Summary: Even After Hogwart's Harry finds his desire for Draco more challenging than it was before. Draco, who hasn't discovered his feelings for Harry must fair with an abusive step dad and a mother who doesn't care for him. When he runs away from his hell hole, the summer offers more than he expected.

Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Humour, Suspense

The rating for this story is bound to change in later chapters.

Author's Note: So, let me first introduce, this story will contain MPreg in later chapters and Rape, but the M-Preg is not from the rape! Erotic behaviour, abuse, sexual situations, mental abuse, torture, gay, homosexual, national prejudice so I am warning you. If ever you are or have been offended by this stuff, then this story is not for you and I recommend you turn away right now because later, the rating for this story will change.

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Summer Calls

Draco feels as if his heart is about to pound out of his chest. He's been in this one before, but why? He could understand the first time, his father being sentenced to Azkaban for being a Death eater. But now, for a divorce? That's the last thing he needed, that's the last thing anyone needed but his mother insisted. She didn't want her son being influenced by a former Death Eater, but Draco loved his father.

What did it matter? He'd be eighteen soon enough and he'd be free to roam where he pleased, but not if his mother could help it. He'd grown some type of hatred for her. He prayed to whatever god that his father had pre-nub or he was in for a wake up call.

So there he sits, waiting to hear where his custody lies. The judge gives Draco one disgusted look before banging his gavel down.

"Custody of Draco Malfoy," He starts. "Goes to Ms. Narcissa Black."

The court room goes into a quiet applause while Draco stands there pale as he sees his father dart out without a word.

Draco turns around without a word from his mother and begins walking after Lucius.

"Dad!" He manages to say before the man fully exits the room. "Draco." Lucius replies, facing the boy. "Take me with you."

Lucius gives a quick head shake before placing his hand on Draco's head. "Take care of your mother for me?" And with a quick spin on the heel of his foot, Lucius turns around and vanishes from his son's sight.

"Divorce? I didn't expect that from the Malfoy family." Ron says as the three sit around a table drinking small sips of their Butter Beer.

"As if they weren't shamed enough, she has to throw a divorce in his face, I feel rather bad for poor Lucius." Hermione says. "What about you Harry?"

Harry turns to look at the two wearing a sober expression on his face.

"Can't help thinking about him. I know what the Malfoy's have done, but…" Harry starts.

"Still chocked up on Draco?" Ron asks. "Even though this divorce can mean he's out of your life, for good?"

Harry places his cup down resting his head in his hands. Ever since Lucius had been sent to Azkaban, his small attraction for Draco had grown. He'd secretly admired him, though no one could tell, but seeing he actually had a human side to him made the admiration turn into something much more genuine.

Even though it was their last month of Hogwarts, he'd still have time to be near Draco without fully expressing his true feelings.

Now stupid Narcissa was taking him away to God-knows-where. God, not Merlin because no matter how much of a wizard Harry was, it was God who'd kept him alive, and not some old wizard.

Now, God was making a mistake in Harry's mind. Harry was and is, 'The Boy who Lived'. Good things happened to him, now Draco was leaving, that wasn't good.

Not that is was any of his business but he'd wanted him more than anything. Ginny suggested leaving an anonymous love note, pouring out his heart and soul. They'd tried, and somehow it had gotten into the hands of Severus.

"Well Harry," Hermione says shifting her position next to Ron. "I'd make my last days count."

Harry nods trying to avoid her gaze. He stands, holding an empty cup and heading toward the counter to give the waiter an easier job and just giving the cup to him.

Carelessly trapped in his thoughts, he bumps into someone nearly falling over. His glasses fall on the floor leaving him standing there looking like an idiot.

"Sorry son, let me get that for you." A male voice says, kneeling down and grabbing the round glasses from the ground.

"Here you go." He says, placing them in Harry's hand.

Harry smiles as he places his glasses on getting a clear look at the man.

