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Chapter 1: Rendezvous of Vongola (part1)

Tsuna sometimes hated his hyper intuition, particularly when it was screaming warnings to his mind at ungodly hours after he had spent six hours behind his table fighting against paperwork. Things tended to explode when it happened, which meant something needed to be fixed which equaled to more bills which equaled to piling paperwork.


So much for hoping, explosive might very well be an adjective created for his family.

There was a good reason why he spent four years trying to get 'I DON'T WANT TO BE A MAFIA BOSS' through Reborn's thick skull, he thought wryly. Though in the end he had no choice but to accept it anyway. It was not in his being to disappoint his friends when he could help it, that and the promise to destroy the current Vongola he (out of desperation and anger) had shouted to his predecessors. It was hard at first, but he was on the way of fixing Vongola back to the way it was when Primo led them and he swore Vongola would be reborn.

Shaking his head with nostalgia, Tsuna pushed himself up from his bed, wishing it was nothing big and not explosive. If it was, the one who caused it was going to pay painfully. Tsuna was all for pacifism, but when it came to his precious sleep there was nothing that could pacify him except coffee and Kyouko. Unfortunately for the culprit, the former was not brewed at three in the morning, and the latter was on vacation with Haru, Hana, Bianchi and I-pin for their girl's bonding or something along that line. So in summary, the egg shaped mechanic() who was coughing in his laboratory and facing the angry Vongola Decimo stomping toward him was dead.

"What the hell are you doing Gianini?" Tsuna growled dangerously to his mechanic. Gianini was put in charge of household appliances and communication. Things that Tsuna believed until that day would not explode (much); sometimes he wondered why Gianini never had enough common sense to do his probably explosive experiment somewhere secluded like Spanner and Shoichi did.

He gulped, "Decimo, I am just… trying to create a new type of dynamites for Gokudera-sama and Lambo-sama…"

Tsuna raised an eyebrow, "Did they ask you to do that?"

"Erm…" Giannini tried to avert his eyes, but those gleaming golden orbs pinned his beady eyes in place, "I overheard them talking… that they wondered if explosive that has less smell of gunpowder was possible? Something about Yamamoto-sama and Sasagawa-sama protesting about smelly training room."

The Vongola boss gritted his teeth, "How many times do I have to tell you? You are NOT in charge of the weapon development! It's Spanner's… you should tell him not doing it yourself."

"Hiii!" Giannini cowered in fear as he wrapped his arms around his egg shaped body, "I am sorry Decimo!"

Tsuna rolled his eyes, "Sorry is not going to replace your destroyed laboratory, so… I am sorry, but for the next three weeks you will be in Japan and working for Kyoya in our Japan HQ."

The inventor screamed, "NOOOOOO! Please! Anything but that Decimo! Hibari-sama will bite me to death!"

Tsuna's answer to that was blunt and simple, "Then try to not make too much trouble." Because [U1] Tsuna doubted Giannini could keep himself from trouble, and he knew he had dealt the worst punishment to Giannini because Kyoya detested Giannini for being on top of his list of 'most pathetic herbivore ever' and the cloud guardian was not amused when his tonfa was sprouting flowers instead of spikes and the chain turned to ribbons. How the inventor could get his hands on Hibari's tonfa was still a mystery, and the cloud guardian was bent on biting the egg shaped man to death. "And maybe he will bite you less…"


Tsuna walked away, eager to slip back under his blanket. "It's final… "

"BUT DECIMOOOOOOO!" Giannini cried waterfall tears as he failed to latch himself on Tsuna's leg and fell face first on the ground.

The boss closed the door calmly after he coldly stated, "Your plane will leave at noon Giannini, and I expect our HQ in Japan to be intact for the next three weeks of your stay."


"NOOOO!" And with that Sawada Tsunayoshi, the benevolent leader of Vongola, left his mechanic to mourn over his execution, making a note to warn Hibari to do nothing more than threatening if Giannini did cause trouble in Japan; his clumsiness aside Giannini was still a member of his family and it was not like 99% of his family was not as explosive and destructive as Giannini, if not more.

