"Nicky!" Jeff yelled as he jumped up and down on the shorter boys bed, effectively waking him up. "Get up, get up! It's Christmas!"

Nick stirred a little and rolled on his back to look up at Jeff the best he could. He frowned. "How did you even get in my house?" They had been on Holiday leave the past two weeks. "I even locked my bedroom door so you couldn't jump all over me like you do every year."

Jeff gave Nick a large, goofy grin. "It's a holiday tradition to wake you up like this! I've been doing it since we were six!" Jeff said as he plopped down on the bed. His smile widened as he saw Nick moving under the covers to get up.

Nick sighed. "You're laying on my legs, I can't get up." He glanced at his clock. It read 5:03 a.m. Nick frowned and looked at the blond. "Really?"

"Really. Now come on! Open up your gift! Christmas for my family starts soon." Jeff said as he handed Nick a poorly wrapped box with more tape than it had wrapping paper.

Nick laughed at the pathetic attempt at wrapping. "You know what's sad?"

"What?" Jeff asked, confused.

"The fact that I actually think this one looks better than last years." Nick said laughing.

Jeff pouted. "It isn't that bad…"

Nick laughed quietly and gave the blond a small peck on the forehead. "Sure they aren't…"

"Just open it!" Jeff said excitedly.

"Alright, alright." Nick said as he began to unwrap the gift. After a few minutes of removing two rolls of tape Nick finally got the package open. He didn't say anything.

"…You don't like it." Jeff said after a few moments of silence.

"No, it's…amazing. I love it." Nick said as he pulled out a thin chain. Attached to the end was a small gold letter "3".

Jeff smiled as he watched Nick put it on. "So…"

"It's amazing, like you." Nick said smiling.

"No! Not that! I mean where's mine?"

Nick laughed. "It's at your house where you should be at five a.m.! I thought our gift exchange was at nine."

"It was…but I was too excited to give you your present."

Nick laughed lightly as he looked at Jeff. "Well, thank you for the present. I love it almost as much as I love you."

Jeff smiled at cuddled up next to his boyfriend. "I love you too." They stayed that way for the next hour.

"Merry Christmas Jeff."

"Merry Christmas Nick."