Grimmjow was at his apartment. He was watching TV, when a loud knock was heard at the door. He sighed, slipping off the couch to get the door. In the doorway was a bloody, badly injured Shiro, with Ichigo on his back, whom looked even worse than Shiro. The orangette was out cold. Grimmjow stared at two he hadn't seen in years. "S-shiro?" he asked.

"Shut up and lemme in before Ichi dies dammit!" Shiro hissed through clinched teeth.

Grimmjow almost rolled his eyes, Shiro was still VERY protective of the younger. He moved aside, picking up the phone as he went. He dialed quickly. "Szayel get your ass to my home" he growled before the other could say anything.

"Get it another fight?" Szayel snorted.

"Not in the mood pinky, now get in your car and drive your ass over here" Grimmjow growled, hanging up on the other male. "You can lay Ichigo on the couch…you might want to sit down as well" he added, looking over at Shiro and Ichigo. Shiro growled lowly before walking over to the couch and carefully setting Ichigo down on it, afterwards sitting on it himself, Ichigo's head in his lap. He wiped off some of the blood covering Ichigo's cheek and you could make out the edge of what looked like black, Gothic lettering. "How did you find me and what happened to you two? Have to fight your way out?" Grimmjow asked, sitting down in an armchair. He quickly turned off the TV as well.

"...Yeah. We got though." Shiro said, scowling as he watched Ichigo, running a hand through orange locks. "Research... That, and I asked the guy at the desk."

"Of course…straight and to the point" Grimmjow rolled his eyes.

A loud knocking at the door had Grimmjow back on his feet. He opened to a furious golden eyed, pink haired male. "I hope you know that I had somewhere very important to be" he snarled.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes. "Your mouth is moving but all I hear is a nagging bitch" Grimmjow snorted.

"You little beast" Szayel started.

"Don't whine…either come in and help or leave and I will call a real doctor" Grimmjow snapped.

Szayel's eye twitched. He walked past Grimmjow. "I am not going to ask who you two are, probably friends of the beast…and you WILL listen to my instruction or you will not be treated…okay" he growled.

"Just heal Ichi dammit!" Shiro hissed, glaring at the pink haired man.

Szayel rolled his eyes before getting out his medical supplies. He started to treat Ichigo. "You might want to be treated as well albino" he stated.

Shiro growled and covered Ichigo's cheek when Szayel when to wipe the blood off. "Jus' treat his wounds." He said lowly.

He knew that Ichigo didn't want anyone to ever see that. Only Shiro was allowed to. "Fine" Szayel sighed, treating Ichigo's wounds. Grimmjow sat down in the armchair again. Shiro seemed to be more protective of Ichigo now. Then again it had been almost 11 years since they had seen each other. Grimmjow was interested yet worried to know what happened during his time away. But he wasn't going to ask with Szayel here. "What exactly happened to the both of you" Szayel asked.

"Don't wanna talk about it."Shiro muttered, wincing when he moved his free arm, a gash on it reopening.

Grimmjow sighed, getting up. He grabbed a few things from Szayel's medic kit before grabbing Shiro's arm. "Sit still and if you move it, the blood it?" Grimmjow growled.

Then he went to work to stop the bleeding, and wrap the wound. Shiro only rolled his eyes. "Got it." he grumbled.

"Good" Grimmjow smirked. Szayel quickly finished treating Ichigo's wounds and started on Shiro, surprised to find Grimmjow helping out. The whole time Shiro had refused to move his hand, even though he had a really bad gash running down the inside of the same arm. Grimmjow sighed, offering Shiro a bandage to put over the cheek. "I don't know WHAT you are hiding but I am guessing Ichigo will kill all of us if someone sees it?" Grimmjow asked, still trying to stop the bleeding on the gash.

Shiro chuckled bitterly. "Yea, or break down crying." He muttered.

Grimmjow raised an eyebrow. He moved Shiro's hand, placing the bandage on without looking at the bloody mess or lettering underneath. Grimmjow then successfully stopped the bleeding on Shiro's arm and started to wrap it tightly. Shiro sighed, looking back down at Ichigo. Grimmjow and Szayel finished treating Shiro's wounds a few minutes later. Szayel cleaned up and got to his feet. "Next time YOU can call someone who actually likes you" he scuffed before turning and leaving.

