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Markel was almost never bored. There was always something to do, some spell to practice, some book to read, and maybe even something to clean up.

But the young boy was lonely sometimes.

It was worse, back then. He was left alone at such a young age. Then suddenly being brought up by a selfish wizard and a strange talking fire. Markel got used to it all, the long days of talking to Calcifer. Staying up nights to wait for Howl, and learning simple spells. During that time, he couldn't say he was alone, but it was no family…

It was very strange, when out of nowhere, the fire demon let another human in the castle, an old lady at that. Markel was worried, he heard the stories of witches and their kind of power. Even so, Old Sophie was unexpectedly kind to him. Like she was already part of his real family, taking care of him at a different level. She changed everybody, Calcifer was now free, and Howl was acting differently than before.

Markel got up from the floor, picking up scattered papers and stashed them in a small drawer. He sat in the chair in front of the hearth.

"Hey…Calcifer…are you here Calcifer?" he whispered.

It was quite for a moment, but the logs in the hearth moved a bit, and a fire rose.

"Yeah…? What is it kid?' Calcifer yawned. "Sophie should be here soon with something to eat…"

"That's not it, I wanted to ask you something. It's about Master Howl."

Calcifer stared at Markel. "Uh…okay, but hand me another log would you?"

Markel jumped from the chair, he took out a log and tossed it to the fire.

"Hey, hey…," Calcifer waved his tiny arms. "Take it easy, don't throw them on me so hard."

Markel sat in the chair again, staring directly at the fire.

"I still don't get where Howl went Calcifer."

Calcifer had told Markel earlier where Howl and Sophie had gone. And even though Markel didn't really understand Calcifer's explanation, he was glad to know that he would be back soon and not stay out all day and night.

"I already told ya Kid, He went to go be a man and do something important. Don't worry, Sophie should be home any minute by now and start cooking on me." He gave a quite moan.

Markel laughed, then jumped from the chair, it skidded on the wood floor. He raced to the desk, which had been cleaned by Sophie. It was easy to find a paper ripped out from a journal laying there.

"A new spell! It's shorter than the others…"

Calcifer tried to peak at it from across the room. "What's the objective?" the fireball asked.

At first, Calcifer thought Markel didn't understand the question. But the boy groaned and slammed the paper back on the desk.

"It's in Latin. I think…." He replied dejectedly.

"Ha! That stupid wizard. Maybe you should ask Sophie, she's at the door."

The main door creaked open. Sophie waved a hand, in her other hand was deserts from her sister.

"Sophie! Your home!" Markel ran up to her with his arms open to give her a hug.

Sophie smiled brightly. "Hi Markel, did you eat? My sister gave us a little treat."

"Not really…but we have some bread and some other stuff. We can have sandwiches!"

Sophie placed the cake on the desk. "That sounds like a great idea, I'll prepare it soon."

"While you're doing that Sophie," Calcifer popped out from his pile of logs. "I have a message for you. It's from Howl."

Sophie looked back at Calcifer. "What is it?" her voice quite, assuming the worst.

"Apparently he has something very important to tell you."

Sophie was quite, she nervously patted down her dress.

'What…is he going to say?'

"He said for you to wait for him. I'm not exactly sure where he went. Or if he would even be back soon."

Now Sophie was on the edge. Markel stood by the desk watching Sophie's reactions.

"Don't worry Sophie! He'll be back soon! I know it! Then we can have that cake!" Markel smiled at her.

Sophie gave a small smile. She walked over to the cupboard to pull out some bread.

"I'll make a snake for you, okay Markel?" She started to gather up whatever she needed.

Markel nodded. He glanced over at Calcifer, the fire demon tried to reach for another log. He moved his tiny arms.

"I wouldn't worry so much Sophie." He said, still waving his arms. Sophie looked back, and then at Markel, he ran to Calcifer and dropped another log on him.

Sophie grabbed a plate for Markel, who ran back to Sophie with a bright smile and hungry eyes.

"Thank you Sophie!" the young boy's mouth filled with food.

Sophie smiled little, she patted his head and went to the sink to clean up. The dishes had piled up, and for once, she didn't feel like washing them. She was so tired all of a sudden, like she just crashed. Sophie glanced back at the dirty sink, but quickly forgot about them. She laid herself down on the couch, overcome with exhaustion. She closed her eyes

"Uh oh…" Calcifer rose up even higher to look at Sophie, the room instantly got brighter, and her face had an orange glow to it.

"Sophie?" Markel quietly placed his plate in the sink, and walked over to her.

"She's fine kid, at least, she looks alright. I can see that she's beginning to be mentally exhausted though. Howl must be causing her stress."

Markel went to the closet with a stool, he stood on top of it and pulled out a blanket from the top of the closet. He tossed it over Sophie after making sure the dust was gone.

"Is she gonna be alright?"

Calcifer hummed for a second, a crack in the fire was heard. "People like her can get sick easily if they are stressed out too much. If Howl returns quickly like he said he would, then she will be fine."

Markel looked unsure. Sophie breathed in steady breaths, her face flushed.

"It's nothing to worry about kid," Calcifer tried to cheer Markel up. "I know that this time, Howl will be back soon."

The young boy nodded, he slowly left Sophie's side and walked over to the sink, deciding to help clean for once. He turned on the water, letting it run.

"Hey wait! Before you touch any water, toss me another log."

Markel smiled a little at the fire demon. He closed the faucet and walked over to the fire place. He looked at Sophie again…she didn't look sick.

"You're getting spoiled Calcifer." He told the small fire.

"Trust me kid, you'll know how being spoiled really is soon enough." Calcifer chewed roughly on his new log, the wood burned quickly.

Sophie suddenly moved, and tossed around, snuggling to her blanket. Calcifer and Markel glanced at eachother.

Her face looked like she was having a nightmare.

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