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Pairing: Gibbs and Abby.

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8. Lust

Tears prevented her to speak as he pulled her close and kissed her, softly at first, but as their passion grew the kisses got hotter and deeper.

"You know how hot you look in that pyjama?", he said hoarsely, looking her up and down, before leaning in to kiss her again. He captured her mouth and his tong started to explore her mouth, battling with hers.

His hands slipped under her pyjama top and his strong hands caressed her back, moving down to her pants and both hands captured her ass as he backed her up against the wall.

With a few moves he freed himself of his shirt and t-shirt immediately followed by Abby's pyjama top. Bare skin on bare skin released a raging fire in both their body's as they kissed passionately, pressing their body's together, leaving no time for discovering, this was years of pure lust being released.

Abby's impatient hands already got his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling them down together with his boxers. He leaned against the wall but didn't have time to step out of them. Before he knew it Abby was on her knees, stroking his impressive length, touching the sensitive tip with her thumb. She kissed his shaft, licking him up and down as her hand squeezed his balls and then she took him in her mouth. The sensation of her warm wet mouth around his hard cock made him almost come immediately. "God Abby, slow down", he grumbled, trying to figure out how to make it through to the next minute. "Can't, you're so magnificent, I can't stop", she gasped and kept moving her mouth around his dick. Gibbs couldn't fight it any more, the sight of his dick in Abby's mouth and the incredible feeling of her tongue twirling around his tip made him come harder than he ever came before, his body shaking and Abby's name on his lips.

It took a few minutes to regain control over his legs again, al the time caressing Abby who was steadying him, waiting for his next move.

Before she knew it he was kissing her again, trailing down her neck, slowly moving to her breasts. With one hand he played with a nipple while his mouth found the other one. His other hand wasn't wasting any time and found the insight of her thighs and her soft warm core. She was so wet, so ready for him.
"Gibbs, I need you inside of me, please!", she pleaded. He didn't need much encouragement, moved her over to the couch and lay her down so he could move freely. He wanted to see her come, his finger already touching her sensitive bud. He was so hard again, he wanted to feel her around him, to feel her covering him completely. He felt her move, trying to draw him in.

With one thrust he was inside her, pushing deeper and deeper until he was completely inside. Her back arched as he started to move, pumping hard and fast. He was big and she could feel him everywhere. Bracing himself with one hand he used the other to stimulate her clit as he kept thrusting in and out. Suddenly he stopped and pushed himself deep inside her, applying pressure with small moves, deeper and deeper while his finger was still on her clit. It didn't take him long to send her over the edge and with a few more thrusts he followed quickly, whispering each others names as they came almost simultaneously. Panting heavily, he collapsed half top of her, pulling the blanket over their body's, his arms wrapped around her. "I love you too, Abbs", he sighed as he drifted off to sleep.