"Kesesese. You really think that was your punishment? No, that was your reward for obeying me. Your punishment hasn't even started yet, Alfred."

Alfred shudders and pulls on the cuffs. The metal slowly starts to bend and Alfred smiles. He yelps when Gilbert brings a crop down over his abs.

"Alfred, if you break those, you won't be able to handle the punishment. I can promise you that." Alfred looks up at Gilbert, and knows that he is telling the truth. "You begged me not to stop Alfred. So I won't."

"I've changed my mind. I don't want to do this anymore. Let me go, Gilbert. I promise, I won't tell anyone a-"

"That's it, I'm gagging you."

"Don'.." Alfred glares up at Gilbert as he pulls out a black ball gag. Gilbert ignores Alfred's protests as he harshly puts the ball gag in his mouth. Alfred tries to yell at the German around the gag, but all that comes out is drool. Oh that's just fucking great. Now I'm drooling.

Gilbert laughs and kisses Alfred's jaw. "The more you try and talk, the more you're going to drool. Keep that in mind." Gilbert gets up from the bed, and walks to his closet. Fear and panic start to rise in Alfred's body. True, Alfred can break the cuffs, but Gilbert will hurt him if he does.

Gilbert opens a black leather trunk and looks inside it. What to use, what to use… Gilbert pulls out a vibrator, but not just any vibrator, a p-spot vibrator with a cock ring. iThere's no way it can slip out. /iGilbert grabs a pair of clamps and returns to the bed where Alfred is.

Alfred's eyes grow wide at the site of the contraption in Gilbert's hand. His cock is starting to go soft and he hopes that Gilbert will just let him go.

"Do you know what this is, Alfred? No? Okay, well this little ring, goes around your dick and balls, like this." Gilbert grabs Alfred's cock and slips the ring on. Alfred makes a chocked noise and looks down at his bound dick. "And this part, goes in your ass." Gilbert smiles and kisses Alfred's thigh. "But first, let's put these on." Gilbert takes out the clamps and smiles down at Alfred.

Alfred breathes through his nose at a fast pace as he watches Gilbert. Why the hell did he think this was a good idea?

Gilbert draws one of Alfred's nipples into his mouth and sucks. Alfred groans and arches his back, thrusting his nipple further into Gilbert's warm mouth. Gilbert grins and pulls away.

"Thought you wanted me to stop?" Gilbert asks as he closes the clamp around Alfred's nipple.

"Hnn!" Alfred jerks and twists in his bindings as Gilbert repeats the process with his other nipple. Alfred squeezes his eyes shut and clenches his hands.

Gilbert licks his way down Alfred's chest and to his cock. He looks up seductively at Alfred and takes the half erect member into his mouth. Alfred groans and bucks into the Prussian's mouth. He feels his cock getting harder and tighter inside the ring. While distracting him, Gilbert lubes up a finger and slowly slips it inside Alfred's tight hole. Alfred tenses up and tries to push it out. Gilbert sucks harder on Alfred's cock, to try and relax him, but it doesn't work.

Gilbert pulls away and leans over him. "Alfred, if you don't relax, this will hurt badly. Breathe and relax."

Alfred glares up at him and struggles to say, 'you fucking relax', but all that comes out are muffled vowels. The finger feels weird and almost painful inside him. Slowly, he tries to relax himself, which is not an easy task with a finger in your ass.

Gilbert slowly pushes in another finger. If he could just find that one spot, this would be so much easier. Gilbert looks up at Alfred and can see he is struggling. Alfred's eyes are clamped shut, his breathing is quickened and his body is tensed. Gilbert scissors his fingers and Alfred makes a noise of discomfort. Gilbert shifts his fingers and Alfred moans deeply and bucks his hips. Gilbert smiles to himself; he's found it. He continues to stroke that spot on Alfred, causing the younger nation to buck and moan.

Alfred rolls his head on the bed. His will power to protest, just flew out the window. He can feel Gilbert's smooth fingers rub over a spot in his body, and every time pleasure causes him to buck into Gilbert's hand.

"Look at you Alfred. Moaning like a slut. And to think, you wanted me to stop. Who knew you were such a minx?" Gilbert pulls his fingers out, and Alfred whines at the loss of contact. Gilbert grabs the vibrator in his hand, and slowly starts to slide it into Alfred. He leans over him, and whispers in his ear, "I want you to scream my name, Alfred. I want you to scream it so loud everyone can hear you. I want you to beg me like the whore you really are. Do you understand me?"

