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Chapter 2:

Doctor, Meet Mum!

"Hello Aisling," He said, "I'm the Doctor."

"The Doctor?"

"Yes, the Doctor. Now, Aisling-"


"-Lin, okay, when were you born and where?" He went over to the console.

"… Hmmm…" I curled my dirty blonde hair around my finger, in thought, trying to remember where I was born, "I don't remember where. Better ask Mum."

"Right, ask your mum, now where does she live?"

"Wait, why am I telling you these things anyways?" He turned back to me.

"Because we are going to figure out who gave you that key."

"Right, but mum and I live in Leadworth." He froze and his face looked troubled.

"Leadworth… right…"

"It'll take a couple of hours to drive there." I said.

"What? Driving? No, no, no, we are going the fun way!" My eyes widened.

"The-the fun way? What's that?" I asked, frantic, as I realized this man was a stranger, and I just told him where I live. Not only that, this thing is BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! And it has a console thing! And This Doctor fellow is the person that was in my dream for so many years!

"TARDIS Time travel." He said with a grin, and pulled a lever. I instantly was thrown backwards, and in my panic, I grabbed his jacket.

"Let go! I need to fly the TARDIS!" He shouted over my screams of fright. We got launched to the right, left, forwards, then back once more. He seemed to keep us from falling into the next room over by holding the console, "Grab the rails!"

"Oh! Okay!" I grabbed onto the rails, and held on for dear life. Once the thing- he called it a TARDIS? - stopped, I fell to my knees and gasped for air, my shrieks from earlier making my lungs hurt.

"Okay. Good. Leadworth, right? Well here we are!" The Doctor exclaimed. He walked outside, and I saw Main Street.

"But- How- When?" I stuttered.

"TARDIS time travel. We flew here from London."

"You-You're not human, a-are you?" I whispered.

"If you must know, no I'm not. Does it scare you?"


"Knowing an alien with a 'magic box'?"

"I think it's cool."

"Where's your mum then?"

"OH! C'mon, this way!" I took him to my house.

"MUM! WHERE ARE YOU MUM?" I shouted. I saw her poke her head out of the kitchen.

"In here Lin! Wait, weren't you supposed to be and your grandparents house?"

"I met this man, he's a doctor-"

"-What's his name?" The Doctor came in right then.


"Who are you?"

"It's me the Doctor! I wore a suit, brown hair that stuck up in the front?" My mum's eyes widened.

"Mum, you two know each other?"

"That's- She's your mum?" The Doctor exclaimed.

"Yeah, so?"

"Aisling, go to your room please." Mum interrupted.

"But mum-!"

"- Now Aisling." I groaned as I climbed the stairs to my room. I sat on my bed, and turned on my laptop, after taking it out of my messenger bag, crossed my legs, and went to YouTube. I hate it when the grown-ups talk. I'm 14! I sighed, before opening a new tab and checking my e-mail. Let's see…

"OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD!" I screamed. Mum and the Doctor ran upstairs and slammed open the door, the Doctor with this green glowing thing out, and mum with a frying pan. I jumped up and down on the bed, excited.


"Lin!" Mum scolded.

"What did she just say?" The Doctor asked confused. I realized I had spoken in complete gibberish so I spoke slower this time.

"I got an e-mail from the model of Petrichor! It was a school project to send a letter to someone famous that lived nearby, so I chose Amelia Pond, because she lived in the big old house in town!" The Doctor's face paled. I didn't understand why, but honestly, I could care less right now.

"What's it say?" Mum asked.

"She wants to come over and meet me!" I yelled.

"Lin! Indoor voice!"

"Sorry mum."

"Okay, um, when's she coming?" The Doctor asked.

"Today, in about an hour." I answered.

"Right, I can't be here."

"Why not?"

"She, um, thinks I'm dead." I stared at him.

"You mean to tell me, Doctor, that she thinks you are dead? You faked your death?"

"I didn't want to, it was that or really actually die!"


"Not my fault, some people just wanted me to be dead!" My mum cleared her throat.

"Doctor. Please, just shut up." She said. His mouth opened and closed mindlessly.

"… So, Mum, want to see his magic blue box?" I suggested. I heard him protest behind me as I dragged her downstairs, outside, and directly to the box. She didn't even try to stop me. When I got to the door, I unlocked it, and walked her inside. The Doctor came running in a few seconds later, and slammed the door. He didn't look too happy.

"Oh, she's even prettier than she was before!" Mum exclaimed.

"You've seen it before! Gosh darn it!" I shouted. I can't swear or anything around Mum, I'll get in trouble. I heard the box make an angry sort of sound.

"What in heck was that?" I asked.

"You've gone and made her upset." The Doctor answered, stroking the console lovingly.

"But it's a machine. How can a machine get upset?" There was another angry noise and I flinched.

"SHE is alive." The Doctor said.


"The TARDIS is a living thing; she has a soul and everything."

"Okay. What can she do? She took us here from London. What does TARDIS mean?"

"TARDIS: Time And Relevant Dimensions In Space. She can travel through time and space. She even translates any language into something you understand."

"So you could be talking in like, Latin, and it would sound like English to me?" I summarized.

"Yes. But I am not speaking Latin."

"Gallifreyan, right?" I said, instantly sure of this.

"Yes, Gallifreyan…. Wait, how did you know that?" He looked shocked. I got confused.

"Know what?"

"That I speak Gallifreyan, how did you know?"

"What the heck is Gallifreyan?" Okay, this is weird; he's claiming I said things I didn't say.

He looked into my eyes. "Where am I from?"

"Gallifrey." Again, I knew instantly.

"What did you just say?"

"I didn't say anything." What the heck? I didn't say anything!

"Something is very, very wrong with your memory."

"What's wrong with my memory? What are you talking about?"

"I haven't tried this yet since I've regenerated, but it looks like I'll have to see what's changing your memories."

"What are you-?" He put his fingertips on my temples and closed his eyes. My head hurt as an unwanted visitor came inside.

"It's okay. I won't hurt you. I promise." He whispered.

"I trust you."

She is magikcal! lol Lin's mum-mom-mother is someone from the Doctor's past- I wonder if you know who! Tell me if I got the first name wrong for the mom because I think I got it right.