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Chapter One

Beep, beep, beep, beep. 'Shut up, shut up, shut up!' The beeping continued relentlesslyand Bella groaned as she rolled over in her warm, comfy bed and violently thumped the offensive object that had woken her up, knocking it on to the floor with a clatter. "Shut up!"

The girl lay on her stomach and pushed her long brown hair out of her eyes. She had a little drool in the corner of her mouth and wiped it away with the back of her hand. 'I swear to god I only went to bed five minutes ago, how can it be morning already? I don't want to move. Just let me stay here.' The clock, angry at being thrown on to the floor, started to beep again, taunting the girl. Bella sat up slowly and perched herself on the edge of her bed, leaning down to pick the clock up and turn the irritating alarm off. She placed it roughly back on her bedside table. She hated the damn thing but she needed it.

It was the beginning of another week, another Monday morning in Forks, Washington and Bella was gearing herself up for the same old dull week at Forks High School. She glanced out her bedroom window, daring to hope she might be pleasantly surprised with an appearance by the sun for a change; it was grey skies and raining. 'Well there's a fucking surprise.' She twisted and stretched her back and neck, relishing the cracking sound her body made as it began to loosen up. She grudgingly willed herself into the small bathroom across the hall from her bedroom, tripping over her sneakers on the way. 'Damn it!' She kicked the offending shoes across the room. 'Great start to the week already.' She entered the chilly bathroom and shivered. She hated Forks weather with a passion, it was always too cold. Bella stared at her reflection in the mirror as she began her morning ritual and got ready for school. As she did this she started, as she had been doing for a while now, to reflect on her life so far.

Isabella Marie Swan was seventeen years old and had lived in Forks her entire life, with Police Chief Charlie Swan. Or Dad, as he was commonly known to Bella. Her mom, Renee, had walked out on them both when Bella was very young; she had only been five years old. According to Charlie, Renee had felt trapped by her life in Forks and needed to escape and live her life to the fullest. Having a husband and daughter was a minor inconvenience she could apparently overlook. Bella had not seen or heard from her mom ever since. She didn't miss her at all. Charlie had done a great job bringing her up alone and she loved him to death.

Bella had three close, very good friends, Angela, Jessica and Eric. She had grown up with them since she met them on her first day at kindergarten and she cherished them. She, Jessica and Angela had united together to beat up a bully who had been picking on Eric and since then the four of them had been virtually inseparable. She also had a boyfriend, Mike Newton. But she certainly didn't cherish him, not any more. Mike had moved to Forks only two years ago and they had got together pretty soon after. He had pursued her relentlessly, showering his affections on her like an unwanted puppy. The more she rejected his advances, the more he chased her. Bella eventually gave in; it was easier than continuously rejecting him and he wasn't a total ass, she did like the guy. She had to admit, he had seemed almost like the perfect guy at first, attentive and fun. He had made Bella feel special. But lately, something was off with him and Bella couldn't put her finger on it. He had changed. 'He's my boyfriend. Why don't I feel totally happy with him? I don't like kissing him anymore, why? Am I doing it wrong? Is he?'

Bella couldn't help thinking that it was partly her fault something wasn't right between them. She had a good life, a loving father, very good friends, and despite his recent mood swings, a sometimes good boyfriend. She should be happy; certainly a lot of people were worse off than she was. But lately she had been feeling different. She felt almost out of place, like she didn't belong in her own skin. It was as though all of a sudden her life felt very wrong, like it had been meant for someone else to live. Like a karmic mistake.She was certain that Mike was picking up on her moods and maybe that was why he was acting funny at times. Bella frowned at her reflection and shook her head, as though the action alone would make all her thoughts and feelings be miraculously thrown out of her body, causing her to feel at peace once more.

Bella trudged back into her messy, chaotic bedroom and stripped off her tank top and boy shorts. She pulled on some plain underwear, a pair of faded ripped jeans and grabbed a checked shirt from her closet and got dressed. Bella was so not in the mood for school. She briefly contemplated lying to Charlie, pretending she didn't feel well. She soon dismissed the idea out of hand. One, Charlie never believed her unless it was totally obvious she was sick and secondly, Bella always kind of thought that if you fake being sick, you will get sick for real and no-one will believe you.

"Bella," Charlie yelled up the stairs. "Mike's here. Hurry up and get your ass down here kiddo."

"Coming Dad," she yelled back. Bella pulled on her well worn black Converse sneakers, grabbed her school bag and ran down the stairs. As she almost always did, she tripped down the last two steps.