Tsuna's study room 14:32PM

Over the years, Tsuna developed an acute sense when it came to his guardians. Some kind of weird development of his hyper intuition, which had never been recorded happening to previous bosses. He could sense their presence from miles away, something akin their flame's wave touched his senses when they were near.

And before anyone could coo over his boss' sense, (Kyouko and Haru especially) Tsuna pointed out that at first he, could only sense Mukuro. His rebellious mist guardian who was not, by any means, someone he chose to be keen of. It was all survival instinct caused by their chaotic first meeting/battle, and naturally the first one to get the honor after Mukuro was Hibari for more or less the same reason.

He can sense everyone now, but for a completely different reason. It was kind of silly that…

Tsuna blinked, then paused from signing the paper in front of him. "What was that?" Someone's flame felt so near; it felt familiar, but not one that belongs to his guardians. "Intruders? He wondered out loud, but then, why did it felt familiar and at the same time not shouting danger to him.

He narrowed his eyes as he left his office quietly, eyes set on the direction of the flame he had sensed. Most of his guardians with the exception of Lambo and Gokudera were not in the mansion, Yamamoto and Ryohei were in town to fetch a couple of paintings from a local artist as well as guarding stock from Japan at the seaport, Hibari was in Japan and Mukuro and Chrome were on a mission. Whoever infiltrated the mansion would better not run into anyone below squad leader rank, because if they were powerful enough to alert him, the chance of survival for his men would be nil. He had had enough blood spilled in the Vongola mansion because of their dark past.

He clicked the tiny button on his headphone, "Yes, Tsunayoshi-kun? Everything is fine?" Shoichi, the head of mechanics and strategist of Vongola, asked.

"Anyone suspicious got caught in our security camera?" He asked calmly.

Shoichi blinked, "No… no one." He said while looking at a giant screen on his room.

"I see…" Tsuna narrowed his eyes, "Then please check sector Y80, I felt foreign flames suddenly appear there…" Actually he had no idea where, he only knew the general direction, but that was the only place where his men were scarce in number and guarding the way to that sector heavily, but not going anywhere near. He had warned his henchmen that his guardians' training tended to be violent and he didn't want anyone to get hurt by accident.

"You mean the forest near Yamamoto's dojo?" He asked incredulously, "That's impossible! Guardians headquarters like sector Y80 are heavily guarded; no matter how strong these intruders are, they can't just waltz in there undetected!"

Tsuna rolled his eyes, "I know… I was kind of hoping that it was a false alarm on my hyper intuition's part."

Shoichi groaned, "Face it Tsunayoshi-kun, your intuition is more advanced than any security system I could invent. It has never given a false alarm for ten generations." He pointed out with an amused tone.

"Yeah, it never does…" He admitted wryly, "Anyway, can you please tell Hayato and Lambo to go secure our quarters and led all of our maids and butlers away from sector Y80? I will handle this on my own."

"That's reckless!" Shoichi didn't like his boss taking unnecessary risks when he could help it. "I will send a squad to that area!" He suggested.

"Oh… don't worry, whoever infiltrated our base is in a really bad state." Tsuna pointed out as he opened one of their secret passages, then started running through it after he closed the entrance back with the giant portrait of Vongola Ottava. "They are dying…" It was a shortcut built by Daniella, he was told about it by Nono.


Tsuna closed his eyes, sensing the flame flicker. "The flames are burning fiercely but at the same time they are flickering, and I have no intention to let them die, so please prepare our medics."

Shoichi groaned, "This will be the 23th group of intruders you send packing back to their family! You know how incredulous our rival families reacted when they got a wind of you sending assassins back after patching them up."

"Stuff those families, I will run my family the way I see fit." Tsuna said as he dashed past the exit of the secret passage that was hidden underneath the thick foliage.

