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Chapter 1:

Dreams of Forever

I watched the man run. He always ran, that man with old white hair, and as I watched, his skin grew golden. Then he changed. Now there was a new man, but yet he was the same man. Now his clothes grew golden, and changed as well, to new clothes that the new man obviously liked. This process happened quite a few times, as I was used to. When the man had brown sticky-up-y hair in the front, the kind that sort of defies gravity, and his brown suit that fit perfectly over his scrawny body, I knew it was over, and this view-point would change.

But I was wrong.

The man's skin turned golden for a 10th time, and he became even thinner, his hair still brunette, and this time kind of… fluffy. His clothes changed and he now wore a tweed jacket, suspenders, and a bowtie. I would have asked, 'Why a bowtie; Why not something else?' But then the view-point changed.

I saw the man, the tenth one mind you, and watched so very many scenes flash by of his lifetime, up to his 'death'. This had happened the last time too, when the ninth had changed, but number 9 hadn't lived as long before he 'died'. There was a moment though, when I saw a young boy, not much younger than myself, and heard him speak.

"Because I've seen him. He's… like fire, and ice, and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever, He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And… He's wonderful."

I saw the scene speed away, and felt awed. Had this man been like that? Like fire and ice and rage? Wonderful? Granted, I've never met him, so these questions seemed normal. The scene changed again, and I saw my necklace, a key on a chain, the key I've had since I was born, and it was glowing, pulsating if you will. I suddenly felt light on my tightly closed eye-lids and I saw my dream, my ever repeating dream, fade away.

But the glowing key was new. I opened my eyes, expecting to be at home, in my bed, but instead I was on my grandparents couch.

"That's right, I'm in London, visiting over break for a week. I've been here for two days. Huh. How did I forget that?" I thought.

"Aisling, get up! It's ten in the morning, my goodness girl, how late did you stay up?" And here comes the wrath of Grandma, because I did not get up when I said I would. I groaned, and fell out of my bed as I tried to stand. I felt the breath get knocked out of me when I hit the ground unexpectedly.

"'Ello ground, this is a GRAND day so far, isn't it?"

"Aisling, please, just get- oh my dear are you alright?" And she sees!

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine, just please call me Lin, Grandma!"

"I can call you whatever I want, I'm your grandma. Now get off the ground, silly girl, I made you waffles, the kind with chocolate-" And I'm downstairs, waiting to be able to scarf down food. After all, she said chocolate, my favorite thing in the world of food. After I ate, I got dressed, grabbed my messenger bag and threw in my favorite things, told Grandma I'm going out, and left. I walked aimlessly for a while, and soon got lost. I didn't care. I grabbed my necklace as I thought of the new parts of my dreams. I took it off and stared at it, staring at the key. No doubt about it, the key in my dreams was mine. I fingered it and walked along, when I noticed something.

The key burned.

I gave a short shriek and dropped it, and noticed something else. It was glowing. I picked it back up by the chain and held in in front of my face. Yes, it was definitely glowing. Then it leaned forward. I swung my hand back and the key stayed up, pointing forward. Curiosity took over common sense and I walked forward. I crossed a street and the key turned left. I turned left and the key seemed to be pointing forward again. I kept following it for a while, and then it suddenly stopped glowing and fell. I looked around. Had I reached my destination? I saw an old police box, and thought, maybe that's what I needed to find. I looked around me and saw a huge crowd, the one I had been oblivious to the whole time. How did they not notice this box? I walked up to it and tried pushing the doors. It didn't work. I tried pulling them. That didn't work either. Then it hit me.

It's locked.

And I have a key. So I tried the key, hands shaking. For years I had been trying to figure out what my key went to, and I may finally find out.


I gently pushed open the door, and saw the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and would ever see. It was bigger on the inside, but it was so… pretty. It had some sort of console, and I ran my hand over said console in the middle of this room.

"You, my friend, are so very, very, beautiful." I said quietly.

"Oh. Hello. Don't touch that, you'll destroy my fez room!" I whipped my head around to see a man. A strange man. A man with a tweed jacket, suspenders, and a bowtie.

"Who the 'ell are you!" I shouted.

"Oi! You're the one who came into my TARDIS without permission!"

"Your TARDIS? I have the key! Doesn't that mean this pretty thing is mine?"

"When did you take my key?"

"I've had this key since I was born!"

"WH-what? That's… That's impossible!"

"It showed me, the key lead me here!"

"Let me see it, let me see that key."

"Only if you show me yours." He took out a key from his pocket, and I held my key by its chain. Both ordinary keys, less ordinary thing they go to.

"They're the same… the EXACT same?" I exclaimed.

"Okay… this is new… I like new things, no I don't, stop talk, who are you, what's your name?"

"Lin, call me Lin."

"Your entire name."

"Aisling Mei Lin."

"Hello, Aisling." He said, "I'm the Doctor."

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