Trouble Again…

This is my first fanfic. Many apologies for the length, I have been up all night and am slightly tired now! This is just a taster for what is to come in the future, and it won't all be for Swallows and Amazons.

"Nancy. NANCY!" A hot blooded, red checked teacher, bold voice and all screamed at Nancy.

"For Christ's sake child, do wake up. You've been asleep for most of the lesson!"

"Apologies, your majesty." Murmured Nancy, still bleary-eyed from her sleep. "Didn't get much sleep last night, I'm afraid miss, rain woke me up miss, dog was barking miss. Many apologies mi….."

"Ok ok, we get the idea." She sharply turned on her heel to face the sniggering class, the heavy wooden heel of her boot leaving deep scratch marks on the floor.

"Well I don't know what you're laughing about, because this is no laughing matter. Nancy will be in detention for the rest of the week, due to the immature nature of her actions." The class fell silent, well, all apart from the slight groan she let out and the thump as her head hit the desk in a strop. Miss Hargam waddled back to her desk, and flopped back down into a rather worn out leather chair. Perching her dainty glasses back on her snout like nose, she continued to dictate the bible back to the class in her dull, monotone voice.

"Um, where was I … oh yes; build a boat of Cyprus wood for yourself. Make rooms in it and cover it inside and outside with tar. This is how I…"

The school bell rang. Although this was painful to every other students ears, it was bliss to Nancy's.

"Ok children pack up now. Remember, please read the next section in the bible, from genesis 6:16-6:20."

Nancy tore out of the room and raced home. Finally, she could see her beloved 5 best friends again, John, Susan, Titty, Roger and Peggy.

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