So...Yeah. My fist...I don't know what you'd call this. There will be a lemon next chapter. Maybe I'll be better at that.

Alfred was minding his own business. Really and truly he was, but…curiosity got the better of him. He only wanted to see what Gilbert and West did privately, you understand? Who would not? The two 'brothers' were handsome to say the least. There was always something about them that drew Alfred in. They were, in his mind, forbidden. After the second war, Alfred had always liked them, even when everyone else hated them. Alfred felt sorry for them. They were taken in under a monstrous man. After all, Ivan has done the same things as they had. Only his wasn't noticeable at the time.

Anyhow, here Alfred is, hiding in the brother's closet, waiting. Alfred tenses at the sound of the door opening. This is a bad idea. No, this is a horrible idea! If he jumps out now, he can pretend he was trying to scare the-

Gilbert shuts the door behind him, and enters the room. He strips off his shirt revealing pale muscled flesh. True, he's not as big as his brother, but he is very, very, well developed. Alfred places a hand over his mouth and watches. Gilbert runs his hand through his hair and sighs. His entire body seems to be tense. His skin is stretched taunt over his muscles and bone.

"Fucking tell me to go to the room. Why the hell should I? He's not going to be here, the God damned bastard. I'm not his fucking man whore. You know what Bird? Fuck him. I'm gonna start without him," Gilbert mutters as he paces the floor like an animal in a cage. Oh, he's in a cage alright. A cage without sex!

Alfred quietly watches from his hiding place as Gilbert strips out of his pants and boxers. His mouth drops open at the sight of Gilbert's naked flesh. He looks like a tiger, strong and fast. Like a hunter. Alfred tries to ignore the bulge growing in his jeans. He's just getting fat…that's it… Gilbert walks slowly over to the stereo, teasingly swishing his ass like he knows someone is watching. After he chooses 'Flesh for Fantasy' ,by his favorite awesome band, Megaherz, he places himself in the center of the bed, closes his eyes, and trails his fingers down his stomach and to his groin. Alfred swallows the dry lump in his throat as his heart kicks up a notch.

Gilbert lets out a sexy sigh and takes his cock in his hand. Slowly, he pumps up and down with his hand. Smiling as his member reacts to his skilled touches, he reaches for something in the bedside drawer. He smiles victoriously as he pulls out a bottle of chocolate flavored lube. Gilbert squeezes the slick and pleasant smelling substance into his hand and rubs it on his cock. A low groan escapes from his lips, as he squeezes his cock harder. His red eyes droop into slits as pleasure over comes him. Gott, I'm awesome.

Alfred pushes a hand down his pants, to his aching and throbbing cock. He is not supposed to be attracted to this. It is not supposed to feel this good. He bites his lip as he strokes his cock up and down slowly. Alfred leans his head back and it brushes across a few hangers.

Gilbert pauses in his ministrations, as a sound comes from his closet.

Alfred freezes as Gilbert looks at his hiding spot. Please don't see me. Please don't see me. Alfred will, literally, be caught with his hands down his pants. Sweat forms on his brow and his breathing stops. If Gilbert catches him, he will kill him. There is no denying that. It is strange to think that Alfred, the one who had laws against being gay, is in a man's closet watching him masturbate…and very much getting off himself. Alfred doesn't care. Right now, all he knows is that he feels amazing.

Gilbert smiles to himself as he continues. His voice becomes breathy as he moans and groans into the air. His hand pumps fast and hard now, just how he likes it. His back arches and his stomach tightens. His hips buck up into his hand, trying to get more of anything.

Trying to contain his moans, Alfred bites his lip harshly. He should not be doing this. Alfred's cock twitches against his hand and he grips it again, slowly rubbing the tip. He really should not be doing this. He tries to keep his breathing calm and steady as he watches the beautiful man stroke and rub his cock head. Getting an idea, he mimics Gilbert's movements. The only thing he cannot tell his how hard Gilbert is gripping his cock. Alfred will only have to guess it is hard, seeing is how Gilbert is a known masochist, Alfred assumes he is right. Before he can stop it, a moan escapes from his lips, but he doesn't notice. He only notices how good he's feeling.

Gilbert's eyes dart to the closet once more. Now he knows someone is in there watching him. Who could it be though? Gilbert rubs the head of his cock too roughly and hisses at the friction. A quiet 'hnn', comes from the closet again. Gilbert smiles, 'might as well let them finish,' he thinks to himself. Gilbert, feeling the tightening in his stomach and the ache in his cock, knows he is close to finishing. From the breathy noises coming from his closet, he guesses the other person is too. Over the smell of his chocolate lube and arousal, Gilbert smells something oddly familiar. What is that…It smells like hamburgers and…Alfred. A sly grin crosses Gilbert's face.

"Mmn. Alfred," Gilbert breathes out seductively. "Alfred, Gott. Yes, make me come Alfred." Gilbert resists the urge to cackle when he hears something fall in the closet.

Alfred falls to his knees when Gilbert, moans his name. His hand mimics Gilbert's erratic pace. They're both close to exploding into an orgasm. Alfred clenches his jaw as his muscles contract and spasm, as he comes into his jeans. Just then, the door flies open and a naked Gilbert stands in front of him in all his glory.

"Hallo, Alfred."