"I will not remember that…see ya pinky" Grimmjow called, closing the door behind the other. "What exactly happened Shiro" he suddenly growled.

Shiro didn't answer him till he had wrapped and finished tying a long bandage across Ichigo's cheeks, the bandage covering both cheeks even though it only needed to cover one. "Well, we escaped. Tha's what." He stated, looking up.

"And that's all? Infinity is still trying to find the both of you, I would guess" Grimmjow asked.

Shiro nodded. "...Ichi?" Shiro asked softly, when the orangette in his lap began to wake up.

Grimmjow sat back in the armchair, staring slightly at Ichigo. "Shi...?" Ichigo mumbled, wincing slightly before his eyes slowly opened. Grimmjow couldn't help but continue to stare at the orangette, fawn brown eyes enticing to Grimmjow.

"...Did we get out?" He asked softly, smiling slightly when Shiro nodded. He hadn't noticed Grimmjow yet it seems. Shiro pulled Ichigo a little more into his lap, to where Ichigo could rest his head on his chest, which he did. Grimmjow was happy that Ichigo and Shiro were fine…ish. "You two seem MUCH closer than before…anything important happen?" Grimmjow asked, implying they were dating or at least fucking.

Ichigo's eyes widened as he looked over at Grimmjow. "Grimmjow...?" He asked, his hand coming up to where the bandage on his cheek was before he realized that it was already covered.

Shiro watched Ichigo for a moment before answering Grimmjow. "...Not really." He said.

"I see…so how are you two" Grimmjow asked.

"How the hell do you THINK we are?" Shiro snapped, scowling.

Ichigo only shifted slightly. "Anything could have happened…for all I know you could have made Infinity your bitch…you can't ask what I THINK…besides I am STILL more of an instinct guy" Grimmjow growled.

Ichigo stiffened slightly at Grimmjow's words but otherwise said nothing. Shiro glared at Grimmjow. "Then start using your brain." He snapped.

"It's too dusty to start up now" Grimmjow shrugged.
Ichigo looked at him curiously. Shiro only scowled before replying. "Yeah, I guess that you will be an idiot forever."

"You too chalkface" Grimmjow replied.

Shiro growled lowly. Ichigo started to sit up slowly, Shiro helping him by putting a hand on his lower back and pushing gently. Grimmjow simply rolled his eyes at Shiro's growl. "Good thing I have a guest room" he muttered. "I will assume you two are staying here?" Grimmjow asked.

"...Could we?" Ichigo asked quietly while Shiro rolled his eyes.

"You can if you want…but because of my current job, a lot of people will come in and out, many of them annoying as hell" Grimmjow started while the door suddenly flew open.

"GRIMMJOW WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU ANSWER THE PHONE" a black haired male with an eyepatch over his right eye yelled as he strolled in like he owned the place.

"I unplugged it…because you don't understand the concept people need to sleep at some point" Grimmjow snarled, turning his head to growl at the other.

"And your cell?" Nnoitra asked.

"On the pavement in pieces" Grimmjow snorted.

"...What is your job?" Ichigo asked quietly, ignoring the raven-haired male.
"What, you a prostitute?" Shiro cackled.

"You think he would be living in a crappy apartment if he had that job, he would be fucking filthy rich" Nnoitra crackled. "Anyway who's the cute little bi-" he started again, only to stop when Grimmjow's glare turned feral.

Grimmjow looked back over at Ichigo, leaving his tall friend a bit scared. "I kick people's asses for money" he explained.

"Oh..." Ichigo murmured.

Shiro cackled again. "I like your friend. Though, if he calls Ichi a bitch again he's gonna loose his other eye." He growled.

"What? You fucking him?" Nnoitra snorted.

Grimmjow sighed, he knew this wasn't going to end well. Suddenly a pale hand smacked Nnoitra upside the head. "Don't ask such things trash" the monotone male with black hair and large emerald eyes stated.

Shiro cackled yet again. "I might be." Ichigo blushed and scowled at Shiro, though stayed quiet.

Grimmjow resisted a snort. Then he looked over at Ulquiorra. "You are needed to work tonight" Ulquiorra stated.

