The night had passed quickly, the mornings light peaking into the cave to wake up those inside. The fire had burnt out away into the night, just a few embers hiding in ashes and giving of little heat, but they were hot enough to restart the fire. Grimmjow slid out of the warm bunch, laying Kuma down in his place. He went to the fire, restarting it into a warm light. Shiro was the next to wake, his eyes opening blearily before he stretched his arms and legs. He sat up, the hair on the side of his head that he had rested in Ichigo's lap for the night was flattened down in a horrible bedhead. He yawned wide before scooting over to the fire as he grumbled to himself. "Nice hair" Grimmjow teased as Gin and Tori woke up next.

"Shut it." Shiro growled, glaring at the fire with sleepy eyes. He folded his legs underneath him and yawned again. Grimmjow smirked.

Gin came over to the fire, Tori still on his lap. "You look cute with it Shiro" he grinned.

Shiro turned his glare to Gin before he got up and walked further back into the cave and out of sight. Tori yawned, rubbing her eyes with one hand while she gripped onto Gin's shirt with the other. Grimmjow rolled his eyes at Shiro. Gin kissed Tori's forehead. The girl yawned. "Mr Gin? You dont have to go out with Mrs Pan again do you?" she asked.

"Nope…Pantera is taking Grimmjow today" Gin replied.

"She is?" Grimmjow asked.

"Someone else should be learning to hunt as well…then we can have more food for the upcoming winter" Gin replied.

"...Isn't winter like, six months away?" Shiro snorted, leaning against a rock. His hair was back to normal now.

"So? Prep is important in many things. This is one of them." Gin snapped.

"Whatever." Shiro snapped, pushing off of the wall and moving over to Ichigo so he could gently wake him. "We need more water, by the way. Take the water buckets with ya when ya go out." Shiro stated as an afterthought.

"Kay" Grimmjow called.

"Why don't the 3 of us go get some water now" Gin suggested, standing up with Tori and pulled Grimmjow to his feet.

"And don't talk 'bout that stuff 'round a one year old!" Shiro snapped at Gin with a scowl. Ichigo yawned, his eyes opening slowly to see Shiro's angry face. "...Wha?" He yawned, stretching his arms over his head as Shiro helped pull him into a sitting position against the slanted rock.

"Gin…you really need to either stop with those comments or hide them better" Grimmjow snorted as he grabbed the water buckets.

Gin stuck his tongue out at Shiro and then skipped outside. Tori giggled and clung to his shirt with a smile. Grimmjow rolled his eyes, following Gin and Tori out. Pantera was awake but laying still while Kuma and Umi slept. "Can I play in the water this time?" Tori asked, looking up at Gin with big, puppy eyes.

"After we collect some then you can" Gin replied, smiling.

"Yaaay! Thank you Mr Gin!" Tori smiled and nuzzled his chest.

"No problem Tori-chan" Gin kissed her forehead.

They reached the river and Grimmjow was filling the buckets as Gin helped. Tori watched as she sat in the grass and picked the flowers from the clover patches. That same butterfly that Gin had caught had followed her all the way there and was currently landing and flying off on each and every flower that she picked. Gin smiled, throwing a bit of water at Grimmjow. Grimmjow rolled his eyes, refusing to start a fight with Gin. Again. Gin frowned, dumping a bucket over Grimmjow's head and then going to get more water. Tori giggled at them. "Mr Grimmy! Play with Mr Gin!" She called, waving the rather large bundle of white clover flowers around in their direction. Grimmjow shook his head. Gin pouted, throwing mud at Grimmjow. "Do it again!" Tori called, throwing a few flowers at them. Gin threw more mud at Grimmjow who then threw a bucket of water back. Tori laughed. "Yay!"

In less than a minute Gin and Grimmjow were in the water, wrestling, both soaked to the bone and covered in mud. Tori threw more flowers at them, the butterfly buzzing around excitedly. Afterwards she started folding the rest of the flowers together in a circle. Ulquiorra walked over to them, blinking. "…This is why you two aren't allowed to get water" Ulquiorra sighed.

"Mr Ulqui!" Tori called, reaching her hands up to him to signal that she wanted to be picked up. Ulquiorra sighed, picking her up. "Please clean yourself off and gather the water" Ulquiorra sighed. She laughed and pulled on his hair. Ulquiorra ignored her. Tori pouted and tugged a little harder. He looked at her. "Yes?" he asked, irritated.

"You're boring!" Tori stated rather loudly with a pout.

"He's a real stick in the mud" Gin laughed, still dripping wet but clean of mud. He had a few buckets of water next to him.

Tori wiggled out of Ulquiorra's arms and ran over to Gin and raised her arms, probably deciding that he was much better that the ravenette. Gin smiled, picking up her. Grimmjow sighed, taking most of the buckets. "Ulquiorra get the rest of the buckets…Gin promised to let Tori play in the water" Grimmjow called. Ulquiorra sighed, gathering up the rest of the buckets.

