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Chapter 1: Scarves and Wet Clothes

Kurt looked outside at the rain from his warm heated leather seat of his Lincoln Navigator, feeling the cool glass of the window against his soft moisturized hand that stroked it in hesitation.

He was going to be late for first period class if he didn't get out of the car soon. Finn got out ten minutes ago and walked through the rain as if it didn't mean a thing to him. Finn just stuck his hands in his jean pockets, smiled and walked inside. It didn't help that Kurt was parked in the furthest back parking space and that he spent 30 minutes coifing his hair to perfection, using his blow dryer, his hair straightener and half of his $20 bottle of hairspray to hold it in place.

Kurt sighed, it was now or never; the rain wasn't going to slow down any time soon. He'd just have to make it worth it. He was finally going to get to use his purple and yellow ornate designed scarf from India with gold and silver beading as a hood to shield him from the rain and save his hair from the beating it would have gotten. He took the scarf from around his neck and folded it to make a headscarf and put it on his head like a fancy hood.

He slowly stepped out of his car, one black booted foot at a time. He was wearing tight white pants tucked perfectly into his boots, and a black pea coat that was covering his purple and white off the shoulder sweater.

"Here goes nothing," Kurt said as he stepped completely out of the car. He grabbed his bag, threw it over his shoulder with a huff and slammed his car door closed. He strode inside with one foot in front of the other as if modeling his outfit. He looked ahead, pretending the rain wasn't putting dark wet marks on his perfect outfit, or soaking his body that needed to be warm at all times or else he'd catch the sniffles.

Kurt felt a shiver come on, but ignored it when he saw a guy he had never seen before at McKinley. This guy was wearing cuffed blue jeans, black vintage Doc Martens ankle boots, and an unzipped gray hoodie with a white tank that was soaking through. He was small and skinny, but muscular, and his dark wet hair curled around his forehead. He pulled the hood over his head as the rain got heavier and ran for the door.

Kurt stopped in his tracks, his hands shot out in shock, he just saw the most beautiful guy ever, and it didn't even matter that the rain just picked up and he was soaked now. Kurt blinked once and the next thing he knew the man knocked into him, sending him pummeling to the ground.

The man looked down at him, his eyes squinty and intense filled with something Kurt wasn't sure, but it made Kurt gulp with intriguing unease, he looked dangerous and stolid. The man bent over Kurt, shielding Kurt briefly from the rain, even though water droplets fell from the man's soaked hair and down the man's nose every few seconds, dripping onto Kurt's face and soaking into his clothing. The man reached his hands out and pulled the shocked boy up by his pea coat with all his force causing Kurt to crash into the man's hard body. Kurt blinked rapidly at him and smiled, feeling his heart pound in his chest. Kurt dopily reached out to pet the man's chest in thanks, but he was gone and Kurt's hand just touched the air.

All Kurt could see was the man's soaked back, his hooded head and his tight ass in those jeans as he jogged lightly into the building.

Kurt ran after him, "Wait!" Kurt screamed as he ran as fast as his booted feet would take him.

"T-tell me your name!" Kurt screamed after him once he got inside and could feel the heat already soothing his cold wet body and hands. He stopped with a defeated sigh, and looked after the guy.

The mystery guy's rubber soles squeaked as he turned the corner without a look or a word. All Kurt could see was the man's strong hands that gripped at Kurt's clothing when pulling him up push off his gray hood and run his fingers through his wet curls.

Those dark curls were absolutely glorious, Kurt thought, but all that came out of his mouth was a deep groan as he leaned against the wall in exhaustion, watching the man of his dreams walk away. He was probably straight anyway… as was the entire male population in small town Ohio.

Kurt took off his scarf off his head and sighed as he stomped to his locker to see Finn and Rachel, wearing white knee-highs, black flats, and a purple dress that fell past her knees. She must have been waiting for him, and Finn looked more like a prop than a boyfriend as he stood straight, holding her waist firmly from behind.

"Rach, I can't talk. I'm soaked and freezing, and I need to get into that bathroom and dry off before I catch pneumonia," Kurt said as he pulled his hair dryer, a towel, and a change of clothing from his locker. All of these items he kept at school because he was slushied so often.