200 years ago

Giotto was nervous, when usually he was not one to be, even if his intuition was screaming danger at him. Someone infiltrating the Vongola mansion was no biggie, it happened all the time since all families were eager to curb their growing power. They were a new family, but quick to expand, and in a few years they would conquer Sicily. While it was just another group of weaklings charging into their mansion, Giotto had no idea why those weaklings suddenly became so powerful after they did what Giotto considered suicide. All of them suddenly loaded a black bullet on their guns and shot themselves on the head.

The benevolent boss was startled when all of them fell on the ground, but even more so when some of them, instead of staying dead, stood up with a maniacal laugh. Their teeth became sharp and pointy like a shark's, eyes became black with yellow pupils and black flames sipped through every pore of their skin.


Giotto and his guardians were caught off guard at the sudden assault of bloodthirsty monsters, even Alaude couldn't react on time before ten berserk assassins pinned them on the ground. They quickly regained their senses as they kicked the assassins off of them, or in Knuckle's case punched them on the face. It turned out that the berserk men were stronger, but not enough to overpower them; the problem was it that it seemed like they had completely loss their sense of pain and their minds. At one point a berserker bit Asari's hand, luckily he only managed to chomp on the swordsman's long sleeves.

At this point Giotto and the rest of the guardians concluded that these men were no longer humans, they were berserk monsters. Alaude was getting irritated at the sight of them chewing on his handcuff like it was a chew toy. Daemon swung his scythe with a scowl because there was no point in using an illusion on these monsters once they lost their senses. Lampo was cursing very un-noble like when they ignored the charred skin courtesy of Lampo's attack. G was shooting non-stop, but they seemed unfazed by the bullets.

"Giotto! At this rate we will be exhausted and lose!" G yelled to his boss, "These men are zombies!" Wincing in pain when his broken left leg throbbed.

Daemon growled, "Primo! Burn them or something! I am getting irritated here!" He yelled then, glaring at the slobbering mouth that clamped on his scythe. If only these men still had their mind, Daemon swore he would wreck it beyond recognition.

Giotto groaned, ignoring the blood that dripped from his temple. "I would love to! I tried to harmonize them with my flame, but this dark flame protected them from mine!"

Knuckled raised an eyebrow as he punched the berserker who tried to jump on him, "What do you mean? Our flames work just fine!" He yelled as he pulled out two teeth that were stuck on his fist.

"But mine is not!" Giotto backhanded another one, "I have been fighting with brute force alone for a while here!"

"Freeze them!" Asari suggested as his sword went through a hard skull and came out at the other end.

Giotto rolled his eyes, "That's the second thing I tried to do after trying to burn them!" he emphasized the past tense.

"This is getting us nowhere!" G scowled angrily.

He flew up to catch his breath and suddenly his eyes caught something. He smirked as an idea popped on his mind, "Everyone! Follow me! Lead them to the eastern forest!" Then he flew away to the direction he pointed out.

Daemon scowled, "You better not be running away Primo! It's not a good idea to run from them!"

G glared at him, "Off course not! I think I know what Giotto is thinking!"

Asari blinked, then realization dawned on him. "Aha! I get it!"

Alaude gritted his teeth, "Somebody explain!" He demanded murderously.

When they arrived to a small clearing, they were startled when Giotto landed right by their side. Even more when G and Asari started to follow Giotto to climb the biggest tree on sight. Alaude, Lampo and Daemon were not happy that they had to climb a tree, but it was not like they had a choice. The next thing they were told to do was even more embarrassing.

"YOU THINK WE ARE MONKEYS?" Daemon and Lampo yelled when Giotto (tried to) hand them thick ropes that were tied on the branch like hanging vines to leap Tarzan style. Not that in nineteenth century Tarzan has been published, not yet. Daemon and Lampo who were hailed from noble families tended to have the same opinion when it comes to this kind of things.

