A new year doesn't mean much change to Felicity. Her father Sirius Black is now on the run, and as is her life is messed up. Her foster sisters have just committed sucide, and her heritadge is now know to the wizarding world. She can't choose which she would rather be at. When the Hogwarts express takes her back to school she is met with her only friends. Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, Fred, and George.

But how will she survive this year when at the very mention of the tri wizarding tounament makes her insane? How will she keep her composure when Rita Skeeter is down her throat twenty four seven. Will Dumbledore be able to help her? Or is this fight all hers?

This year she will face termoil, pain, and hope in order to help Harry through the tournement as well as find a way to speak with her father.