92 years

'Abigail there's a nice gentleman here to see you' the lady says opening the door of my room. I nod hearing her but don't bother to open my eyes.

With the aid of my hearing aid, I hear someone enter to room. The nice gentleman is probably Dominic, my son, or Thomas or Rober-Richard, one of grandsons. I mentally scold myself for forgetting Richard's name. I'm getting more and more forgetful and it scares me, but how can I communicate this with anyone when my family sees me as the mad grandmother. Ella, a couple of years ago, when my memory started to really go, persuaded me move into a home. 'They will be able to look after you better Mum' she had told me as they had wheeled me around the home. Oh it is nice enough here, but it is not home.

Now I'm older I find myself living more and more in the past, especially since it becomes increasingly harder to remember the present and I don' think about the future.

'Hello Abigail' comes a voice, a voice I have not heard in a long time. My eyes fly open and I find myself looking the Doctor. He still is dressed as peculiarly as I remembered, with his outrageous bowtie, tweed coat and floppy brown hair'

'Doctor' I whisper as he comes to sit on the stool next to me

'Hello Abigail' he repeats

'Is Melody with you?' I ask, looking towards the door, expecting my curly haired sister to walk through any minute, filled with exciting stories about her expedition to The Library. It had been seven years since I had last seen her but I know she would come back because she always does.

'No' he replies, shaking his head. I look at him more closely, peering through my glasses to look at the time lord in front of me. This is most peculiar; the Doctor has never come and visits me before unless Melody was with him.

'Why are you here?' I ask, sensing something is wrong.

'I came to give you this' he replies, taking out a familiar battered diary out of a pocket in his tweed jacket and handing it over to me.

I run my fingers over the Tardis blue leather of the front cover. 'But this is Melody's diary, how did you get hold of it?' I ask in amazement, remembering that she carried it on her person at all times. The Doctor does not reply but looks at me sadly as if he is trying to find the right words tell me something, which is highly unusual for him.

'What happened to Melody?' I say, asking him another question.

He mumbles something that I can't hear.

'Doctor, I'm quite deaf, can you repeat that?'

'The Library' he says finally.

The Library, that's where Melody's expedition was, 'What happened in the Library Doctor?' I ask, pushing for more information.

The Doctor sighs, talks my old, bony hands in his and tells me everything.

I feel numb. The Doctor must be lying- he has to be lying, she can't be gone. No, no, it can't be true, she's my older sister, my unbeatable sister and she can't have left me. I feel alone.

I look up at the Doctor who was now standing up looking out of the window his back facing me. Slowly I open the diary and flick through the pages which contain various adventures until I reach the last page, hoping to find out something else about the Library. I see something written in Melody's flowing writing. I hold the diary up closely so I can make out the words

Dear Abby

I read on

I promised you that I would come back and visit but now that does not see likely. Over to the right of me, a younger version of the Doctor is chained up to a pole, lying unconscious since, I had to knock him out. It hurts so much Abby, he doesn't know who I am and I suddenly feel very alone. I knew this day would come but it doesn't make it any the less painful. I guess that is the price I have to pay for loving such an impossible man. I know that when he wakes up he will demand to take my place, but I can't let him do that Abby, I can't let him rewrite all those times we had together, I can't let him rewrite all our histories.

I know I haven't been the best sister over the years but I love you so much. The first moment I met you, when you were six months old, I promised I would do my best to keep you safe so you would not have the childhood that I had. You were so small. I watched you grow over the years into an amazing woman; you became a wife, a pilot, a mother and a grandmother, fulfilling all your dreams.

I'm so, so sorry that we will never see each other again and you will probably never read this, but I just want you to know who much I love you and you are the best little sister I could have wished for

Melody x

I close the diary and a tear slowly meanders down my face, followed by another and another.I look up and The Doctor has gone, he must've slipped out of the room while I wasn't looking. I doubt I will see him again.

I drift off into an uneasy sleep, images of Melody haunt me. I remember all the good times we had together and I wish we had had more. I remember celebrating birthdays and my exam results, the birth all my children and taking her to see their plays and shows. I remember dancing around the house with Mum, Dad and Melody after we had too much to drink one Christmas. I remember her giving me a comforting hug when Mum died. I remember her cofidence and her bright smile. I remember how much she loved me.

I find myself soaring though the clouds, higher and higher through the sky, just like I used to when I was pilot. I go up further and further until I can see the curvature of the Earth, I see the edge of space. As I dream, I am flying amongst the stars, through the depths of space, seeing the wonders of the universe and it is so beautiful.

The End

I hope you have enjoyed this little work of fanfiction. This story was an experiment for me, since I have never written something like this before, this style of writitng so I would really appreciate it it if you could review and let me know what you thought. A huge thank you for reading!

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