Giotto rolled his eyes, "Yep, then I will caught you in mid-air in case you don't make it to the other side, then throw you to the nearest bush." He said, Asari's laugh was in the background as he crossed to the other side of the forest like a monkey. "And no! No time to explain why… just go along with it! You don't expect me to carry you one by one right?"

And before his noble guardians could protest Giotto shoved the ropes on their hands then pushed them off of the branch.


Daemon managed to make it to the other side, barely, but he managed to land on a fluffy bush. Lampo in the other hand had one of his legs grabbed by Giotto, and the older man threw him to the nearest bush as promised, which happened to be the same one Daemon had landed on. Daemon was not happy when Lampo landed on his stomach. Alaude landed not far away from them, looking at Giotto with a curious face. The Vongola boss landed slowly on the ground, panting slightly when their pursuers came to their sight.

"Don't move… let them try to come at us." Giotto ordered.

Alaude raised an eyebrow then smirked when he saw the clearing's ground, "I see…"


"This is getting old…" Giotto commented as the group stormed to them only to growl when they found out that their feet were starting to sink to the ground, but still chanting the death mantra.

Daemon smirked at their demise, "Take that!"

Alaude turned to Giotto, "Why did you never tell me about this? I never knew there was a quicksand here."

Asari laughed, "It's a secret because G by accident that time…"

G covered Asari's laughing mouth, "Shut it Flute-freak!"

Lampo grinned, "Oh… let me guess, G walked on this clearing like those zombies then began screaming for help. Asari and Giotto luckily came and helped you out?" He guessed with a smirk, which earned him a hit on the head by G. "OW! I am right!" He cheered, for once ignoring his throbbing head.

Giotto rolled his eyes at his guardian's antics, "Anyway… their chanting is getting to my head, I still hear them chanting even from down there."

Asari nodded, "Yeah… it's creepy, what family turned their men into mindless zombie?"

Knuckle mumbled, "Bless their soul… To die like this…"

Alaude crossed his arms, "But still… for them to voluntarily shot themselves and become like that…"

The mist guardian scoffed, "Are you stupid? From the smug face they had, I am sure these fools had no idea what exactly would happen to them. If I were their boss, I would have told them that it would make them super-powerful and leave out the insane and zombie part."

All eyes stared at Daemon in disbelief, it was logical, but the part about if he were their enemies' boss was unsettling. "Daemon… you…"

The aristocrat rolled his eyes, "Save it Primo, unlike you, other mafia bosses will do that without hesitation."

Alaude sighed, "And also... it seems not all of them rose from the dead, a good portion stays dead." He pointed out calmly, "Which means… it was a gamble on their part."

Lampo scoffed, "And I am thankful for that… ten of these are troublesome enough! I don't need forty of them coming slobbering at me with those teeth!"

Primo collapsed on the ground, and G rushed toward him. "Glad it's over… I have run out of energy…" He muttered weakly as the flame on his head flickered out.

"Giotto!" G helped him to lean on the nearest tree. Once again the storm guardian winced when his left leg protested for the stress he put on it with all that running around. "Argh…"

As if the boss' collapsing was a cue, Asari and Daemon collapsed and fell on the thick lush of grass, groaning in pain as the adrenalin rush subsided from their body. Asari laughed, "I think a few of my ribs snapped." He said as Lampo fell beside him, groaning as he clutched his stomach, mumbling about stupid zombies kicking him.

Knuckle was not wounded as bad as they were; Alaude seemed to be mostly fine except for his bleeding wrist. "Asari… "The priest shook his head, "You are the only man who would laugh over broken ribs."

The mist guardian snapped, "Stop laughing! It is giving me a headache! My ruptured lung is definitely not funny to me!" It was a miracle he was still able to breathe.

Knuckle nodded, "It's a God's blessing I am not injured as bad as you are… "He said as he grimaced at the teeth mark on his fist, "Anyway… it seems Asari and Daemon are in the worst shape here." Then he turned to Giotto, "How about you?"