Tori laughed and tugged on his shirt a little. "You're all wet!"

"You wanna be wet too?" Gin asked, grinning.

"I wanna play in the water!" Tori giggled. Gin carried Tori to the river and let her slip in. "It's cold!" The little girl squeaked in laughter as she splashed around. Gin watched Tori 'swim' around before ducking underwater. He quickly found her feet and started to tickle them. "Wah!" Tori screeched in laughter as she kicked her feet around. Gin stopped tickling her and came back up, licking her cheek. She smiled and clung to his neck. Gin held her, swimming around lazily.

Tori nuzzled his ear affectionately. Gin smiled at her, kissing her nose again. Tori laughed a little before sneezing, cutely of course. Gin started out of the water, Tori needed to go rest near the fire.

"Aww... But I like it here!" Tori pouted, cuddling close to Gin's chest.

"We can come back later…aren't you hungry?" Gin asked.

"...A little." Tori admitted.

"We can get something to eat and then play some more" Gin offered.

"Okay!" She grinned before sneezing again, and of course, cutely.

Gin smiled, taking her back to the cave, he set her next to the fire and went to get her something to eat.

Ichigo was resting against Shiro this time, the other's arms wrapped around his swollen middle loosely. Kuma and Ela were playing hide and seek not far away and Umi was following Ulquiorra around quietly. Tori was just watching everyone with wide, curious eyes. Gin bought food back to Tori. "You want me to cook it a bit?" he asked. The little girl nodded as she scooted a little closer to the fire, water dripping from her hair. Gin slowly started to cook the bird he had gotten from the small storage.

Tori scooted closer to him and clung to his leg as she watched, seemingly not bothered by the scars on his leg. There were many scars all over Gin's body now from the beasts, but he had stopped trying to hide them when Tori had asked why. Gin placed his other hand on Tori's head, gently petting her. He was glad she wasn't scared of the scars. The other girls, even Ulquiorra seemed disturbed by those marks. Tori seemingly purred as she nuzzled his leg. Gin smiled at her as he finished cooking the bird a bit. Tori reached for the bird, only to yelp and pull her hand back when the fire suddenly flared and hit her hand. She stuck her thumb in her mouth to try and stop the burning as tears gathered in her eyes. Gin turned to her, gently pulling her thumb out of her mouth so he could see it. She tried to pull her reddened hand away from him with a sniffle. Gin held onto her hand, kissing it gently. "I-It hurts..." Tori sniffled.

"I know it does…wait here for a sec" Gin replied, rushing over to the medicine storage before digging for burn medicine. Tori sat there dumbly as she watched him look through all of the medical supplies. Gin found the burn medicine and went back over to her. "You shouldn't have touched the fire" he stated as he put on the medicine and wrapped her hand. She pouted.

"But... I wanted the bird.." Tori sniffled.

"I was about to give it to you…you have to be a bit more patient" Gin sighed, kissing the bandaged hand.

"O-oh... okay..." She sniffled again and wiped her nose with her free hand. Gin then expertly got the bird and let Tori have it. She took it and scooted a little closer to him. Gin wrapped his arm around her and pulled her as close as possible without her being on his lap. Tori pouted slightly. "Why can't I sit in your lap?" She asked before taking a small bite out of the bird. "Cuz I said" Gin teased. The girl pouted but nuzzled his side anyways. Gin leaned over and kissed her forehead. She giggled and nuzzled his side again.
Ichigo had been watching Grimmjow walk around the cave, Shiro's chin on the top of his head as he did so. Grimmjow was suppose to be going hunting with Pantera but she had yet to finish grooming all the girls but Tori who was Gin's, and Ulquiorra and she was hell set on cleaning them. The orangette felt Shiro chuckle behind him. "Ya got a lil' crush it seems." The albino stated making Ichigo blush elbow him in the stomach, a grunt coming from the other.

Grimmjow sighed from his position near the fire. "Pantera, you can clean them later…if we are going hunting then get your ass moving" he snapped. Pantera growled but finally left the cave with Grimmjow in tow.

Gin glanced at the entrance before looking at Ichigo. "You TOTALLY like him…what's with you and guys? You got Shiro and you want Grimmy too" Gin asked, grinning.

Tori started laughing. "You! You-you shut up you!" Ichigo snapped, stumbling on his words.

Gin laughed too. Ichigo huffed and shifted a little onto his side before turning his head into Shiro's chest.

It had been a week. Currently Ichigo and Shiro were out for a walk, the oranget having been complaining about being stuck in the cave for far too long. They had only gone out on the condition that he not leave Shiro's side and that Grimmjow was to come with them. Pantera, Gin, and Ulquiorra were put in charge of the girls. Gin took care of Tori while Ulquiorra was forced to play with the other 3. Pantera watched.

