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Everything important had been done, the fat lady really had sung (Shawn winced just remembering the sound), Lassiter had tap danced, Henry had admitted Shawn was right, and Jules had gifted him with the best celebratory kiss ever. Oh, and the serial killer had been caught. Best day ever...

...Or at least until they were leaving the CalSci campus, the nutty professor being dragged away in a black and white.

Fall leaves crunched under foot as Shawn and Gus headed towards the blueberry, and the others began to split off to go to their own vehicles.

"Professor Spencer!"

The voice rang out of the mutterings of the students who had gathered around the crime scene to view the arrest that had taken place a few minutes before.

Shawn winced.

Juliet's head turned, face twisted into a quizzical expression.

Carlton paused with his hand on the car door.

Henry glanced around for the source.

Gus continued to talk to Shawn, something about Jerk chicken and how Shawn was paying, after all, he had promised Gus lunch the next time they were targeted by a serial killer and had to complete an insane race against time through California.

"Professor Spencer!"

Shawn stiffened. He knew that voice. Maybe if he didn't turn around...

"...and you are SO paying for gas Shawn. 'Mr. Pickles' had to die again today and I'm not getting paid for my day off to 'mourn'. So next time maybe you should consider that I already have a full time PAYING job before getting targeted by a serial killer!"

Gus continued to walk towards the blueberry, unaware that Shawn had stopped behind him.

"Shawn!" Charles Eppes clapped his hand over his old friend's shoulder, forcing Shawn to reluctantly turn and face him.

"It's good to see you! I read your abstract on the relationship of eleven dimensional gravity and base fluctuations as shown by Heisenberg's principle to fermions and bosons movement in connection with the applied mathematical concept of logarithmic spirals occurring in three dimensional figures according to the golden ratio! I have to say, when we were consulting together after Princeton, you were the closest friend I had, and then not to see you for years until you show up out of the blue! What have you been up to? Still teaching at CalTech, or gone back to classified work?"

The overexcited Professor Eppes pushed back the sleeves on his ragged jacket, looking more like a teenager than a grown man known as one of the top five minds in the world.

By this point, everyone was lost. Juliet was gaping, her mind racing to try to comprehend the man's words. Carlton's dark eyebrows were drawn together in confusion and irritation. Henry just looked shocked.

"...and don't even pretend you left your wallet behind like last time, Shawn..." Gus had almost reached the blueberry.

None of the others seemed to believe what was going on...Which Shawn didn't mind, he knew he didn't look like he belonged in the top six minds of the world.

"I've been doing some consulting with the Santa Barbara Police Department. Actually that's why I'm here, Charlie."

Charlie nodded, "Well, since you're in town, why don't you come over to my house for dinner? Dad will love to have you and I can show you my work on my Cognitive Emergence Theory! Besides, I have pineapple."

Forgetting his surroundings, Shawn raised his eyebrows, "Wait a second, the math of the brain?"

Charlie grinned. "Yes, it's my life's work."

"It sounds even more groundbreaking than your Eppes convergence concerning asymptotics of
Hermitian random matrices!"

At this point, the two men were huddled together in the world of math, their feet pulling them away from the crowd of students who had watched the arrest.

"It's fascinating really. The human mind is so complex and the variables effecting human behavior are almost limitless. Processing the data points will be the work of a decade, at least. Hey, do you remember Larry?"

The men had totally forgotten about Shawn's dumbfounded friends.

Gus, having realized that Shawn wasn't behind him, took a few steps back towards the others.

"Juliet, where's Shawn?"

Jules just pointed mutely, her math still slightly agape.

Gus glanced over at Henry, noting his shock, and then Lassiter, noting his confusion.

"Did I miss something?"

Suddenly from up ahead of their group, a new voice split their awkward silence.

"Professor Spencer," Larry exclaimed, "I've heard so much about you!"

The sound drew Gus' eyes to Shawn, Charlie, and Larry, already deep in conversation.


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