Summary: Hermione and Jon inform SG-1 of their new relationship.

Prompt: LJ Community 20_fics - 020. Writer's Choice "Suck it up and deal."

Hermione hesitantly glanced around. All of SG-1, General Hammond and Dr Frasier were watching and waiting to hear just why she had requested the meeting.

"Hi, sorry for the short notice but Jon and I have something to tell you." Hermione began in an uncharacteristically hesitantly voice. "I just want to say up front it is not something we decided on a whim, or to make other people uncomfortable, or-."

She was cut off when Jon covered her mouth with his broad hand and spoke.

"We're dating. Just suck it up and deal."

The reaction was mixed.

Carter's jaw dropped. Daniel sputtered. Jack looked about ready to throw a fit. Doc Frasier looked ready to rip him a new a-hole. Teal'c was inscrutable as usual. Hammond had a stern paternal expression, mouth open to start a lecture on the inappropriateness of the relationship.

Luckily Hermione got her act together.

"You don't have to act all outrageously protective. Jon hasn't seduced me or anything. It's something that just… happened."

Janet Frasier glanced around at her colleagues before stepping forward to take the lead.

"Would you try to explain How it happened?"

Hermione smiled wryly. "First of all let me reassure all of you by saying we were friends way before our feelings changed." She frowned slightly. "Changed is the wrong word. I'm not sure how to describe it."

"Try." Janet urged.

"It started after the mission to PX-2547."

Understanding dawned. "Jon was captured." Sam murmured.

"Yes." Hermione's voice was very grim. "I know I broke protocol rescuing him myself but I didn't have time. I couldn't risk waiting for SG-1 to track me down. It was then that I consciously acknowledged how important he was to me." She silently begged for understanding. "I couldn't risk losing him."

"It started way before that for me." Jon began speaking when it was clear Hermione was too shaken to continue speaking. "Like Hermione said she was a friend who understood where I was coming from, my history, and she wasn't afraid. The first time we visited the enclaves for that shopping trip I saw that she had a whole other life I knew nothing about, a life that she could easily return to, and leave me behind. I didn't like that but I kept quiet because it would be Her Choice."

Hermione smiled tearfully and reached out to cover his hand with hers and squeeze it reassuringly.

"You don't have to worry about that." Her voice was wry and wistful. "None of them See Hermione Granger, just the public image."

"And what about your friends from before? The ones who visited you?" Sam inquired carefully.

She straightened. "They are just friends. I don't have any obligation to chain my future to theirs." Her voice was firm and resolute before turning acidic. "Besides I went to school with most of them. They never saw me as a female or desirable, just one of the guys, good old Hermione who'll help you finish that essay due tomorrow, or cram for the test coming up."

Sam winced. She could easily see that happening. It happened to her until she found enough self-esteem and confidence to say No.

Jon lifted her hand and brushed a kiss across the back. "Don't. They are blind fools. Immature brats who don't have the sense to appreciate a strong woman."

Janet Frasier and Sam Carter blinked and stared at Jack O'Neill.

"Hey! I feel the same way about confident women. I just don't say it. Besides, there is something very sexy about smart capable women who can put me in my place!"

Jon laughed. "I definitely agree! Smart and powerful is very sexy. Especially when she's saving my ass!"

Hermione blushed but smiled as the others laughed.

Then Daniel smiled wistfully. "Does your mother know?"

Hermione snorted softly. "Of course! She's the one who pushed me to acknowledge the changes in my feelings." She glanced around. "I know fraternization is not permitted in the military but neither Jon nor myself are enlisted soldiers. We're civilian employees."

General Hammond considered her point and nodded. "You do have a point. I will permit it with some restrictions." His expression turned stern. "You must maintain a professional relationship and be subtle, especially in public. I don't want our political enemies to use this as leverage against SGC."

Jon nodded, his expression very calm and certain. "Understood General."

And Hermione mimicked his action. "Of course. I don't want everyone gossiping about us." She smiled at Jon. "Besides, everyone on base knows we are friends, they don't need to know how friendly."

General Hammond sighed. "I can't believe I'm saying this but you have my blessings."

"Thank you General."

"And mine." Daniel Jackson smiled at his female relative.

Janet Frasier glowered at Jon. "You better treat her right or I'm coming after you with some extra long needles."

Samantha Carter nodded slight and smiled wistfully.

Teal'c nodded once indicating his acceptance.

Everyone turned to Jack O'Neill who appeared to be sulking before he too caved in under the unified pressure.

"Okay, okay! I'm okay with it too."

Hermione heaved an internal sigh of relief. She would not have given Jon up but without the support of their co-workers, those Jon was most close to, it would have been very uncomfortable. She squeezed the hand of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend. She smiled broadly. She was so looking forward to an extended downtime and showing Jon off to her friends and family back in England.

Jon relaxed. It was great to have SGC's support. He hoped Kinsey didn't stick his nose in. Oh, actually he hoped Kinsey did show up and make a nuisance of himself. Hermione never had much patience with ignorant bigots. He couldn't wait to see how she cut Kinsey down to size.

One thing Jon was sure of… The future wouldn't be boring with Hermione around.


The End