Alfred gasps as Gilbert pulls on one of the nipple clamps. Alfred's cobalt blue eyes open and his breath catches as he looks into Gilbert's burgundy.

".?" Gilbert asks again as he slams the vibrator against Alfred's prostate.

Alfred screams around his ball gag and bows his back sharply. He gasps and quickly lays back down as the cock ring pulls sharpy on him. Alfred nods quickly.

"I didn't hear you Alfred." Gilbert turns the vibrator on high, and presses it hard against Alfred's prostate, pulling on his cock as well.

Alfred screams around his ball gag and tosses his head from side to side. His hips buck in an attempt to get away from vibrator. The pleasure is just to much. The clamps on his nipples are starting to burn and ache, his cock is starting to throb and pulse underneath the cock ring. Alfred nods desperately and bucks his hips.

"Is that a yes, Alfred?" Gilbert asks as he pushes harder on Alfred's prostate.

"Yes!" Alfred struggles to scream around the ball gag.

Gilbert smiles, and lets go of the vibrator, but it still stays pressed roughly to Alfred's prostate.

Alfred whimpers and cries from behind his gag. His cock throbs painfully as another orgasm builds. Why did he do this? Why did he think that it was a smart idea to spy on Gilbert!

Gilbert watches Alfred thrash on the bed. His moans become more and more desperate as he gets closer and closer to coming again. Gilbert traces his fingers along the swollen red tip of Alfred's cock and smiles when Alfred lets out a cry.

"Tender, Alfred?" Gilbert smiles sadistically and plays with the tip more. His fingers swirl and pull around the tip, giving Alfred more pleasure.

Alfred whimpers and tries to beg around his gag. All he succeeds in doing is making more drool. It hurts, but it hurts so good. The pleasure is so intense it hurts, but Alfred wants more of it. He opens his eyes and looks at Gilbert. God Gilbert is handsome. Alfred watches Gilbert's lips curl back in a grin. The grin promises pain and unbearable amounts of pleasure. His toes curl, and his back is now in a permanent arch. Alfred can't ever remember breathing as hard as he is now. Alfred screams and throws his head back as an orgasm rockets through him. His eyes clamp shut and he stops breathing.

Gilbert continues to work is hand up and down on Alfred, prolonging his orgasm and building him to another at the same time.

"So damned responsive, Alfred. I think I'll play with you more often. I wonder how many more of these I can work out of you…" Gilbert pulls on the nipple clamps and listens to Alfred's cry of pain.

Alfred rids his orgasm out like a roller coaster. Gilbert's constant playing with the tip of his cock, combined with the cock ring, keeps him hard. He pulls harder at the restraints now, he wants this torture to end.

"Oh come on, Alfred. Surely you can have more than…three orgasms? I bet I could get five out of you." Gilbert cackles when Alfred groans and violently shakes his head no. Gilbert's cock is getting painfully hard. He can always continue this torture at a later date… Gilbert pulls out the ball gag and kisses Alfred. Alfred kisses him back with a fever. "I want to hear you scream, Alfred." Gilbert whispers in the countries ear.

Gilbert yanks the vibrator and the cock ring off, making Alfred hiss and moan. Gilbert pulls Alfred's face to his. "Open your eyes, and watch me Alfred."

Alfred looks up and watches Gilbert's eyes. They've always intimidated him.

Alfred screams when Gilbert plows into him harshly, hitting his prostate dead on. Gilbert shows no mercy as he rams into Alfred.

Gilbert looks up at the ceiling, giving Alfred a good view of his neck. God it felt so good to be topping again. His hand reaches down and grabs Alfred's cock. He slams his hand up and down it in time with his harsh thrusts.

Alfred screams and bucks his hips into Gilbert. He is so God damned sensitive. Alfred clamps down on Gilbert, and gives a slight smile when Gilbert hisses.

Gilbert continues to slam into Alfred, until he starts to feel his own release. Alfred is seconds in front of him. Alfred's hips buck and his cock throbs. Gilbert reaches down and nearly rips off the clamps on Alfred's nipples. That pushes Alfred over the edge. Alfred screams and his chest presses against Gilbert's. Gilbert continues to roughly abuse Alfred's cock, keeping him screaming and moaning, until Gilbert finally orgasms.

Gilbert uncuffs Alfred and then collapses on his chest. As he is about to say something witty, he looks up to see Alfred pass out cold. Gilbert smirks and kisses Alfred's chest.

"We'll continue some other time, pet."