I have such a wrong mind *shakes head worriedly*

Nyssa and her brand new boyfriend, Will Solace, were walking towards the Hephaestus cabin to discuss the design of some new exploding arrows when they heard the voice of Ella, daughter of Ares. Instantly Nyssa's lip curled; she did not approve of her cabin counselor going out with one of Ares' spawn.

"It's amazing! Can I touch it?" cried the excited voice of said demi-god.

"Uhuh, I know I'm amazing." Replied Leo, somewhat arrogantly. Nyssa rolled her eyes, she could practically see the smirk on her half-brother's face.

"Its so long and hard, and so well balanced. My sisters will be so jealous."

Will grabbed his girlfriends arm, and mouthed at her to get moving. She, however, seemed to be frozen in shock.


"How did you get it this way? Was it hard to get the size right?" came Ella's uncharacteristically excited voice.

"Nah, I just thought of you and it kinda formed in my hands." Said Leo animatedly.

"Cool, are you sure you want me to have it?" asked Ella, plainly hoping he would say yes.

"Of course, you're my girl friend. Besides you look stressed lately, you need something to have fun with." Said Leo, as Nyssa, who had only recently re-learned how to control her limbs, shuddered and began to back away, scrabbling desperately for her boyfriends hands.

"Thanks Leo, you're the best." Came the happy voice of the daughter of Ares.

"No problemo, but I think I deserve a kiss for being so marvelous." Said Leo, in his best seductive voice.

"Yeah yeah." Replied the blonde.

A few seconds passed in which nothing could be heard, but the occasional clang of metal against metal. Will grabbed Nyssa by the arm and began pulling her away from her cabin.

"So, wanna take it for a test run?" asked Leo excitedly.

"Let's go!" cried Ella eagerly, as the door to the cabin burst open.

The two infatuated demi-gods bounded through the door; the girl waving a brand new sword in her right hand, as her boyfriend screamed dramatically "to the training arena."

Nyssa and Will stood still, both dumbfounded and relieved, before Will choked to his girlfriend "Um, I think we should just go back to my cabin." Nyssa nodded slowly, still quivering.

I ship Nyssa/Will!