"A scratch on my temple, but nothing big… mostly I am exhausted after maintaining my HDW mode for too long." He craned his neck, "Fix Asari and Daemon first, then you can help G with his leg…"

Alaude sighed," I will go fetch the doctors, it seems I am the only one who can walk back to our mansion."

The sky guardian couldn't believe his ears; Alaude was volunteering to help them before they asked? "Err thanks Alaude…" He thanked his cloud guardian awkwardly.



Giotto's eyes widened when he found he was shadowed by something, craning his neck to see a black flame the size of a horse right behind him and G. It was coming from the clearing where their enemies were buried. "Wha…" Giotto's eyes widened when the black flames sprouted like shark teeth and ready to swallow him and G.


A voice echoed on his mind as his sight was veiled by darkness, "I hate you… guardian of the sky, you and your cursed blood! Let me devour you!"

If only you never existed

If only you had NEVER accepted the contract!

Giotto braced himself, on his mind he screamed. I can't die here! I need to protect my family! To fulfill that promise… that I will always…

Suddenly flames of sky burst from his ring and the next thing he knew… when he opened his eyes he was in a forest, but not the same forest he had been in. He and G, for some reason, were more injured than before and they were bleeding heavily. In the corner of his eyes he spotted someone running towards him.

His eyes were blurry because of the blood, but he could tell it was a man around his age or maybe younger, wearing a pin striped suit like him. The man was a brunette with golden eyes like his, and for some reason he looked familiar. Giotto gasped when G pushed himself up, then shot the man with a storm flamed bullet, "G!"

Much to his shock the flame bullet vanished when it came in contact with the stranger's burning hand. G cursed loudly, "What kind of joke is this! Who are you?"

Giotto rubbed his eyes, while this stranger might be an enemy G was strangely more hostile than usual. "G… I can't see too clearly, but…" He coughed, "Why do you sound so angry?" He asked.

"I have every right to be pissed! First they attack our mansion, then they unleash a pack of insane zombies on us and now they send a freaking doppelganger of you! Or clone! Whatever he is!"

"And it's very rude of you to attack me for no reason." G paled even more, even this man's voice was the freaking same as Giotto's!

Giotto's POV

I blinked in confusion, rubbing my eyes again, and now it seemed my sight had become much better, I could see again. When I saw the stranger's face clearly, I could see why G was so pissed. This man was freaking exactly what G said, a freaking clone of me with brown hair.[U4]

"Who are you?" I asked in disbelief.

He looked confused, his gloved hand tapped against his temple. "Well… I believe I know you." He stated, "And if you really are who I think you are, then… I am not your enemy." Somehow it was a bit weird to listen to someone with the same voice as you telling you that. "But if you are an imposter, I am afraid you are in big trouble."

I was sure I didn't know him, even though he was familiar for some reason, and I am also sure I don't have a brother. The only family by blood I had left was my cousin's son Ricardo, and he looked nothing like with me. So who was this man?

"You are threatening us?" G growled angrily. "So you will try to kill us after all…damn you!" His fist clenched on his gun.

The stranger rolled his eyes, "In case you didn't notice… you are in my territory, and I am sure you don't take intruders kindly either."

G had to admit they were obviously not in the forest near their mansion anymore, even if how they could get here was anyone's guess. "So I assume you will put us in a prison…" He sneered.

The man blinked, then shook his head. "No… usually I would knock you out or if you were already beaten up senseless by my men I would simply patch you up, ask you where did you come from, then I would ship you back to your family." He listed his procedure on how to treat intruders.

The first storm guardian gaped. "What the hell?"

"That's what those dons said when I shipped their Hitmen back to them." He rolled his eyes. "It's not like those Hitmen dared to come back here, my men thoroughly traumatized them." He shook his head, "Your interest on how I run my family aside, how about I patch you up first? My medics are on standby not far from here…"

Giotto couldn't believe his eyes, this man was obviously a mafia boss, but he was so… pacifist? Weird? Kind? Stupid? He didn't know which, but he was grateful. "Err thank you very much…"

The man clicked a button on a weird device that covered his ears. "Shoichi… I found them, no wonder you can't see them on the camera. They are in the camera's blind spot, by accident I guess…" He titled his head to the side, "Call nii-san and Takeshi back, it seems you were right about my intuition."