"Calico Howard….and I know you all too well Mr. Potter!" He says, shaking Harry's hand.

"You're not the only one! Thank you Mr. Howard for my glasses, I have a lot of trouble without them."

Many students in their final year rejoice as they receive their test scores back. As usual, Hermione has perfect scores on all of her end of the year exams while Ron lags slightly behind her.

Harry sits across the room from Draco, watching as he sits there with the most sorrowful look on his face. How much Harry wanted to have him for his own, to make him feel love.

"Now students," The Professor starts. "I can assure that many of you will come back here as factuality, others will be prosperous, while some…not so much. But I want to remind all of you, don't let what titles you at this school, in this time, judge you, but let how you act out your life outside of these doors, be the judge of your career."

The professor, maybe in her mid-twenties walks through the room with a smile on her face. "You may not remember me as an upper class man while you were in the lower grades but I saw every one of you and seeing you in my shoes makes me more than proud."

Hermione smiles as she nears her desk.

"I can guess that you, Ms. Granger will prosper? I know all this studying will get you somewhere."

"Thank you Professor Blackburn." Hermione says smiling.

Class is dismissed and Draco finds himself being the first out of class. Harry doesn't hesitate to catch up to him as he makes himself scarce through crowds of people.

He grabs Draco's arm causing him to look back at him with fire in his eyes.

"What, are you here to plat hero Potter?" Draco asks, yanking his arm away.

"No, I just want to talk." Harry says, mentally cruising for how stupid that sounded.

"I read the Prophet yesterday and heard about the divorce_"

"Trying to get me in even more shit then I'm already in? Well sorry to tell you, someone else has already done that for me! Don't worry, I'll be in hell sooner or later, you'll be happy. Hey, maybe if you killed me, people would love you even more." Draco says sarcastically.

"You can get me sent to Azkaban right? That'd be all to expected…" Draco trails off leaving Harry to stare and listen.

"Draco…" He starts.

"No wait Potter, get me damned just like you did my father? 'Oh stupid Malfoy always using his father as a back up, let me send him to Azkaban! Let me get his wife to hate him and to divorce him.' Draco says, mocking him.

"Listen!" Harry says, shutting him up.

"Why? Haven't you done enough?" Draco asks, crossing his arms glaring evilly at Harry.

"Is it enough to say I'm sorry?" Harry asks.

"Oh…" Draco says, laughing a bit. "Sorry, won't fix the shit I'm stuck in. You can go and shove the sorry right into your heroic ass!"

"Would it be enough to say that I love you and I don't want you to go, I don't want this divorce to happen and I want you to stay with me after graduation." Harry says.

For the longest time, there is a silence between the both of them as Draco looks into Harry's truthful eyes.

"Stay away from me." And with that, Draco is gone.

The divorce was final and Lucius knew it. Choking on his countless regrets wouldn't do a thing, but yet he did it anyway.

He felt like more than a failure at the moment and words couldn't describe what he really felt like. His son had seen him go through many hardships and as a family, they'd all dealt through them, but now…it was just him and only him.

After being sent to Azkaban, he'd acquired some virus. Of course, he thought it'd go away soon enough but it only got worse. He'd found himself coughing up blood during times of the day, feeling sleepy, light headed or even deathly ill. He would go from coughing up blood to vomiting blood along with his food.

Being alone at the house, he knew it'd be a problem, but perhaps, he'd be better off dead.

Harry had anticipated the last day of Hogwarts to be something grand. Even though he was awarded amongst all the other students, he still felt empty inside.

Even through all the cheers and praise, he only could focus on the secluded Draco Malfoy who seemed very disinterested in the fact he scored amongst the highest on his exams.

Harry would most likely alienate him if he sat near him or make him raise his guard. The summer was right around the corner and Harry knew he had to make something of it. Being out of Hogwart's literally made him a free man and he swore, before the end of the summer, Draco Malfoy would be his.

Lucius Malfoy is not a bad person!

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