Chapter 2: Little Shopping Spree Long Blue Dress

'Fine! But you have to help me pick a dress! That means SHOPPING!' I said pointing at Piglet.

'Totally!" She gave Tigger and Eeyore a hug. 'Bye-Bye!' She said very quietly.

'Later' I said and we were off. 'So…We need to stop by my house to drop off my stuff and grab my money okay.'

'Sure, I love to visit with your mom. She is so out there!' she said with her little I'm a freak smile.

We walked through the door and I could tell no one was home. It was silent.

'Guess she's not here. Sorry, you can visit with her later.'

'Okay,' we ran upstairs and shoved our stuff on my bed and grabbed my wallet.

'Let's go' I said.

'To Bridal Connection, we go!' She said. 'What kind of dress do you want?'

'I want a long strapless one, with a big puffy bottom. Like something that someone would wear to a Quinceañera.' I could picture it now. It would be so beautiful.

'Blue would be a complementitive color on you. I'm thinking a sky blue, maybe a navy blue.'

'And what are you going to get,' I said.

'Well I am thinking short and fun to wave. I defiantly want some straps. I honestly don't know.'

'Well, I am thinking purple for you! Like a plum purple or a pale purple. I don't really know. It could be beautiful.' When we had gone to homecoming she wore this beautiful purple dress. She was even claimed most beautiful homecoming princess. She was only a freshman when that happened.

We walked into the store and were immediately greeted by Paige. 'Hello, girls. Did you come back for your homecoming this year?'

'Actually, we did not; we came to get dresses for a party tonight,'

'What are you looking to wear?' she said.

'Well I am looking for something puffy at the bottom and strapless. We were thinking maybe sky blue. And my friend Bree was looking for something purple with straps. I was thinking something long and she was thinking short. We need them be 6:30 tonight.'

'Well okay. I think I have the perfect dress for you, Faith. Your friend may be a little more difficult but we will figure it out,' she said. She ran to her favorite place-the closet. She came out with a royal blue dress with sparkles at the top and a big puffy bottom. 'Try this one; it is one of my favorites. It should fit unless you grew again,' she said smiling and investigating Bree. I went into the dressing room and put on the big dress. It barely hit the floor and it fit perfectly. I was inspecting myself in the mirror when I heard Bree scream. I rushed out knowing that I can fight in a dress and I started looking around. Bree walked out of the dressing room and gasped.

'And I thought I looked good! This is perfect!' she screamed to Paige. She looked amazing. She had a plum purple dress that went to her knees. It did not have sparkles but it had awesome ruffles. It was amazing.

'These are amazing. They are perfect. We will take them.' I told Paige.

'When do I ever fail?' she said and then laughed. 'The sky blue one is ninety dollars and the purple one is one-hundred and twenty five.'

'Oh no…' Bree started.

'I got it, Bree' I pulled out my wallet. 'Get our stuff though,' I handed Paige my credit card.

'Is this one actually yours?' she said.

'Yes! I pay for it with my job! I am 17 years old!'

'Sorry! I had to check,' she scanned the card and we walked out.

'So, Bree I still have ninety bucks left. Want to get our hair done?'

'Why wouldn't I?' she smiled.

'To Great Clips we go' I shouted. We jumped into the car and threw our stuff in the back. We drove to Great Clips flaunting our dresses. We practically ran into Great Clips.

'Hello, what can I do for you?'

'Well, we want you to style our hair to match our dresses,' I said with a smile.

'Perfect. We can do that and by the way you girls look beautiful,' she said, 'if you could just sit here,' she motioned at a couple chairs. Bree and I sat in them and were just smiling.

One girl went to me and one girl went to Bree. Her soft brown hair was straightened to the middle of her back. They started curling her hair. It was amazing what detail they were using. Everything would be beyond great. Bree was looking at me with aw. That means I must look good to. I couldn't believe how great today was going to be! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

I looked around the little shop. It had a 90's theme and on every mirror was a decoration of a name. I was sitting at Bethany and Bree was sitting at Ann. The other mirrors had Brittany, Brittney, Clarisse, Marissa, Gary, and Lori. Each name had its own creative colors and drawings. The most exquisite drawing was at Clarisse. She had the most beautiful rose surrounded by a heart that I had ever seen. In pink letters there was a coma after Clarisse and 'Will you marry me?' and in blue letters 'YES!' It was remarkable. That is one of the cutest things I had seen all day.

At the entrance there was a little resister and a sign that named all the options. There were only 4 waiting chairs. The shop was playing 'Calling all angels' by Train. I had been going to the same hair shop since I was 7 and it seemed amazing that everyone changed so much that I don't even know who half of the people are.

'Ok… I am done," she swiveled me around so I could see in the mirror, "How do you like it?'

I couldn't believe that was me in the mirror. My hair was curled. It was pulled up with a crown on the top. There was about half of my hair hanging down to the middle of my back. I was shocked that my hair still went that low because that means my hair went well past my butt when it wasn't curled. 'I love it!' I squealed and just looked at myself in amazement. I looked over at Bree and she was even more beautiful than me. Her hair was curled and it all hung down. It looked amazing.

'Faith! You look amazing! I am so excited! We have to get going though, because it is already 6:45,' she said looking amazed.

'Sista, you look better than I do but your right we really got to go. How much will this be?' I said as I grabbed my cash and walked to the register.

'Free,' She said and smiled, 'You two look amazing and this store is doing amazing so it is ok.'

'Thank you so much!' We ran out of the store and jumped in the car. It was time to go to this party. I was secretly hoping that they were right about this party. That we weren't supposed the guests of humiliation