"To Give Thanks"
by pari106


Disclaimer: the Spider-man characters and their stories do not belong to me; Rating: G. Code: short.

Summary: Peter's thoughts on being himself.

"Thank God for you, Peter."

How many times in my life have I heard that? Or this one:

"God bless you, Spider-man…"

Sometimes I feel like I have been. But others… My aunt and uncle always taught me to give thanks for
the blessings in my life. But sometimes it's hard to be thankful for this one; this blessing. This curse.

It's hard to see my best friend hurting, and to know that I'm part of the cause. It's hard seeing his anger
building…his need for revenge growing…and to know that the only thing that can stop it is the truth. Yet
the only thing that can hurt him more…is the truth. So I can't give him the truth.

It's hard knowing that the man who is now my friend will one day be my enemy. I can see it happening.
But there's nothing I can do about it.

It's hard turning away the woman I love; lying to the people I love. All for a bunch of people I don't even

It's hard… But I am thankful. Because this isn't just my curse, it isn't just a blessing. It's also a

My responsibility. And I'm glad for it. Because it reminds me of the consequences of being irresponsible.
Like I was when I let that thief go…the one who killed Uncle Ben. Like Dr. Osborne was when he tested
those enhancers on himself. Like the people in charge of the spider that bit me were for not keeping a
closer eye on their genetically enhanced creations.

Uncle Ben told me that "With great power, comes great responsibility." I also believe that with great
responsibility comes great power: the power to help, the power to protect. The power to change. To not make the same mistakes twice.

Maybe even the power to make this life I've been given less like a curse…and more like something to be
thankful for.