"I thought I had time off Emo" Grimmjow commented.

"Zommari has gone missing so you are needed to fill in for him"

"Ask Gin" Grimmjow rolled his eyes.

"They can't…2 can't replace 7…6 can though" a voice chirped. A silver haired male with closed eyes stood to the side of Nnoitra.

"You in a gang 'er somethin'?" Shiro asked, still smirking.

"He is a part of an underground fighting team" Ulquiorra started.

"Pretty much a gang" Gin chirped, now sitting on the TV.

"Sounds fun." Shiro commented, making Ichigo scowl. "I know what your thinking and no." He stated, though his voice was still soft for some reason.

Grimmjow smirked at Shiro. He was tough except with Ichigo. "And what the berry thinking?" Gin asked.

"He's not joining." Ichigo said, glaring slightly, though his voice was still soft.

"Unless he can kick ass he can't join" Nnoitra snickered.

"Both of them can do such…Ichigo just doesn't really like it as much" Grimmjow replied.

He and Shiro were built to fight, kill, protect if necessary, they were beasts in the shape of a human. Ichigo was built for something very different. He was built to create more beasts. Ichigo glanced at the floor. "I don't like it at all." He murmured.
Shiro frowned slightly. "I can definitely kick ass." He smirked.

Gin grinned his creepy smile before leaping at Shiro. Grimmjow quickly grabbed him. "You aren't fighting inside the apartment" he growled.

Ichigo growled softly at Gin while Shiro only started to laugh. Grimmjow glanced at Ulquiorra. "I will be there now all 3 of you out of my fucking apartment" he snarled.

Ulquiorra just turned and left while Gin pouted. Grimmjow growled at Gin who STILL refused to go. Grimmjow grabbed him again, opening the window and dropping him. Nnoitra gulped slightly before leaving, he knew Grimmjow was a bit pissed at the moment. "...Shi... We gotta go back." Ichigo asked, gripping onto Shiro's shirt with one hand as he rested his head on his shoulder.

"...Ichi... we can't."Shiro sighed, running a hand through orange locks.

"Shi..." Ichigo pleaded.

"No, Ichi. No." Shiro said, a little more firmly this time.

"Why would you want to go back to that hellhole?" Grimmjow asked, not about to take any lies, only the fucking truth.

"W-we have to!" Ichigo pleaded, his voice getting slightly louder before quieting.

Shiro glanced at Grimmjow before looking back to Ichigo. "No, I'm sorry, we can't." He said, running a hand over his face. Ichigo poked his lower lip out, tears gathering in his eyes. "...Don't you dare, Ichi..." Shiro warned.

"What is so important that you have to go back for?" Grimmjow asked.

"M-my cubs.." Ichigo stated quietly.

Grimmjow blinked, he looked over at Shiro. "You want to leave the cubs there? With Infinity!…are you fucking kidding me? They are Ichigo's and you want to leave them? What kind of brother are you!" Grimmjow snarled.

"It's the reason he nearly fucking died! I ant lettin' him go back! I'm not riskin' the chance of him gettin' hurt or being forced ta having more cubs!" Shiro snarled, making Ichigo's eyes water even more.

"Fine…you stay here with him…I will go get them…what do they look like?" Grimmjow commanded.

"What? No!" Ichigo said, looking over at Grimmjow. "I-I don't want you getting hurt..."

"I fight for a living Ichigo…I think I can survive this" Grimmjow countered.

"But..." Ichigo whispered.

"But what?" Grimmjow sighed.

"I-I dont want anyone to get hurt-" Ichigo started but was interrupted by Shiro.

"There's four. First is Ela. She has green hair and Ichi's eyes, She's four. Then there's Umi, She has blue eyes and Pale orange hair... She's only two, though.. Then Kuma.. light brownish orange hair and Ichi's eyes, she's three. Then Tori. Looks just like infinity.. just a girl and she's one." Shiro sighed, running a hand through his hair.

The cubs were so young. Grimmjow nodded. He got up from his seat, going to the door and out. "Need some help Grimmkitty" Gin asked, sitting next to the door with a smirk over his face. He was the only one of Grimmjow's coworkers who knew actually anything about his past.

"Come if you want" Grimmjow replied.

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