Ichigo was looking around the forest, a smile on his face as he leaned a little into Shiro whom had an arm wrapped around his swollen waist. He glanced behind them at Grimmjow, who looked like he wasn't even paying attention. Grimmjow wasn't paying attention, at least not to Ichigo or Shiro. His mind was focusing on the area around them, looking for the dangers. "Grimm?" Ichigo called still looking at him. Grimmjow looked up at Ichigo. "Are you okay?" The orangette asked, tilting his head a little.

"Fine" Grimmjow replied.

"You seemed... zoned out.. That's all." Ichigo stated before looking forward again.

"The forest isn't a completely safe place…just looking for possible dangers" Grimmjow replied.

Shiro chuckled. "S' perfectly safe wit' us around."

Grimmjow shrugged. Shiro grinned and continued walking. Grimmjow rolled his eyes, focusing on the surrounding area. A rabbit ran across the ground in front of them, Shiro's eyes following it as it ran off into the bushes. A silver and green flash followed the rabbit. "…Did anyone else see Gin with Tori chasing that rabbit?" Grimmjow asked. Both Shiro and Ichigo shrugged. Grimmjow sighed. "I really hope Gin isn't stupid enough to take a one year old hunting" Grimmjow sighed.

"He better not." Ichigo huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Grimmjow nodded in agreement. "M' sure he ant tha' stupid." Shiro stated, starting to walk again.

"You shouldn't be…he is very stupid" Grimmjow snorted, following.

"I said, I'm sure." Shiro stated a little more forcefully before he glanced at Ichigo, whom looked worried.

"Even he did take her out, he would be extremely careful with her…he thinks of her as a princess of sorts" Grimmjow snorted, probably the only one who knew Gin liked the one year old a lot more than he let on. Ichigo smiled a little at that, feeling a little more reassured. "Yeah..." He sighed. Grimmjow nodded, as they continued their walk.

After a while Ichigo yawned. Shiro glanced at him. "Ya okay? If yer tired we can go back..." He asked.

"I think we should head back anyway…we have been out for a while" Grimmjow suggested.

Ichigo nodded and yawned again. Grimmjow nodded, and with a small smirk scooped Ichigo up and started to walk back. Ichigo started to wiggle around with a blush. Shiro cackled and followed them. Grimmjow hid his smirk as he continued to the cave. He thought Ichigo was adorable with that blush. Ichigo finally just settled for scowling and rubbing his stomach gently. They arrived in the cave. Gin and Tori were nowhere in sight while Ulquiorra seemed to be either dead or asleep on the floor. Pantera was playing with the girls. Shiro walked up to the ravenette on the floor and poked his head with his shoe. Ulquiorra groaned in pain. "Seems the girls got rough and then left him in pain to play with Pantera" Grimmjow snorted. Shiro laughed and poked him again. Ulquiorra groaned again. Gin and Tori came back into the cave, a rabbit in Tori's arms. Ichigo glared at Gin. "I HOPE you did not take her out with you." He growled.

"…We found it near the river" Gin tried.

"You better have." Ichigo huffed. Tori giggled and pet the rabbits head.

"...Gin really needs to stop getting her animals like that" Grimmjow muttered.

"I like Mr bunny!" Tori pouted, hugging the rabbit to her chest.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes before setting Ichigo down so the younger male could sleep. Ichigo yawned again, smiling and nuzzling Shiro's hand when the male sat next to him and ran his fingers through his hair. Grimmjow went to take care of the kids so Pantera could hunt. Tori was still hugging the bunny a little too tightly, refusing to let it go in fear that someone would take it from her. Gin cocked his head to the side as he put Tori down. "You might wanna to loosen your hold a bit…you are choking it" Gin stated. Tori pouted, loosening her grip a little. Gin kissed her forehead. "Good girl"

She smiled at him. "Where can I put Mr Rabbit?"

Gin thought about it for a second. "One sec" He raced outside, coming back a minute later with a vine. He tied one end to the wall and the other around the rabbit's neck, tight enough to keep him but loose enough not to choke him. Tori giggled and set the rabbit down. "Yay! Mr Rabbit can stay!" She said with a really big grin. Gin smiled. Then he heard Grimmjow yowl. He looked over. The other girls decided to play doctor. Which involved poking Grimmjow with sharp objects such as prickles, sticks, and brambles. Both Tori and Shiro laughed at him. Gin laughed as well. Grimmjow growled at them furiously. "Mr Grimmy is funny." Tori giggled out.

"Agreed" Gin chirped.

Tori bent down to pet the rabbit's head before sneezing.

"Cute" Gin muttered. Pantera came back into the cave, carrying her prey.

"Pan! Dun kill Mr Bunny okay?" Tori called, picking up 'Mr Bunny' and holding him up.

Pantera nodded in understanding, though confused on why Tori didn't want the prey killed. She set the rabbit down and ran over to Pantera before hugging her around the neck. "Thank you Mrs Pan!" She stated. Pantera nuzzled her gently, grinning slightly. Tori giggled before climbing onto the panther's back. Pantera held her up as she trotted around the cave. Shiro watched the two of them with a small smirk.


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