"Woah babe, you've gotta be more careful. You don't want to hurt yourself," Mike said as he pulled Bella to her feet. "Good morning sexy." He smiled and kissed his girlfriend sloppily, his hands roaming up and down Bella's back. He normally wouldn't dare do this with Chief Swan in the close vicinity but luckily for Mike he was out of sight in the kitchen, blissfully unaware of the assault currently being launched on his only daughter's lips.

Bella reciprocated half-heartedly. 'Ugh, he probably thinks this is a good kiss. I may not have much experience but I know it must be better than this. It has to be.' At the beginning of their two years together, she had enjoyed being with Mike but now? Now she realised she was just tolerating him, kissing him and playing the part of a perfect girlfriend. Having a boyfriend certainly helped in the hell that was high school. And it gave her a pretty good social life. But now his kisses irritated her. They were not good, they were sloppy and all about him. 'Does he even care how I feel?' She pushed Mike away from her subtly,"Mmm, good morning Mike." Bella replied softly. Mike didn't even notice her subdued demeanour. 'Typical guy. They never notice anything.'

"Here you go Bella." Charlie returned from the kitchen and handed his daughter a slice of cold, burnt toast. "I'm not letting you go to school running on empty. Start getting up a little earlier okay? And when are you gonna learn that the last two steps have always been there and always will be?"

Bella laughed. "Whatever. Thanks for the toast Dad." Bella took the toast gratefully and hugged Charlie. 'Not all guys are bad.' "I'll see you tonight. I'll cook okay? Stay away from the stove!"

Charlie just rolled his eyes and grinned. "Have a good day Bells."

"You too Pops." Bella smiled at her father.

"Let's go babe, we're gonna be late. Bye Chief." Mike yelled as he grabbed Bella's free hand and together they ran out of the door. Bella hopped into Mike's truck and they headed off to Forks High, with Mike's hideous rap music blaring out of the stereo. He started talking so Bella turned the music down so she could hear what he was saying, "So, I hear we have a bunch of new kids starting today. Been a while since we had some new faces around here."

"Yeah, a family from Alaska apparently. Jessica overhead the principal in the office last Friday. I think they're going to be in our grade. According to Jess, one of the guys is massive. She snuck a look at their files. Maybe he'll be on the football team with you. The Spartans need all the help they can get," she joked, trying to fill the ride to school with meaningless conversation.

"Maybe he will. And we're not that bad, only third from bottom in the league. But I'm going to make sure the new kids know you're my girl. They better not get any ideas." Mike smiled, grabbing Bella's hand possessively, squeezing it just a little too tight and kissing it. Bella just smiled thinly and let him hold it. She hated how Mike made her feel like a piece of his personal property. 'Why doesn't he just brand me? Stamp 'Property of Mike Newton – Touch At Your Peril' right across my forehead!' She gazed thoughtfully at their entwined hands. 'It doesn't even look right. His hands are big, sweaty and rough. God, they could almost pass for the Alien Face Hugger! They squeeze mine too tight. Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with me? Come on Bella, snap out of it.' She snapped out of her thoughts, relieved that Mike hadn't noticed she had spaced out.

They pulled into the school parking lot, parking quite a way from the school entrance. Bella spotted her friends waiting for them on the steps leading into the building and waved at them as she jumped out of the truck, slamming the door. As she started to make her way over towards them Mike suddenly grabbed her arm tightly, just above her elbow, pulling her backwards sharply, "Ow! Mike that hurt. What did you do that for?" Bella rubbed her arm; she was going to have a bruise tomorrow. She glanced at her friends; they had not noticed what happened. No-one had, they were too far away.

"What are you doing running ahead of me? We walk together, you know that Bella." Mike flung his arm around Bella's shoulders, holding her close to him tightly, and they walked to their friends together. Bella's arm still hurt but she hid it. "Morning guys. Here we go again. Another week." Mike high-fived and fist-bumped Eric.

"Yeah but this time there's new kids!" Jessica spoke up excitedly, clapping her hands together, looking like an excitable sea lion, "Nothing exciting ever happens here. I wonder what they're like. I hope they're gorgeous, I like, so need a man."

"Me too." Eric agreed. "But if they're gorgeous that means unattainable."

"Aw sweetie, don't sell yourself short. Any man would be lucky to have you." Angela rubbed his head affectionately. Bella laughed as Eric swatted her off and tried to fix his hair.

"I'm sure they're perfectly normal and you'll find out soon enough Jessica Fletcher." Bella joked with Jessica, tapping her on her nose. "I feel sorry for them actually, this place is a total nightmare for new people. Everyone will be watching their every move, hoping they'll make an ass of themselves."

