I don't want to die. I wish with everything I was still in Jake's bed, wrapped in his arms. I can still feel his kisses pressed lightly to my skin, his hands skimming my sides, his forearms flexing as he thrust inside me.

A deep raw ache ignites in my belly. But I don't stop. I keep trekking through the dark woods. I have to find out what's going on with Edward. Maybe I'm being stupid and reckless, but I can't sit around and wait for him to show up. And I don't believe he'd kill me either.

I finally see it. The Cullen's house. It's completely dark, like a large imposing monster in the middle of the woods. I take a deep breath and climb the stairs, letting myself in.

It's eerily quiet. And I move as silently as possible through the dark halls. A sad melody shatters the silence. I find Edward, hunched over the piano, playing, his eyes closed.

"Bella," he whispers in a strained voice. "What are you doing here?"

"Me? What are you doing Edward? Why did you tell me to come back here? Then attacked me!"

I watch him flinch at my words, but he still doesn't turn to face me. His profile is in shadows, but I can still see the deep purple bruises under his eyes.

"Bella, you need to leave."

"Why?" Defiantly I cross my arms over my chest.

He lifts his head and turns to face me, wrinkling his nose. "You smell like him."


"Bella, he'll protect you. Go back to him."

"Protect me from what?"


"I don't understand. What happen to you?" I move closer and he instinctively leans away. His eyes are almost all black and as I get closer I can see the warring emotions flickering across his face.

"You wouldn't understand. You need to leave," he pleads, his voice sounds hoarse and strained.

"What wouldn't I understand? That you sent me back here just so you could attack me?"

"Everything I've done, I've done for you!" He shouts. He stands up fast, knocking over the piano bench.

I step closer. "Tell me what the hell you're talking about Edward!"

He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. The familiar gesture makes me angry.

"Aro wants you Bella. He's always wanted you," he begins. "I knew he was coming for you, that's why I told you to come back to Forks. So Jacob could protect you. But after you left he and some of his minions kidnapped me. He didn't even bother to torture me. He has a vampire who can control minds. Her gift is compulsion."

I furrow my brow. "So're working for Aro because he has some freaky mind control over you ordering you to bring me back to him?"

He nods, slowly, grimacing. He hands are curled into tight fists, his expression strained. The silence and tension stretches between us, and I realize too late that I need to run.

Edward's strong arm clamps around my waist, his other hand cover my mouth, muffling my scream. Is it too much to hope that Jake's super wolf hearing could hear me?

I struggle against him. He's weak from not feeding, and I manage to kick him hard in the crotch. His grip loosens just enough for me to wiggle free. I run into the kitchen and grab the largest knife I can find. But Edward's too fast and before I get a good grip, it clatters to the floor as he wraps his arms around me and slams me against the cabinets.

"Not this time, love," he breathes against my neck. "I told you to leave, you always were a stubborn girl."

Struggling, tears sting my eyes, panic and pain claw at my throat. "Edward, this isn't you. You said you'd never hurt me!"

"I lied," he chuckles darkly. Whatever part of my Edward that still existed a moment a go, is gone now. "Maybe I should just drain you now. I've always wanted to taste your blood again."

I'm pressed hard against the counter; the granite digs into my skin. Edward's hard body covers my back. He sweeps my long hair to the side, revealing my neck. The tender movement and following caress makes me sick; I feel the bile rising in my gut.

He leans closer, kissing my neck. "And I'm so hungry, love."

He's distracted and the block of knives is right in front of me. If I could just get one hand free...

I do. I wiggle one arm free and grab a knife. Without thinking, without planning, I drive the knife backwards into Edward's side. He lets go of me with a grunt and stumbles back. I try again to run, but he catches me by the wrist and drags me back.

Edward removes the large knife from his side and poises it right about my arms. Slowly, he drags the blade across my skin, and red blood blooms from cut. He swipes a finger across it and then smears the crimson liquid across his tongue.

"Oh god," he moans, closing his eyes. I think I'm going to be sick. He bends his head and I reach back, grappling for another knife. Just as I feel the blood dripping down my arm and his tongue slide across my skin, I stab him in the heart.

Shock crosses Edward's face a moment before he staggers back. I push the blade in all the way to the hilt. He collapses onto the floor, still as stone.

A second later, Jacob burst through the door, looking crazed. He doesn't hesitate. His arms wrap around me and he pulls me against his chest.

"God, Bella, you're so stupid, what were you thinking?"

Trembling I collapse against him, clinging to his shirt. He pulls back, frames my face with his hands. "Are you okay, Bells?

I nod, but he checks me anyway, his hands slide over the slick blood on my arm. After he cleans my arm and wraps his shirt around it for a makeshift bandage, he carries Edward's body into the front lawn and burns him.

Without another word, he grabs me hand, intertwining our fingers and takes me home.


There are no words between us at first. He kisses me, softly, slowly, the same way he undresses me. His hands grip my hips with just enough force to tell me he is in control. It sends a thrill through my body.

He turns me around. His soft full lips kiss my neck as he whispers in my ear, "Are you going to let me protect you Bella?"


His lips trail over my bare shoulder and his fingers slide down my belly, just grazing the place where I need him to touch most.

"God, baby, you're so wet."

I whimper as his fingers slide against me. His skin is so hot, his touch so gentle, his words erotic. It makes me feel free, wild, sexy and unrestrained. I bend over his bed, gripping the sheets and arch my back.

"Fuck, you're so sexy," he mummers. Jake grips my hips and slides into me slowly. He kisses my neck, wraps one arm around my middle, gliding up to cup his hand around my breast.

"Jake," I moan, pushing my hips back, urging him to move. "Please."

"I need to hear you say it," he says.

"I love you," I tell him and he pulls back and then thrust again, sending electric jolts of pleasure coursing through my veins. "I'm yours, forever."