"This-this is about NYADA applications, Kurt, it's important. We're having West Side Story auditions soon, and you have to be the Tony to my Maria o-or else we won't get in!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Of course. You better not try out Finn," Kurt glared at his stepbrother, knowing Finn would be his only competition because he was well…Rachel's perfect duet partner and their chemistry was undeniable. Finn shrugged dumbly as Kurt walked past both of them and pushed the door of the women's bathroom and went inside.

The school bell rang just as Kurt came out of the ladies' room a few moment's later with his hair dry and styled, wearing a simple pair of jeans, a white thermal shirt and black vest with the same knee high black boots he wore to school.

The halls were clear except for the young man in the soaked hoodie and jeans hiding behind his open locker, who peaked out from his red locker door to watch Kurt with wide, curious eyes.

When Kurt started walking that way, the man hid once again behind his locker door. Once Kurt stopped at his own locker to gather his books and stuck his head in his locker, the man slammed his own locker door shut and scurried away up the stairs once Kurt was too distracted to notice him leave.

The New Directions gang sat all at one long table in the McKinley cafeteria with lunch trays and paper lunch bags.

Tina set down her sandwich as she asked, "Are you sure we should do this?"

"Guys! What is wrong with you?" Rachel whispered harshly, "There's a purple piano here, which means we have to perform, we can't just ignore Mr. Shue's assignment. We need to recruit new members."

"Rachel, I don't know, no one likes us, we're just gonna get slushied and hated even more," Finn sighed, looking around the room.

Kurt sighed softly and tuned out the rest of the conversation when he noticed the new guy walk in. He sipped at his water bottle absent mindedly as he stared. He watched as the guy sat in the corner table all by himself with no food tray or paper bag or anything to eat, but only a notebook and a pen.

"Kurt? Hello? Earth to Kurt! What are you looking at?" Rachel asked looking in that direction, and then back at Kurt, "Are you gonna perform with us? We're all in," Rachel said louder, waving her hand in front of Kurt's face.

"Huh? Yeah, of course," Kurt shook his head snapping out of his daydream, thinking either he can intrigue the new guy or scare him away like Glee club normally does to new students.

Kurt stood up with the rest of his cohort as their band started playing and Finn got on the drums.

Rachel started singing, climbing up on the table as everyone started dancing around the tables, doing 60s moves, putting peace signs over their eyes and jumping around, Kurt shimmied, shaking his hips as he made his way around the cafeteria table.

See the people walking down the street
Fall in line just watching all their feet
They don't know where they wanna go
But they're walking in time

All the Glee club joined in singing the chorus, running around the tables and dancing.

They got the beat
They got the beat
They got the beat

Santana then sung the next verse, getting on the table, followed by Brittany and Kurt.

See the kids just getting out of school
They can't wait to hang out and be cool
Hang around 'til quarter after twelve
That's when they fall in line

Kurt jumped right up with them and danced and jumped around just having fun, kicking his leg and shimmying, singing the chorus with them.

Kids got the beat

They got the beat

They got the beat


Kids got the beat

As Kurt danced on the table, he could see the new kid's eyes on them, well it felt like only him, watching his every move, his dips down to the tabletop, his hip shaking, his gyrating, and his twirls.

As soon as the music slowed to a stop, Kurt hopped off the table and ran to the band with the rest of Glee Club as they all cheered.

Kurt, smiling, walked over to the new boy, pumped up on adrenaline from their performance. He wasn't going to be shy towards his new crush… he never really was shy about who he liked with Finn or Sam…though both of those ended horribly embarrassingly with finding out both were straight and not into him at all.

"I noticed you watching us perform. Maybe you wanted to join our Glee club here at McKinley. We just lost three of our members," Kurt said as he sat across from the new kid, who was now was completely dry from the rain, but his hair was disheveled, curly, and slightly frizzy from drying naturally with no product. Kurt almost spat out that he had hairspray in his locker, but stopped himself and just smiled widely at Blaine.

The new kid stared at Kurt, closing a small black moleskin notebook he was writing in as soon as Kurt arrived. He squinted his eyes in disbelief at Kurt. No one got to know him; no one cared.

The boy growled out, leaning closer to Kurt to intimidate him, "Just because I pulled you up when I knocked you down, doesn't mean I like you. Run. I'm bad news. Just go," the new guy swatted his hand at Kurt, shooing him away.

Kurt furrowed his eyebrows and looked at this new kid with utter confusion.

"Okay… could you at least tell me your name?"

