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Howl couldn't believe it.

He was in love.

He was in love when he didn't even have a heart! His heart was held by a fire demon, who most likely knew something was a bit off from the flamboyant wizard. Howl knew that Calcifer had some knowledge of some secrets, but he did not feel like talking to him about it, he had no time for teasing. Even so, Calcifer found it joyful to smirk at him whenever he was in the same room as her.

Howl wondered if Markle had noticed anything. With him being at a young age, it's possible that the apprentice didn't take into view that his master was acting a bit strange. Howl admitted it, there was less thoughts about is appearance and more focused on the beautiful young girl in his castle.

Then he would feel something strange pain in his heart. It was tormenting to both is mind and his heart. And that's when Howl had tried to consult his fire demon about this. But Calcifer simply crackled and smirked, saying "Get used to it. You have to learn for yourself."

This was after the contract was destroyed between them. And Howl couldn't really force Calcifer to tell him anything useful. Not that he would have if the contract was still valid.

Then Howl wondered if she had noticed anything, whether it was with his heart or hers. He still thought like his old self, he wanted to shower her with affection, for her to pay attention to him, to care for him.

Though Howl found it quite hard when she would just get so…angry. Markle had talked to him about it, saying that if she was never in a good mood here, then maybe she did not want to be in the castle.

The thought of that terrified Howl greatly.

He had then stopped working on mindless spells, he needed to think. Howl wanted to figure out how to get his pretty lover to stay in his castle.

She was different than other girls He knew that much. But even though, she had to love his new idea.

Maybe he should of thought about it earlier. (He kind of did) Maybe that she was angry all the time! Because Howl never asked her.

Howl smiled. Yes his plan was perfect, no flaws no miscalculations what so ever. The only hard part was getting her to agree.

Howl made up his mind; he quickly descended down the stairs, the smile still on his face.

"Sophie!" He cheered, "We need to have a chat!"

The wizard felt…giddy.

Calcifer noticed. He grabbed another log by the hearth, taking a bite while watching Howl.

"Sophie isn't here."

Calcifer's log burned quietly as Howl walked to the chair in front of Calcifer. His smile now gone. He should have been expecting this from her, he sat on the chair and looked at the burning fire.

"She is with her sister isn't she?"

Calcifer's flames grew. "She said it was important. And told me to tell you that she couldn't wait for you to wake up and tell you yourself."

Howl sighed. He knew he should of have not slept in.

"I suppose I will wait for her."

Calcifer smirked. And Howl inwardly groaned.

"What's your plan Howl? Finally going to tell her something that will make you both happy?"

Calcifer was no stupid demon. In his life as a star, he had noticed a lot of things, and how silly human reactions can be. While they all felt so many emotions he only felt one, fear. He was going to be a falling star. Fate changed for him, and he met Howl, and his presumed lover, Sophie Hatter. The fire demon chuckled.

"Calcifer…you know me too well."

"You're a bit predictable Howl." Calcifer crackled again.

Howl smirked. "If you would shut your mouth…then my answer is yes."

The fire moved closer to howl. "How are you going to do it? Just saying you love her isn't going to cut it she will just think your toying with her."

Howl had already thought that though. He was going to do the one thing he completely unsure how to do.

He was going to marry her.

Then Howl was back to being happy again. The large smile back on his face.

"Why are you smiling like that? It's freaking me out…" Calcifer shrunk back to his logs.

"Why you ask? Because I have a brilliant idea! Calcifer, tell Sophie to wait for me when she gets back."

And with that, Howl flew out of the chair, and practically ran to the door, he turned to dial black, and was out of the castle.

Slowly, Calcifer rose from his logs. "Even after Sophie gave him his heart back, he still acts the same…"

The fire demon reached for another log. And then smirked.

"At least he can love Sophie properly now."

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