Chapter 5

I woke up, and looked at the clock, it was 8 am. WERE THE FUCK IS FRANKIE? Did he leave me? What to I do? I got up and saw a letter

Morning honey,

First of all, Happy Birth Day! I left to do something very important and I'll be back in about a hour. And don't worry I didn't leave you.

Love you,

Frank 3

I hope he's okay. And nothing happened to him. I mean maybe I'm over reacting but what if he has some other girl? As soon as he'll be back I'll talk to him. I got dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and black high heel shoes with neon pink and neon green ribbons. I went down stairs to eat my birthday breakfast and saw my parents standing in the kitchen, they were talking. Yeeeey! Today my birthday breakfast and I hope its not pancakes. I was right, it was peanut-butter sandwiches. I heard someone come in and ran to the door to see if its Frankie.

It was him! "Frankie where were you?" he showed me his hand. He had a tattoo and it said Suzie written on it, with hearts. I suddenly go so happy and my eyes filled up with tears. "Oh my god! Frankie! I Love You!" I shouted and jumped up to kiss him my dad looked at us with a bit degusted face, but I didn't care I was so happy that Frankie tattooed my name on his inner hand. We ate breakfast and went upstairs… In my room, we sat down on my bed and just stared at each other. Suddenly, we our lips touched. We started kissing. We stood up, not stopping and I pushed Frankie to the wall and we french kissed. It was So hot! Frankie took of his shirt, and started unbuckling his belt, but we stopped. "Frankie, we can't…" "not in my parents house…" I said. "Ok… But when we find our own place…" He said not finishing. „Don't worry Frankie, It's not that I don't want to… because I do… but if my parents see us… they'll throw us out…" I replied. "Ok honey, I understand." He kissed my nose and got dressed. " but we still can cuddle" I said. He smiled, and we both jumped on my bed. We kissed and hugged.

Dear diary,

Today was awesome! Best birthday ever! Frankie tattooed my name in his hand, and we almost had sex. We kissed and then Frankie started undressing, but my parents were in the house so I was afraid that they'll se us and kick us out. When me and Frankie will have our own place we'll be able to have sex every day xD.


I put my dairy in my shelve and we sleep.