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Chapter 1: Freedom


It was another dream.

Or memory?

I couldn't really tell anymore.

They kept on changing.

One time it would be running through the forest or jumping off roofs.

Others would be climbing up walls or hiking up the side of a hill.

Now I was on the roofs. Tall, high roofs of skyscrapers. Running on them, jumping from one to another, swinging off zip lines. Insane? Yes, but it felt right. It felt normal. Dream-wise, of course. The air rushing past you, the feeling of freedom and adrenaline as you move. Exhilarating. The streets down below sounded soft when up here.

Compared to reality, being as free as I am now really was a dream. I ran with light steps and quick speed, savouring the moment. And then a gaping hole would appear and I would drop into a bottomless hole. When I woke up- when I wake up- it would be back to normal. Back to the routine.

My name is Arnold-124.

I will be the best they can make of me.

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