Chapter 4: Good as the Original

Jack was hoping to continue to buy more time for Santa Claus to craft his new sword. The samurai kept on running as Aku who had changed himself into a dragon continued to breath fire at the samurai. Some elves decided to rejoin the samurai and started to throw snowballs at Aku.

"You think that'll harm me?" laughed Aku.

Aku then breathed fire at the elves whom ran off trying to run for their lives. Jack continued to fire more flaming arrows at the shape-shifting wizard which didn't seem to hurt Aku one bit at all.

"Bah, without your sword samurai, you are nothing but a mere bug for me to squash!" laughed Aku.

The shape-shifting wizard then landed again and changed himself into a large yeti and then literally began to stomp on the samurai with his large feet. The samurai attempted to do his best to dodge the shape-shifting wizard, but one large foot ended up squashing the samurai in the snow itself.

"You're nothing more than a mere pancake" laughed Aku, "I will enjoy clawing you apart."

But before Aku could use his sharp claws to do just that, Santa on his slay ended up grabbing Jack in the nick of time.

"What!" cried Aku as he noticed that Santa Claus was finished with creating the samurai's sword.

"I was able to finally finish it" said Santa as he handed Jack his new sword, "should work just as good as the original did."

"Thank you" said Jack as he took the sword.

"Steady, I think I know what to do next" said Santa.

St. Nick steered the slay aiming right at Aku to which the samurai sliced his sword at the shape-shifting wizard.

"The sword, how is it possible!" roared Aku as he felt the pain.

"Told you I had the knowledge to craft your sword again" said Santa.

"Stubborn pests!" roared Aku.

Aku then changed himself into an armored snowman and began to attempt to zap the slay down with his laser eyes. But with no luck, Santa steered clear of Aku's lasers and allowed Jack to take another swipe at the shape-shifting wizard. Aku screamed in pain as the sword ended up slicing him. But one lucky shot by a laser from Aku did sent the slay tumbling down into the snow. Santa was okay along with the samurai.

"Great, well at least she'll be ready for next year" said Santa.

"There'll be no next you for you helping out the samurai" said Aku.

Jack then dived right in and managed to help Santa dodge the laser coming from Aku.

"I wish there was a Permanent Nice List to add you on" said Santa.

"Stay here" said Jack, "I'll take care of Aku."

Aku continued to zap his laser eyes at the samurai, but the samurai was able to dodge Aku's every move. The samurai sliced his sword at Aku to which the shape-shifting wizard then screamed out in pain. Aku then changed himself into a yeti again, and then gave the samurai a good punch sending him flying into the deep snow.

"Where are you samurai, I will just squash you like I did before!" laughed Aku.

The shape-shifting wizard then began to stomp on the ground as he was hoping for the samurai would be alerted. The samurai indeed ended up fleeing as Aku then began to bash his large fist at Jack. Jack then climbed up a building and then charged with his sword slicing Aku to which the shape-shifting wizard then screamed again in pain.

"I'm getting fed up with this!" roared Aku who then changed himself into a polar bear.

Aku then charged at Jack again, but Jack ended up slicing Aku with his sword injuring Aku once more.

"The sword!" roared Aku.

Aku then continued to charge at Jack again, and another slice, and another and another, Aku was very much in pain as Jack continued to stand his ground.

"It ends here Aku!" roared Jack.

The samurai charged at Aku and ended up slicing Aku multiple times, the shape-shifting wizard couldn't take it anymore.

"Foolish samurai, you think you have managed to defeat me!" laughed Aku as he then changed into a seagull, "Until next time samurai!"

Aku flew off in his weaken state to which as the samurai placed away his sword the elves came out to cheer on Jack along with Santa and Ms. Claus whom came out of hiding.

"I must say, even though Christmas was over, that was quite a show" laughed Santa.

"Please, I welcome you to stay for a bit before you head on your journey again" said Ms. Claus.

"There's one more request I'd like to make, is it possible for you to craft a time machine for me to head back to my own time to defeat Aku?" asked Jack to Santa Claus.

"Hmm, I do not know how long that'll take me" said Santa, "about five years at least, something like that has to take awhile to create. Come back to the North Pole within five years and you shall have your time machine ready."

"In the meantime, why not rest for some hot chocolate and eggnog?" asked Ms. Claus, "Before you decide to go on your journey again."

"I suppose that wouldn't hurt" said Jack.

As the samurai headed into the main building and began to rest, the scene ends as the samurai sat on the soft chair prepared for a short rest before he heads back on his journey.