"All I Can Give"
by pari106


Code: Spider-man the movie, drabble (of exactly 100 words) ; Disclaimer: the characters and the story
aren't mine; Rating: G.

Summary: Peter's thoughts on MJ at the end of the movie.

All I Can Give

"I will always be your friend."

"Just a friend, Peter Parker?"

"That's all I have to give."

I told her that…and then I walked away. Because I had to. I didn't tell her that I loved her, because I had
to let her go. To protect her, from myself. I couldn't risk her life for my happiness. Couldn't risk it
because she *is* my life. Always has been.

So I told her that all I could give her was friendship.

But I lied.

Because the truth is…I've already given her my heart. Even if she'll never know that it's hers.