Giotto blinked in confusion, "What?"

He ended the line then turned to the blond Italian, hands crossed as his golden eyes bored a hole on the other's. "Well then… I have a question, I need to clarify your identity."

"Uh…" Giotto stammered, "Okay…"

"Who suggested creating a vigilante group to you?" He asked calmly.

The first Vongola boss blinked, that was a weird question. No one other than him and G knew that vigilante group was not his original idea, it was not a secret, but no one bothered to ask since everyone assumed it was his idea. "Uhm… "He hesitated, but his intuition and heart urged him to trust this man. "It was my friend… Cozart Shimon."

He nodded, sighing in relieve as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulder. "I am sorry but my medics are on the way so before they arrive, may I ask you another question?"

Giotto nodded, "Yes…"

He took a deep breath, recalling a lyric his fellow sky guardian had recited to him years ago. "The sea knows no bounds… " Giotto paled as the first verse of the song echoed on his mind. "The rainbow appears from time to time before fading away…"

G was confused, "What the?"

Golden eyes narrowed dangerously at Giotto, "What did I miss…"

The Sky guardian gulped, his face was as white as paper. How did this man know that song? No one should know other than him and the sky arcobaleno! He wasn't even supposed to know the song! He knew because… because… and before he knew it his mouth opened, "The clam passes down its form from generation to generation." He said absentmindedly, "You missed the second line…"

"What the…" G was beyond confused, what the hell was going on?

The man nodded, "I am really sorry for this… my medics will arrive shortly, so please relax." Then he came closer; at first G was wary but Giotto didn't hesitate when the man helped him to rest, leaning on an oak tree. "Deep down maybe I am still…" The stranger didn't finish his sentence, "I know, but I still tested you." He laughed bitterly, "That's so cruel of me." He closed his eyes.

G rolled his eyes as he leaned on the trunk, "Whatever man… you lost me." G growled, "But still, who are you? I don't think I need to introduce myself since you claimed you know us."

Giotto blinked, he wondered why it never came to him to ask. "Oh."

The man stepped back, then bowed in respect to them like Asari did. He smiled gently, "Ah… my apologies, it's an honor to see you again, Vongola Primo… Giotto and G, the first storm guardian. It seems the Vongola rings have granted another miracle of the vertical space time axis." Then, his eyes landed on their wound, "Most likely to protect you…" He concluded.

Giotto's eyes widened when he recognized the familiar ring on the stranger's finger, it looked a little different and chained to another ring, but he recognized his ring easily. How was that possible? He had it on his finger too! Unless… this man, miracle of the vertical space time axis…

"I am Sawada Tsunayoshi." Tsuna introduced himself, "You can call me Tsuna, and I am the tenth boss of our family, Vongola… Decimo."

G stared at the man as if he had grown second head, "Decimo? Tenth?"

Giotto could hear G's mind gear creaking, his didn't do any better. "Erm… miracle of the vertical space time axis means…" He knew his time would be recorded on his ring, but he was never told that his ring could… he could imagine Talbot dancing in joy if he knew the Vongola ring could…

"Yes… " Tsuna smiled genially at them, fully enjoying their horror. He had spent too much time around Reborn and Mukuro, Tsuna chided himself. But nah… at least, Primo didn't find himself in a coffin, so probably he was not as horrified as Tsuna was eight years ago. "Today is 17th June 20XX, if that was what you wanted to ask…"

Two pairs of eyes widened in disbelief, and like any other sensible Mafiosi who found themselves two centuries in the future, Giotto and G fainted on the spot with a thump. Tsuna sweat-dropped at the sight, "At least I didn't faint that time…"

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