"Go," the boy said slamming his fist against the cafeteria table, shaking it, with more anger than Kurt expected. Kurt flinched but still sat there.

"Um, well, I'm Kurt," Kurt said giving the new boy an unsure, what the hell just happened face as he stood up slowly and backed away as food started flying.

"SHIT! I'm already in my spare clothes!" Kurt exclaimed to no one in particular, forgetting about the mystery boy. He grabbed the nearest empty food tray and put it on top of his head as he ducked for cover and ran for the door, which was thankfully close. Kurt dropped the tray as he approached the door.

As Kurt went to pull open the heavy door, he found another hand grasp the door handle, causing Kurt to stall. Kurt gasped recognizing the tightly gripped hand that pulled him up from the concrete. The boy pulled the door open and pushed at Kurt's body as spaghetti and chicken nuggets flew behind them.

"Move!" the boy growled as Kurt stumbled forward by his force and crashed into the wall. Kurt stood up straight and started pulling at his shirt and wiping down his pant legs.

They now stood in the safety of the stairwell.

Kurt glared up at him, "What is your problem? You almost hurt me!" Kurt yelped out, frustrated with him as he rubbed at his arm, which hit the wall, "I've bruise very easily, too," Kurt mumbled out with a sad huff.

The guy stared into Kurt's eyes, not saying a word, just looking at him with wide eyes.

When he said nothing, Kurt did, "I-I'm not getting bullied again this year, ok?"

Kurt saw a flash of regret in the boy's eyes, but it was gone so fast that Kurt thought he made it up. Kurt turned his head as sauce-covered screeching teenagers started running past them, breaking their eye contact. The new guy turned his back as people kept passing and started running up the stairs along with the other students.

Kurt sighed, thinking this kid must hate him because he's gay; it must have been that obvious. Kurt grabbed the railing and slowly heaved his way up the stairs to make his way back to the glee room.

Kurt scrunched his nose as the look and the smell of all the Glee Club members; the smell was wafting into Kurt's nostrils and he didn't like it at all. The stench was a mix between Italian dressing, spaghetti sauce, pepperoni and chicken nuggets.

"I'm sorry guys, but I should be going…I can't stand this trashcan smell," Kurt said disgustedly as he started walking out, but Brittany pulled him back.

"Kurtie, who was that you were talking to, you two ran for cover together, so romantic," she swooned sweetly.

"Just some new kid, I thought I saw him looking at us, but he doesn't wanna join, that's all…"

"Oh because he is kind of cute," Brittany said before looking down her shirt, "Hey San, I think Pepperoni got in my bra," she said distracted. Kurt just smiled.

"I'll wait for you outside, Finn," Kurt said as he headed outside the classroom.

"Ok, dude." Finn said.

Finn came out moments later. They walked side by side to his car.

As soon as they were outside, Finn went to put his arm around Kurt. The new boy watched from the tree he sat under curiously.

"No!" Kurt put up one finger, "No touching me when you're so dirty. We are putting towels down in my car and you are taking off those shoes. You also are going to clean my car and buy an air freshener, preferably a vanilla scent," Kurt said sternly as they walked out to the car.

"Sorry, dude, but that food fight was kind of epicly cool, even though everyone hates us," Finn sighed, flicking the pepperoni off his blue and white polo.

"Yeah, well thankfully, I was on the other side of the café and was salvaged, my clothes would not have been able to handle it, nor my skin," Kurt observed Finn and scrunched up his nose.

"Ew Finn, you have spaghetti on your ear and sauce all over your face still," Kurt sighed as he dug in his bag for a moist towelette as he gently started wiping at Finn's cheek before handing him the towel, not wanting Finn to look "gay"… Kurt shook his head at that thought, remembering the last time he tried helping Finn with a towel. He walked ahead of Finn as Finn rubbed his own face with the towel and shrugged.

The boy by the tree could tell just by looking how close these two boys were. "This must be his boyfriend…well then I guess it doesn't matter how I treat him, he wouldn't want a mess like me," He thought with a sad sigh, unable to look away from the boy's beauty.

"Clean off the best you can, okay?" Kurt sighed as he set the towel on his seat and got in the driver's side. He had the worst day ever and no one to confide in, no one who cared. He looked off into the trees to only make eye contact with the new guy, whatever his name was. Kurt looked away immediately as he started his car.

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