necessary.

"Thanks for reserving this one, Kiku! We swear we'll reserve the next hotel, okay?" Answered Feliciano, already having planned going to other fancy hotels in the area that offered stunning views both inside and out, Feliciano looking around with a large smile, "I never expected it would be THIS grand, Kiku! I can't wait to see our rooms!" He squealed, clinging onto the German man with a bright smile.

"Hai...I appreciate that- but you don't have to. I have more than enough money to pay for the whole trip." He smiled, "But for now, lets not worry about anything of the sort and instead go upstairs to our room and relax until we head out." Offered Kiku, kindly taking his card back from the lady who bid them a fair day.

Giggling loudly, Feliciano nodded, "Si! I understand, Kiku- let's just have as much fun as possible on this trip!"

Bowing ever so slightly, the Japanese man spoke, "Thank you for understanding, now may we go?" He smiled, already heading towards the golden, marble elevators, "Hurry, Feli." He shouted lightly, trying not to disturb the peace of the rather calm atmosphere.

"Coming!" He shouted with a bright grin that could nearly blind a person, "I can't wait to see our rooms, ve~!" Drawled out Feliciano, running over to the oriental with his feminine boots clicking on the marble floor like high heels across a sleek surface, "I heard the presidential rooms were nice!"

Sighing slightly, Ludwig walked over to the two who stood by the unused elevator, his own shoes not making much sound on the floor, before he reached the two men- right as the bell of the elevator rung, "Ah, we should head up already and order room service, it's the afternoon and we skipped our breakfast." He groaned, walking into the opening door gracefully.

Kiku and Feliciano followed after, stepping in and clicking the button to close the doors so they could rapidly head up to their rooms. The wait was fairly short, but Feliciano's constant babble made it unbearable- since nobody could stand it when he went on a sudden rant of some non important materials.

Again it chirped, signaling they were at their desired destination; the door opening to view a world of immense beauty.

The hallways were just as lovely as the rest of the hotel, marble floors and fancy walls leading them to their room at the end of the hallway with a gorgeous view. Kiku looked around in fascination, utmost intrigued by such beautiful art in France, "This area is lovely...I don't think I've ever been to anything more beautiful than this." He spoke in a quiet awe.

Ludwig nodded, agreeing with the other, "I have never been outside of Berlin, period. This place is so wonderful. Except for those creeps from earlier." He made a strange mix between a groan and a grunt of disgust, "I hope we never run into them again, such rude people...damn Americans." He whispered with a slight passion.

"They weren't that bad, Ludwig!" Giggled Feliciano, "I thought he was being really smooth- but Kiku's almost as emotionless as you, ve!" He stated.

"...So embarrassing..." Whispered Kiku, hiding his face in a shameful blush, "I didn't even know him and...I'm just baffled. I've never met anyone so bold and loud and...rowdy." He muttered with a slight frown and the ever growing blush, signaling his discomfort.

"Ja, I understand, but it's going to be okay- I'll make sure the bastards doesn't bother us." Gruffly spoke Ludwig who stood before the door, unlocking the golden colored knob and opening the glamorous door to their presidential and extravagant suite.

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Plopping down on the large bed, Alfred puffed out his cheeks with a frown accompanying the foul mood, "...That's so not fair, bro." He shouted loudly at the Frenchman, who entered the room and sat down next to the American; mostly to rub it in his face.

"Ah, I guess love isn't blind after all, he ran away a mile a second, mon ami." He chuckled obnoxiously with a smug grin.

"Francis...I'm going to punch that smug grin off your face and take back my money." Alfred hissed, glaring over at the man with a clenched fist, before sighing and staring at the ceiling blankly.

Rolling his eyes, Francis spoke again, "What has got you down? It's not like you actually had a chance with him, my boy."

Shaking his head, the American answered, "It's not that!..." He sighed, "It's my damn ex...I still can't get her out of my head- like- how could she cheat on me like that?"

Raising his brows in surprise, the Frenchman continued, "You're still not over that, Alfredo? You can't keep clinging onto that relationship- she was not your type of girl anyways!" Shouted the second blond, "She left you to be with some other guy, so what? You're ten times better and I'm sure you could pick up another grand lady or sir here. It's Paris my friend, you live here, you can't wait for God to make the decisions for you, Alfred. Learn how to take control of your own life and thrive."

"...Hn...I don't know, man. If only it was that easy- but I just...I can't move on from one girl to another like you can! I'm not some random manwhore."

"I'm not a manwhore..."

Alfred gave a loud snort, "Riiiiiiight, and I'm a communist."

"I don't appreciate the sarcasm." Francis frowned.

"Alright, alright, I'll stop." He surrendered, "But seriously, Frenchy-pants...I'm lost. I don't think I've ever been cheated on like that before- then she stole my money too!" Sighing, he sank even deeper into the bed, "I don't think I'll ever love again, dammit. It hurts."

Flicking the American's nose, Francis continued with his preaching, "You'll find someone, mon ami...we're in Paris- the city of l'amour, it's nearly impossible not to love here. Maybe you'll even run into the little Asian from earlier- he won't have a reason to steal your money. Hell, if I were you I think I would be the one doing the stealing- the guy seems really rich." He chuckled, "But he also seems like a good guy."

"But...he's a stranger- sure he was cute and all...but the chances of me and him meeting are near ten percent...the chances of us getting together are zero."

"...Do you want to bet on that?" Slyly asked the French.

Smirking slightly, Alfred pulled out 100 dollars, "I'll trade it for euros later, I bet one hundred I'll never meet him again, and if I do, we wont get anywhere near together."

"Then I bet 460 euro you will meet multiple times, and eventually fall in love." Alfred choked at the amount mentioned, "I will make sure of it! My French blood tells me so." Francis spoke haughtily.

"You are SO going down, my man. I'm getting my hands on that money."

"Whatever, Alfred."