Short, romantic comedy fics are my addiction…so I wrote another one!
This is sort of a sequel to 'Leo epic pick up lines', if you haven't read that, you could go read it now, or if you're incredibly lazy, l you should know that Ella is a daughter of Ares, and is Leo's girl friend.

Chapter 1

Ever since Leo's new girlfriend, Ella, had agreed to help him on his new project (Festus II) Leo barely left bunker 9 anymore. So, Piper and Jason decided to pay him a visit. But before they could enter they heard a rather disturbing sentence leaving Leo's mouth;

"Oh come on Ella, eat it!"

"No, it's disgusting."

"No its not."

"Leo, stop trying to stick it in my mouth."

"Don't slap my stick. Now come on, at least lick it."

"No, that thing is going nowhere near my mouth. And if you don't put it away, I swear on all that is holy that I will chop it to pieces and feed it to Mrs. O'Leary."

"Aww, don't be so quick to judge, come on, just try it, you don't even have to swallow, you can spit it out if it's too disgusting,"

At this Piper and Jason had enough and Jason burst through the door, one hand covering his girlfriend's eyes, Piper crying out "Leo!", in an appalled voice. What he saw was, thankfully, not what they had envisioned. The daughter of Ares was standing up with her arms crossed, Leo was standing in front of her, trying (and failing) to shove a cheese stick in her mouth.

"It's OK, Piper." Said Jason, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Um, guys what's going on?" said Piper uncertainly.

"He's trying to force cheese sticks down my throat, when I specifically told him I HATE CHEESE." said Ella, glaring at Leo.

"But everyone likes cheese!" exclaimed Leo, throwing up his hands at his two friends before turning back to his beloved and resuming his task. "Now eat the stick"


"Ahhhhh, stop hitting me!"

At this Piper and Jason walked away, somebody else could sort out this disagreement.