"But that's half the fun!" Mike exclaimed. Bella frowned. "Oh babe, it's a joke. Lighten up would ya? I promise I'll be nice if I speak to them." The early warning bell rang, signalling that classes were about to start. "Want me to walk you to class?" Mike asked.

"No thanks Mike, you're going in the opposite direction. I'm perfectly capable of walking all by myself. I'm a big girl. I'll see you at lunch okay?" Bella leant up and pecked Mike on the cheek. He didn't answer her, just watched silently as she walked away from him.

The gang all went their separate ways and Bella headed to her first class, glad to be by herself. She entered the classroom and sat in her regular seat at the back, by the window. The class was a free period so she could sit and think quietly. She had a lot on her mind. 'What is up with Mike? He really hurt my arm just now. He's starting to scare me a little. I think I need to break up with him. Yeah, that'll go down well. Maybe we can go on a break. Does that even work? Does he even know he hurt me earlier? It didn't seem like he did. He's getting so possessive. I don't like it. And this isn't the first time either.'

Bella sat silently and recalled the first time Mike had hurt her, albeit unintentionally.


It was a Saturday night and Mike and Bella were at a surprise birthday party for Jessica. The music was pounding; everyone was laughing and having a good time. In Mike's case he was having too much of a good time, drinking far too much beer. He was wasted and Bella was disgusted with him.

"Mike? I'm going to speak to Jess okay?" Bella yelled into his ear, over the music.

"Okay Bella Nella." Mike slurred, trying to hug his girlfriend and kiss her with his beer breath. Bella evaded him as best as she could, causing him to fall down on to the couch that was conveniently placed next to him.

"Mike, don't call me crap like that. And ease up on the beer; you've had way too much." Bella left Mike sprawled on the couch, glad to get away from him. She found Jessica in the kitchen with Angela and Eric and joined her friends. "Whew, Mike's loaded. Honestly, I can't stand that guy sometimes."

"Oh leave him; I want to introduce you to someone," Jessica was excited. "TYLER. Get your sweet ass over here," she laughed.

Bella looked behind her friend and saw a handsome guy walking towards them. 'Pretty cute I guess. Not really my type.'

"Bella, this is Tyler Crowley. He just transferred to Forks from Los Angeles."

"Hey Bella. Nice to meet you." Tyler held his hand out politely and Bella took it.

"Hi Tyler, welcome to Forks. How'd you end up here from LA?"

"Long story short – folks dragged me here. But everyone I've met so far has been very nice and welcoming so that makes up for it."

"I'm glad we measure up. The weather must be a real shock for someone from sunny Cali." Bella joked with him. They started chatting and easily fell into a good conversation. They were getting on well so far and Bella was enjoying talking to him. Tyler turned out to be a naturally touchy-feely guy and at the precise moment he had his hand on Bella's shoulder, Mike stumbled into the kitchen.

When he saw Bella talking to another male student, he saw red and got insanely jealous. "Bella, what are you doing?"

"Nothing Mike, just talking to Tyler. Have you guys met?"

"No. Come with me." Tyler and Jessica watched as Mike took Bella by her arm, pulled her into another room and slammed the door shut behind him. Tyler and Jessica looked at each other.

"Should we go after them?" Tyler asked.

Jessica shrugged, "Nah, he's just wasted; Bella can take care of herself. Come on, you need to meet some more people." Jessica grabbed his hand and they ran off together into the party.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Mike had flung his girlfriend forward and Bella crashed into a large oak cabinet, the sharp corners hurting her ribs. She held her throbbing side; she was shocked to say the least. "Mike, what the hell are you doing? Calm down."

"You left me. To talk to another guy. I expect you to stay with ME Bella. You're my girlfriend." And he left, swaying as he staggered back into the lounge. Bella stayed where she was, unable to believe what had just transpired. After that, the party was over for her, she was no longer in the mood. She asked Angela to drive her home; she was the designated driver for the evening. Bella blamed a sudden headache for her decision to leave. She did not let on what Mike had just done. She couldn't.

End Flashback

The next day Mike had apologised profusely for hurting her, blaming it on the alcohol. He swore he hadn't meant to do it and that it would never happen again. Well he had kept his word – until today.

'Okay, keep things in perspective here Bella. He just grabbed your arm. He didn't push or hit. He just held you back. A little hard, but it was probably an accident.'

Bella sighed, subconsciously rubbing her arm. Now that she thought about it, she could recall quite a few little incidents where Mike had held her just a bit too hard, had got just a bit too rough with his affections. She had an unnerving, strange feeling that her life was about to change completely and she didn't know how or why. What she did know, what she was almost certain of, was that there was nothing she could do to stop it. She didn't want to stop it. Her life needed to change and she would welcome it.

Something was coming. What would it be?